People who are really capable have these three characteristics when dealing with people

/August 2022

reading good books and making good friends are the two great blessings in life.

but good books are easy to find, but good people are hard to find.

in the world of mortals, a thousand people have a thousand faces, how to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, good and bad, is an extremely important thing.

just like eating, if you associate more with people who have no ability and poor conduct, not only can you not increase your knowledge for yourself, but will damage your character, lower your level, and even mislead your life.

and those who are really capable will invisibly influence you, enrich you, and stand side by side with them, so that they can encounter more beauty.

this is the truth of the so-called "Peng Sheng Ma Zhong, do not support but straight".

these people usually have these characteristics in their daily life, and they must have a deep acquaintance when they encounter them.


speak softly, never with anger

as the old saying goes, "character is fate, tone is luck."

the tone and volume of a person's speech can most easily reflect the person's character and self-cultivation.

often interrupts others, often without discretion and arbitrary authority;

does not know how to take care of other people's feelings, and is mostly selfish and rude;

regardless of the loud noise of the occasion, most of them have no self-cultivation, vulgar and barbaric.

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can't "talk". That's it. You can always turn the simplest words into swords that hurt others and hurt yourself.

and really smart people, no matter what the occasion, will lower their voice, soft voice.

by observing their words and expressions, they can immediately capture everyone's emotions and distinguish the importance of the occasion, and then abide by their words and deeds to be generous and decent.

Soong Ching-ling is the best example.

that year, 15-year-old Soong Ching-ling attended a women's university in the United States.

on one occasion, the class had a heated discussion on a historical issue. One of the American students said: "the so-called ancient civilization, such as China in Asia, has been eliminated by history."

Soong Ching-ling, who heard this, did not quite agree, but still listened patiently to her speech.

when the classmate had finished speaking, Soong Ching-ling got up and refuted his speech in a soft tone.

Confucius said, "A gentleman is sensitive in things and careful in words."

being angry without anger, keeping calm when excited, and always speaking gently is not only a skill, but also a top EQ.

being with such a person is like a spring breeze, which is relaxing and pleasant.


do things decisively and never drag their feet

some people say: "decisiveness is a kind of education and ability."

this is true.

those who can make a prompt decision and never drag their feet should not only have the courage to be decisive, but also need the courage to be able and the strategy to see the essence clearly.

this kind of person has no distractions and is more likely to succeed.

in the fifth year of Jian'an, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao held each other in Guandu and fought a decisive battle here.

at that time, apart from the soldiers guarding the stronghold, Yuan Shao had 110000 elite soldiers and 50, 000 horses.

but Cao Cao removed some of the sick and wounded, and only about 20, 000 of them were able to go to war.

such a great disparity in strength ended with Cao Junqi attacking the granary of Yuan Jun and defeating Yuan Shao, which also laid the foundation for Cao Cao to unify northern China.

the reason is that Yuan Shao is headstrong, jealous and lack of decision-making ability, so he misses the opportunity again and again.

in Cao Cao's own words:

in many cases, talented people who are always indecisive and indecisive will lose a lot of opportunities and eventually become mediocre and mediocre.

there is a saying in Historical Records: "it is better to walk a horse than a Vernon."

only when you are resourceful in times of crisis and resolute in front of opportunities can you strengthen yourself and forge ahead. People like

are also more worthy of our imitation.


be upright, never cheat

in life, meeting depends on fate, acquaintance depends on feeling, intersection depends on three values.

but whether you can walk all the way in the future depends entirely on the character of this person!

just as the Internet says:

only with good character can you gain long-term appreciation and favor from others.

on the contrary, those who haggle, throw stones at the bottom of a well, deceive and cheat, and be ungrateful should stay away as soon as possible, otherwise, they will be blocking themselves.

I remember that in the movie Best bid, the hero Virgil came to a tragic end because of his poor character.

Virgil was originally an expert in the art industry. in the eyes of outsiders, he was dressed in a suit, rich and successful, and everyone envied him.

secretly, however, I often buy some precious works of art with my old friend Billy through clandestine operation at a price much lower than the actual price.

however, the good times did not last long. After meeting a female liar who was higher than his "Rank", all the famous paintings that Virgil had cheated were cheated out of again.

there is a good saying:

compared with wealth and famous painting mansions, the character of kindness and honesty is a person's most precious wealth.

only by treating others with sincerity and frank respect can we get equal treatment.

after all, good character is the real hard power.

the rest of my life is not long, so it really matters what kind of person I spend with.

if you walk with good people, you will be better; if you get along with bad people, you will only get stuck in a quagmire.

SueQin said:

since then, learning to distinguish between good and bad, borrowing the wisdom of others to achieve their own success is the real way to success.