People's Daily: educating your children well is also your most important career! (please read it patiently)

/July 2022

parents devote their lives to working hard for their children. Busy career, busy making money, hope to give better living conditions, a better learning environment. But sometimes we find that what we give is not what the child wants, so we are drifting away from the child. And the growth of the child, is also an irrevocable live broadcast, overdue compensation is invalid.

People's Daily once published an article telling parents:

educating your children is not just a matter for teachers, but also the most important career in your life.

because no matter how good schools and excellent teachers are, they can never replace parents in their children's hearts, and parents are lifelong teachers and role models for their children!


parents' words and deeds affect children's conduct

teachers are missionaries, but parents are role models for their children's life.

as the saying goes, the family is the first class in life, and the parents are the children's first teachers.

the behavior of parents and the way parents teach determine the conduct of their children.

We all know the importance of teaching by words and deeds. Only by setting an example can parents set a good example for their children. This is the best way for parents to teach their children.

if parents only talk to their children about theories and discuss principles, but cannot cooperate with practical actions, I am afraid it will be very difficult to achieve the desired results.

if you want children to have good conduct, teachers can only play a guiding role, and family education is the most important.

the role of parents' words and deeds is far greater than the knowledge taught by teachers in that 45-minute class.

the conduct of children is most influenced by their parents. Children are a mirror of their parents.


parents' responsibility affects children's sense of responsibility

children's sense of responsibility comes from parents' responsibility. Many children who lack a sense of responsibility are mostly because their parents are afraid to let go!

in the process of educating a child, if you want him to be an independent, confident and excellent person, you must make him a responsible person.

Last year, there was a piece of news that in a residential area in Xi'an, two "bear kids" ran to the top floor of the district and threw bricks, nearly hitting an owner who was riding an electric car.

after the child made such a serious mistake, the parents not only did not apologize to the owner, but also protected the child behind and said not to frighten the child.

when you always say "he is still a child", the child will really treat himself as a "child" forever and will not be held responsible for his mistakes.

as a parent, if you behave inresponsibly in front of your child, the child will follow suit, and it must be the child who will suffer in the end.

one day, they will be severely punished by society, because there is no greenhouse in the world, and there is a price to pay for any mistake.

when children make mistakes, they should be brave enough to bear the consequences, which can also cultivate their sense of responsibility.

A person who does not dare to face failure, bear setbacks or bear the consequences is doomed to have major setbacks waiting for him in the future.


parents' behavior affects children's habits

I agree with one sentence: don't let your behavior today become the habit of your children tomorrow.

Children have a strong ability to imitate, and every child grows up step by step in the footsteps of adults.

whether a child can have good living habits in the future is mostly learned from the living habits of his parents.

parents, if they want to give their children a good education, they must have good behavior habits, give their children a correct guidance, and let them have a positive understanding of the world.

in life, parents are people who love to be clean and keep their house tidy, and that child will also be a clean and organized person.

if parents play with their mobile phones uncontrollably every day, then their children can easily become "Phubber".

parents dillydally and lazy, and their children will become dillydillydillers who don't want to do anything until the last minute.

almost every fault in the child can be found in the parents. Children can not develop every good habit without the guidance and supervision of their parents.


parents' quality, which affects children's upbringing

, is the most basic moral standard to judge a person. A person always needs to be educated, both adults and children.

parents are the best teachers for their children. Upbringing is a kind of gentle nature and a loving and persistent tutor.

the upbringing of children is given by their parents, and the upbringing reflected in a child actually reflects the quality of the parents.

in fact, the real nobility given by parents to their children is not their birth, but the cultivation rooted in their hearts, the self-consciousness that does not need to be reminded, and the upbringing in the depths of the soul.

on the subway, the child held in the arms of the young mother fell asleep. She was afraid that the child would kick others and that her child's shoes would dirty other people's clothes, so she held them in her hands.

this mother thinks of others and does not cause trouble to others, which is actually a kind of upbringing. I believe that the baby in her arms will also become more and more educated under her words and deeds.

countless parents want their children to receive the best education, but they often ignore that the best education is taught by parents' words and deeds.

every parent should pay attention to his words and deeds and cultivate himself into a person of quality, so that his child can become an educated person!


the companionship of parents affects children's happiness

excellent children cannot do without good parents. How can parents without happiness cultivate happy children?

raise childrenHappiness, without company, children without parents are destined to be lonely, negative, lack of sense of security.

so no matter how busy you are, you should spend more time with your children. only when you have fully felt the child loved by your parents can you have a sound personality.

to cultivate happy children, life should be full of rituals, which can be a hug after school, an early breakfast for children, and an annual family photo.

to cultivate a child's sense of happiness, praise is indispensable. Parents' praise makes children think that they are valuable, and living with value is the happiest feeling.

families are harmonious and happy, and families care about each other. Children who grow up in such an environment will be healthier and happier.

A good teacher may have an influence on children for 3-5 years, but parents' influence on children lasts a lifetime!

parents will always be their children's first teachers and role models. Please be competent parents.

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Please remember that your children are yours, and educating your own children will always be the most important career in your life.

agree with the point of view of this article. Let's light up Uncle Fan at the end of the article. Let us grow up with our children and meet better ourselves together.