Please be silent when you are angry. (incisive)

/August 2022

in life,

things that don't go well often occur.

people who don't like it will meet.

if you care too much,

will have a bad mood.

once a dispute breaks out,

will affect your life, and

will also hurt your feelings with others.

people have desire and selfishness.

when they are dissatisfied, they will lose their temper, and

when they encounter injustice, they will have grievances.

the more I think about it, the more I am not reconciled to it.

the more I say it, the more unhappy I am.

sulk, anger,

disturb your mood,

anger your body,

is the most stupid behavior.

so when you are angry, please be silent.

Don't make any decisions and say any harsh words when you are angry.

because when you are angry, you are the most irrational. The decisions made by

are all wrong, and the words spoken by

are all hurtful.

Please be silent when you are angry.

words blurted out are the most chilling, while words said in anger

are the least meaningful.

if the contradiction is deepened, the relationship between

is deadlocked and the relationship is interrupted,

will become enemies and form a grudge from then on. When you are angry, please be silent.

calm down and think about whether

is worth it and whether it is necessary.

angered himself, who is proud of himself,

anger goes wrong, who suffers.

when you think about it, you won't be angry. When angry, please be silent.

Don't say hurtful things.

language is like water, and it is difficult to take it away.

the angry words that roar out when angry,

are like knives, and

words are like needles, hurting people.

I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

I will have trauma all my life.

Please be silent when you are angry.

think about it. What's the use of being angry? Can

solve the problem? Can

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bring benefits?

your anger will only make you more emotional.

affects your appetite and sleep.

is not good for your health.

in this lifetime,

people should be magnanimous so as not to care, and

people should be tolerant so as not to get angry.

get along with others, give way,

interact with others, be more tolerant.


consider the face of others, give respect to others,

less serious, can be more sincere.

Don't let your anger bring bad luck.

Don't let your temper drive away luck!