People get old (sad) in a flash.

/July 2022

Yu Guangzhong once wrote in his poem:

time waits for no man. In a flash, we will grow old.

and the years give us not only the change of appearance, but also the harmony of mentality.

things that could not be put down in the past have long been let go.

although we are no longer young, we know how to face life more calmly and calmly.


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if you can't figure it out, let go of

time flies, and people get old in a flash.

the older you are, the more you can experience the tastes of life.

as the saying goes, there are often eight or nine bad things in life.

in life, we will inevitably encounter a lot of things that we can't figure out.

if you struggle, you will waste time; if you don't, you will have nothing on your mind.

I have heard such a story:

in a speech, the old man took a cup and asked the person below, how heavy is the cup?

people below give all kinds of answers.

the old man said that no matter how much it is, the person sitting here can pick up the cup.

but what if I hold it in my hand for a few minutes?

people say it's not going to happen.

the old man said, how about an hour?

some people say that hands get sore.

the old man continued, "what if I take it for a day?"

someone said, then your hand must be useless, and you can't avoid going to the hospital.

the old man asked, "is there any good solution?"

A man said loudly, "put down the cup!"

the old man nodded affirmatively and said:

most of the time, things that don't make sense are like that water cup.

seems to be very light, after a long time, it will still make people tired.

if you keep thinking about things that you can't figure out, you will only make yourself miserable.

Buddha said, "ego is the root of pain."

can not let go, is the source of a person's pain.

for those things that don't make sense, entanglement will not yield results.

you might as well put them aside for a while, or you may not remember them later.

Wang Wei said: "I only want a quiet environment in my old age, and I don't care much about everything."

people don't have to worry about some things when they are quiet in their old age.

putting it down is the most free and easy attitude towards life.


turn your face when it's time to turn your face, don't be afraid to offend people

, people get old in a flash.

looking back on the road of life, you will find that people who can stay with us are all people who get along well with us.

along the way, we will meet both the good and the bad.

beloved, make you comfortable; the wicked, make you feel bad.

who is not easy in this life? don't worry about offending people when you meet evil people. Indulgence will only spoil you, and you have to turn your face when you turn your face.

I have seen such a video:

in a village, Sister Zhang is an easy-to-talk person in Shili and Baxiang, and any family will help when they are in trouble.

it was the season of rice harvest, and it rained heavily one night.

all the rice of the neighbor Da Mao's family has fallen down, and if it is not harvested in time, all that grain will be wasted.

the Da Mao family was short of hands, so they asked Sister Zhang's family for help.

Sister Zhang's family agreed to him, thinking that distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and they are sure to have a good relationship with their neighbors.

after that time, Da Mao felt that Sister Zhang's labor force was not in vain.

I often ask Sister Zhang to work for her own family.

once, Da Mao asked Sister Zhang to help her carry things.

Sister Zhang refused because she hurt her leg the other day.

Da Mao looked at Sister Zhang and saw that there was no obvious wound in her leg.

said coldly, "forget it if you don't help. I usually say I'm enthusiastic, but I think it's all for show."

Sister Zhang was so angry that she thought it would be all right if she didn't want her neighbor who took such an inch.

from then on, Sister Zhang's family no longer had anything to do with Da Mao's family.

there are many people like Da Mao in life.

help him, he will not appreciate, do not help him, but also all kinds of moral kidnapping, make it difficult for you.

A person who takes an inch will be useless to him, and he will blame you in turn.

for such a person, you should turn your face when you fall out, and don't be afraid to offend him. People often say that it is only when we meet each other in this life that we are predestined in a previous life.

but fate can also be good or bad, and those who can't get along are doomed to bad karma.

interpersonal communication is the icing on the cake on the road of life.

be sure to socialize with people who make you comfortable and get along with.

in this way, you can not waste your enthusiasm and gain more warmth.


people grow old

with four seasons every year, and there is no reincarnation in life.

days, one day, one day less; after a year, one year longer.

people's life is really short, so don't mess with yourself.

Nelson Mandela, the founding father of South Africa, suffered a lot in the first half of his life, and he had a chance to retaliate for the rest of his life, but he did not do so.

Mandela, who ended 27 years in prison, has been 72 years old since he was released from prison.

after he was released from prison, he was soon elected South Africa's first black president.

at his inauguration, he forgave three prison guards who had abused him.

he said:

he put it down and let himself go.

people are always aggrieved in one way or another when they are young.

those grievances will make us sad, and so will they.Make us miserable.

but if we can't let it go, those things will continue to afflict us for the rest of our lives.

years do not stop mercilessly, and life is too short to look back.

Let bygones be bygones.

Brecht said:

if you don't embarrass yourself with obsession, you can better pay attention to yourself and your life.

when we let go of our obsession, the things that we can't let go of will disappear quietly.

A person's life is very difficult, so don't mess with yourself any more.

if life doesn't spoil you, you should be more kind to yourself and live happily for the rest of your life. Yi Shu said:

the things we couldn't let go when we were young are now in the wind.

people who have knots when they are young are no longer worth mentioning.

time is like a knife to age, and time is the most ruthless, which whitens our hair and increases our wrinkles, but also makes our hearts more mature and wiser, more calm and peaceful.

for the rest of my life, I am not confused, I am not trapped in love, I am not thinking about the past, and I am kind to myself.

in the way of getting old, I am getting better and better.

in the road of life, there is no regret.