People who work hard and those who don't work hard lead a different life.

/August 2022


is this who you are now:

I have to be woken up by alarm clock after alarm clock every day, then wash and go out hurriedly, and wolfing down breakfast on the way.

when you get to work, you are still forced to calculate the accounts you don't want to do, hold meetings you don't want to hold, and sell products you don't even want to buy.

when it's time to get off work, you come home lazily with a sense of relief, ordering takeout, eating snacks, playing games and chasing the show.

until one or two o'clock in the morning, when drowsiness strikes and you have to sleep, you will reluctantly turn off your cell phone and go to rest.

days are like this, day after day, month after month, year after year.

occasionally, you still have reluctance, ambition, and a little bit of thought and impulse to change your life.

but soon, you will lose to your own idleness, laziness, and lack of self-discipline, so you comfort yourself again and again, don't bother, and count it day by day.


I don't know if you just let it go, and you're really willing to live a lifetime, but you can be sure that

maybe in the dead of night, when you're alone with yourself, or even when you find that someone in this world has lived the life you want,

you still have struggles, entanglements, and even remorse.

on the surface, you are not happy at all, even extremely annoyed and miserable.

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so you try to escape in more hedonistic ways.

you think you can get the relief and comfort you want in a life of eating, drinking and having fun. in fact, the consequence of perfunctory oneself is to make your life more miserable.

because you know clearly that as long as you work hard, you can change part of the status quo, work hard, you can have more income,

live hard, you can have a better state, and even work hard. Life will be different.

sometimes, the unhappiness of adults is not that you are powerless for the whole life, but that you know you can have more opportunities and possibilities, but you choose to give up.


most people are particularly easy to become more and more numb and bad themselves in the torrent of bad habits.

because you are used to idleness, making do, and making do, you gradually lose your ambition, curiosity, and even drive.

just like in Zhihu, there was a question: why would most people prefer the hardships of life to the bitterness of study?

there is a highly praised answer: "the bitterness of life can be paralyzed by fatigue and transferred by entertainment. As long as it is still alive,

the Walking Dead can muddle along, and finally get used to it, which can be called passivation.

the difficulty of learning is that you always have to maintain a keen sense of touch, sober awareness and abundant feelings, which can be called sharpening. "

it's not easy for a person to get better.

it means you have to constantly challenge yourself, you have to be willing to be hard on yourself, and it also means that you can't allow yourself to slack off anyway.

so, when you have a demand for yourself, when you have a firm goal, when you no longer allow yourself to throw away, you can really work hard and forge ahead.

there are many moments when we seem to surpass others, but we just need to defeat ourselves.


everyone imagines themselves:

is something like this, you can have better ability and strength to choose your own career, choose your own life, and even choose your own life.

but no matter how good your wishes are, you need to strive for them.

maybe you can try

get up early to read and study when others sleep in.

when everyone else is perfunctory, you take everything seriously enough.

when others choose to give up, you can still persist and improve and improve every day.

the process of this is bound to be a lot of hardship, a lot of tiredness, and even a lot of difficult times.

but only through it can you get a new life, and only when you survive, can you have the possibility of counterattack.

in fact, working hard and not working hard lead a different life.

maybe if you work hard, you may not necessarily achieve real success, but all your efforts and hard work will make you a better self.

but if you don't work hard, you will definitely not have the life you want, or even live a more and more mediocre life in a more and more perfunctory life.

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