People who are self-disciplined and undisciplined will lose their whole life ten years later.

/October 2022

Instagram has launched a "10-year Challenge" program, and many people have posted a comparison of themselves before and after 10 years.

some people are not content with mediocrity and are determined to improve a skill and become a big shot in a certain field from an amateur 10 years later.

some people hate that they are full of fat and are determined to lose weight. they have been running for 10 years and have met a new themselves.

some people stick to their dreams and change from singing in a nameless bar to a popular singer.

there are people who conquer themselves, from children who are laughed at and questioned to hot supermodels.

Unfortunately, there are some people who, in addition to wrinkles in the corners of their eyes, fat on their stomachs, and rising prices, remind themselves that time flies, but only repeat their mediocre lives for 10 years.

3650 days and nights, 87600 hours, the gap between self-discipline and undisciplined people is thus widened.

American psychologist Clark once said:

"the early stage of self-discipline is excitement, the middle is pain, and the later is enjoyment. When you begin to enjoy self-discipline, you will find that life is less frustrated and confused."

low-level desires rely on indulgence and higher desires on self-discipline.

if you want to ask me how to change the status quo, I think it's just to do one or two meaningful things every day from now on, strictly implement it, and stick to it for a long time.

as the saying goes:

"the top self-discipline of adults is not to force themselves to do something earth-shaking, but to do every little thing in front of them in a down-to-earth manner."


read more when you have time

A picture of Douban became popular some time ago.

Wu Guichun, a migrant worker who is about to return to his hometown, left this message in the Dongguan Library, which hit countless people.

Wu Guichun, 54, is originally from Hubei Province. after divorce from his wife many years ago, Wu Guichun worked in Dongguan with his fellow villagers, shuttling between factories large and small.

the breakup of marriage, financial hardship, and boring work made Wu Guichun feel at a loss as to what to do.

fortunately, books gave him the warmest and longest cure.

Wu Guichun spends most of his holidays or factory days in the library.

"if I go to the library today, I will eat more in the morning so that I won't be hungry at noon and can stay until the library is closed in the evening."

No matter how hard and tired the work is, as long as you have free time and open a book, all the bitterness and tiredness in your heart will be dispelled.

with books in hand and food in my stomach, I naturally feel the satisfaction of "wind and rain do not move like mountains".

this reading is 12 years.

relying on the strength drawn from the book, Wu Guichun never gave up hope even though he suffered multiple attacks from life. After 12 years of working in Dongguan, he worked hard to support his family and raised his children to graduate school.

with only a primary school diploma, he could not even read all the words at first and learned the Xinhua Dictionary word by word, but later he became self-taught, was familiar with ancient Chinese history, and could casually recite Tang and Song poems.

after this message was posted on the Internet, people from all walks of life extended a helping hand, and he was able to continue to work in Dongguan, so he was hired as a "public welfare spokesman for the staff bookstore."

Wu Guichun said, "I was reading in the library and didn't think about relying on it to change anything."

but persisting in reading for ten years does make his life better.

for many frustrated people in life, reading is undoubtedly the best way to heal.

Life is not as usual. The function of reading is to light a lamp, illuminate the way forward, point out the direction, so that you are not lost or lost.

as Bai Yansong said, "reading more books may not necessarily change your destiny, but it can ensure that you can face it better."

people who study hard, even if one day fall into tedious, lead-rich, the same job, but have a different state of mind; the same family, have different sentiment; the same offspring, have different literacy.

people who love reading may be no different from others for a while, but their temperament and understanding must be much higher than that of ordinary people when they read them all the year round.

the books that a person has read and the roads he has traveled make up his whole life.

every step of life will not be let down, and every page you read is quietly shaping a better you.


refuse junk socialization

Zeng Guofan once wrote in his family letter:

choosing a friend is the most important thing in life. The success or failure of a person's life is all related to whether a friend is good or not, and one must be careful.

A hard-working friend is like a boat on a sea of bitterness, which can cross you out of the maze of life; with fair-weather friends, there is a risk that the sewer will capsize.

Chen Daoming has always been called an outlier in the entertainment circle. When others are busy socializing, drinking and pulling resources, he often hides at home reading, practicing calligraphy and doing handicrafts.

he seldom makes friends, especially hates the hypocrisy in the wine bureau. As he said:

"the only function of some friends is to betray you at a critical moment. He knows you like the back of his hand, just like jumping to the stage at a critical moment to give you a big-ear post and scolding you for being very specific. They were all your friends."

this arrogance is not posturing, but because he is extremely cautious about making friends.

Chen Daoming once had a friend named Man Wenjun.

many years ago, Man Wenjun won the CCTV singer championship with the song "understand you".

all kinds of wealth and fame for a whileAs the halo came like the waves, he gradually lost himself and began to enjoy a life full of lights and wine, mixing in various places for a long time, and finally, because of careless making friends, he became infected with drugs and gradually disappeared in the entertainment industry.

his career hit rock bottom, and many of his former friends shunned him.

more than ten years have passed, and later, in an interview, Man Wenjun repented:

"A few years ago, I walked into the strange circle of life. I was originally a very introverted person. At that time, I wanted to fit into a certain circle to change myself. So I made some kind of friends, but they were all fair-weather friends, bad friends. Now my circle of friends is very small. I think I should start subtraction at the age of 40 and stay away from bad friends. "

as the old saying goes:

and good human settlements, if you enter the room of Zhilan and do not hear its fragrance for a long time, you will become with it;

and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, if you do not smell its stench for a long time, it will also change with it.

who you are with today determines the road you will take in 10 years' time.

with wine and meat friends, you may be very happy now, but the road ahead is doomed to be bumpy;

with positive friends, you may live an ascetic life, but before you know it, you will become just as good.

the most basic self-discipline of adults is to refuse junk socializing and stay away from your circle of friends.

in life, we should choose the good and the gentleman.

with a good teacher and good friends, the road of life will be wider and wider.


Don't complain when something happens

I have read such a story.

there is a couple. The man is an alcoholic and the woman is a gambler. Their two sons, however, have very different fates.

the boss's career was very successful, but the second went to prison for breaking the law.

someone asked the boss, "Why are you so successful?"

the boss said, "because I have such parents, who will take care of this family if I don't work hard?"

someone asked the second: "Why are you in prison?"

the second said, "because I have such parents, I am influenced by them."

there is a term in psychology called "learned helplessness":

in the vicious circle of "feeling helpless-showing helplessness-deepening the concept of helplessness-showing more serious helplessness", people tend to attribute all the results to the environment and external causes.

in fact, it is just because of shortsightedness, lack of courage, lack of courage and lack of courage to start all over again, so we have to indulge the mood of self-pity and blurt out complaints.

people who are really good can often extricate themselves from the pain and work out the future of PUBG for themselves.

some time ago, the graduation thesis thank-you letter from Dr. Huang Guoping of the Chinese Academy of Sciences moved countless people.

in his letter, he reviewed his life experience.

Huang Guoping was born in a small village in Nanchong, Sichuan Province.

have no money to buy shoes in summer, walk barefoot on the hot ground in summer, have no money to add clothes in winter, can only wear thin clothes and shiver in the cold wind.

at the height of adolescent self-esteem, I was interviewed by teachers countless times because I didn't have the money to pay tuition fees.

however, the critical blow of life is much more than that.

at the age of 12, his mother ran away from home, and at the age of 17, his father and his dependent grandmother died one after another.

relatives have passed away one after another, and he has more reason than anyone to complain about the unfairness of fate.

but he leaned down, cleaned up one mess after another, and patted the dust on his body without a trace of complaint.

if he has no money to pay his tuition, he earns it on his own.

run to the fields at night, run the risk of being chased by dogs and bitten by snakes, catch Loach for money; go fishing on weekends, raise piglets, and rent buffaloes.

in the precarious life, he became his own umbrella.

relying on a solitary voice, reading and learning, I have won a turn for the better for myself.

in this way, I lost all the way, worked hard all the way, studied hard in the cold window for 22 years, and finally got out of the mountain and realized the counterattack of life.

Why are you moved by this letter?

if you read it carefully, you will find that this letter is filled with tears of blood without a single accusation, and can only feel his total acceptance of suffering and infinite gratitude for kindness.

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I like what Sanmao said very much:

"what is the heart like? it is like a myth, which spans thousands of miles, and there is no boat to cross. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help. "

complaining when something happens is the excuse of the weak, and taking care of everything is the persistence of the strong.

there is no one in the world without injury, only a soul who does not complain.

No matter when you encounter a dark day, don't complain.

complain that it is better to carry a lantern than to complain that you are in the dark.