People you can disturb at any time.

/August 2022


I wonder if you find that as people get older, they become more silent, more silent, and less willing to reveal their true feelings.

maybe you look talkative, like it in your moments and send greetings and blessings to your friends during the holidays, but when you feel sad and miserable, it's hard to find someone who really understands you and is not afraid to disturb you.

in fact, the tiredness of adults, many times, does not come from the hardships of life or work, but from the burden and burden of the heart.

there used to be a saying:

sometimes we are not really looking for someone to help you share your responsibilities and pressure, but to talk to someone and get some support and comfort.


every adult is not easy in life.

therefore, we do not want to cause trouble to others, add unnecessary emotional burden to others, or even leave the impression of emotional instability to others.

so, everyone hides himself. On the surface, it seems to be a good time, but there is almost no real communication from the heart.

in fact, it's hard to find real empathy in this world.

maybe everyone will laugh with you when you laugh, but when you cry, you are the only one who understands the sadness and hardship.

even during the trough of your life, some people will laugh at you, some people will hit you, and only those who really care about you will give encouragement in words or help in deeds.

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the older a person is, the more he understands. He carries all the pressure and sufferings on his own, but he will always feel tired when he walks for too long and bears the pressure for too long.

sometimes, when you feel bitter, if there is someone who can give you support, even a few words will make you feel a little relaxed and happy immediately.

sometimes, when you feel difficult, if there is someone who can give you encouragement, maybe you will have more courage to work hard and persist.

everyone's time and energy are limited.

it's hard to listen patiently to your joys and sorrows if you're not willing to go further with you.

if you don't know your character and temperament, it's hard to give you enough tolerance and forgiveness.

the true bosom friend and friend is often not the one who gives you applause and flowers at the peak of your life.

they are those who have been involved in your life experience, accompanied you through one difficulty after another, and climbed over one hurdle after another.


on the way forward, everyone is busy with his own business and bears his own responsibilities.

but in the long journey of life, when you feel tired and tired, if you have someone who can chat and communicate at any time, life will probably not be so difficult.

maybe the person who can be disturbed by you at any time may not be by your side, but sometimes a text message or message from them can be better than a thousand words.

perhaps, the person who can be disturbed at any time may not be able to give you practical help, but mutual understanding and understanding will give you great spiritual encouragement and support.

friends like this don't have to force it.

people who will leave you, no matter how good you are, will leave you. But those who are willing to stay, even if you are not good enough, will never leave you.

although you can talk to anyone, not everyone can speak from the bottom of your heart. Although, everyone can communicate, not everyone can say the words to the heart.

in the polishing of time and the wind erosion of the years, you must cherish those who are still willing to disturb and are not afraid to be disturbed by you.