People should be rich when they are old (suggested collection)

/August 2022

nowadays, there is talk all over the world about how to raise children, but few people talk about how to enrich the middle-aged and elderly.

it is true filial piety for children to raise their parents, while for middle-aged and elderly people, it is a more superb attitude towards life.

the so-called enrichment means not only a rich material life, but also a rich spiritual life.

in this way, you can have a smooth, peaceful, happy and happy life in your old age!

so, what kind of enrichment should we need, and how should we enrich ourselves?


take the initiative to express emotions

most Chinese people are silent, introverted, and implicit, and our generation has the spirit of self-sacrifice and forbearance. They refuse to say much to their children when something happens, do not want to be a drag, and seldom express their inner feelings.

sometimes even regard the missing of children, the loss of life, the increasing loneliness and coldness, fooling around with his wife as an outlet of emotion.

this is harmful to both body and mind.

therefore, we must learn to actively express our emotions and tell our children what we think.

occasionally you can travel to relax and broaden your body and mind, so that your mood will be more positive and happy.


develop good living habits

have the courage to "waste", eat leftovers as little as possible, our physical condition can no longer stand the erosion of bacteria.

keep exercising and exercise for about 40 minutes every day. You can walk, jog, dance in the square and do Taijiquan.

willing to spend money, don't always think about spending 50 cents on things that cost 1 yuan. The quality of things bought for 50 cents is definitely not that good.


learn to make a fuss about changes in the body

the body is the capital of a happy life. Only by having a good body can you enjoy a happy old age.

therefore, learn to make a fuss about your body.

often self-test, guard against dizziness, chest tightness and other small symptoms, not afraid of fuss, regular physical examination every year, minor ailments as soon as possible treatment.


never too old to learn, cultivate hobbies

for Wechat, qq and other emerging things, we should learn more and keep abreast of the trend. Don't always think that "I'm too old to learn."

properly cultivate your hobbies, dancing, growing flowers, playing mahjong, if you can be happy, you can try.


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think of ourselves as "old urchins"

We went through hardships when we were young, but now that we are rich, what's wrong with living like a child without worry?

if you want to say it, say it aloud, laugh if you want, play as much as you want, and be a "Letui clan" who benefits others. Why not do it?

this is a new concept of life. Remember to recall your childhood, make more friends with children, read more fairy tales, and always have fun for children!