People who reply to you on Wechat like this look down on you.

/July 2022

such things must have happened to everyone in their daily life.

you send a message to the other person, but you never get a reply. You think he is too busy to see it, so you wait foolishly, only to see that the other person likes other people's moments.

from those dialogs that have not received a reply, all you can see is your own humility and ingratiation.

there used to be a data survey about mobile phones on the Internet.

data show that on average, Chinese people click on their mobile phone 600 times a day. If they click on their mobile phone for an average of one minute each time, they spend 600 minutes, or 10 hours, on their phone a day.

whether you admit it or not, the truest attitude towards you is often hidden in the way a person replies to your Wechat.


he always answers your news perfunctorily

Dabing wrote this paragraph in "Amitabha Buddha?"

"I really want to give you a ride, east, west, north and south. I really want to help you. Right now, why go back another day?"

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if a person cares about you, most of the time he will reply your message in a second, and occasionally not replying in time will explain the reason afterwards.

in this world, no one is born with a good temper, and no one has an obligation to accommodate others and be patient with another person.

people who don't care about you that much, no matter what you say, will not have the patience to listen.

only those who care about you and take you to heart will listen carefully and patiently to your joys and sorrows and keep all your words in mind.

A friend once told me something that happened to me.

she used to like an upperclassman and often shared her interesting stories with the seniors.

every time she excitedly sends a long message to the upperclassman, but every time the upperclassman dismisses her with a few words such as "um", "ah", "oh", "hehe" and so on.

often, it takes him three or four hours or more to reply to his messages, but it is clear that he can be seen giving likes and comments to other mutual friends, which shows that he is online, just too lazy to reply to himself.

there is a saying quite right: how much a person cares about you, how much he will pay attention to you.

the degree to which the upperclassman cares about himself can be seen by his attitude on Wechat.

my friend said sadly, "he doesn't care about me at all. I know that."

the person who is willing to contact you actively is not that he is busy looking for you to spend time, nor is it that you are so different, but that he puts you in a very important position.

I want to contact you because I care about you.

if a person always replies to your messages perfunctorily, he really doesn't care about you.

since he doesn't care about you and doesn't want to contact you, don't contact him any more.


he will never take the initiative to contact you

the movie "five centimeters per second" says:

A person, if you take the initiative to contact him once or twice, because you care, but contact countless times, do not get the other person's reply, then your concern will become a disturbance.

can you believe that there are really people who don't check their cell phones all day?

A long-term relationship is not about getting along day and night, but that each of us is running on our own track, and it is enough to show up actively in our spare time and give each other some warm companionship.

Zhihu saw a question from a netizen above:

below a highly praised answer said:

"I don't know if he will like you in the future, but at least he doesn't like you now." He replied to your message in a timely manner, probably just because he was polite and cultured.

if a person really cares about you, he will not avoid the important points and will respond to all your words. I will talk to you for a long time, and he will take the initiative to find a topic. "

as the playwright Gao Ming said in the Story of the Pipa: "I would have turned my heart to the moon, but how could the moon shine on the ditch."

We have to accept that not all efforts can be answered, and not all cares can be exchanged for equal attention.

people who really care about you are free 24 hours a day, east, south, west and east.

people who don't care about you will never have free time, will always be busy, and will never take the initiative to find you.

people are always related to each other.

how much a person cares about you, how enthusiastic he will be to you, and how active he can be in the process of communicating with you.

feelings cannot be hidden. When you care about someone, you will consciously show concern, care about every message he sends, and care about the meaning behind every word he says.

if a person doesn't care about you, he may only think about his own feelings and won't care what you think at all.

if he never takes the initiative to contact you, you must get out in time.


always find all kinds of reasons to stop chatting

like what Fu Seoul said:

people who care about you will never be busy with you.

people who really care about you will never respond to your expectations with indifference.

those who love you will hear from you in seconds, and those who don't love you will return to reincarnation.

We always say that trifles can be seen by character, while details can be seen by the heart.

when browsing Weibo, I saw someone ask, "is it necessary for people who are always looking for various reasons to stop chatting?"

there is a particularly gripping answer below:

the person who doesn't care about you, the Wechat you send him, he often doesn't reply to your message.

in their mouth, the most common reason is "I'm busy. I'll talk to you later."

so, don't bother someone who doesn't reply to your message, knowing that "if you don't want to reply, it's also a reply."

Zhang ailing said:

you should know that one's love and love cannot be hidden.

if enthusiasm is given to the wrong person, it is a kind of disturbance; if you care about giving it to the wrong person, it will only be wasted.

Don't waste your time on someone who isn't worth it; don't entrust your heart to someone who doesn't know how to cherish it.


by replying to your Wechat attitude, you can know how much he cares about you.

in fact, the best relationship in the world is not to chat every day, but to reply each other's messages sincerely as long as you are free.

once saw a sentence saying:

reply in time is not only a good habit, but also a kind of upbringing.

you know, there are no messages that can't be received, only people who don't want to reply.