People can be fine, but never be yin (profound).

/August 2022

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad."

the more a person has a clear conscience, the more he can live freely and freely.

Don't be too clever in the abacus, do too much calculation, and end up being smart.


be greedy for bargains

suffer big losses

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "do not seek bliss without sharing, do not be greedy for gains without reason."

many times, most people always want to take advantage.

but the more greedy you are, the more likely you are to suffer big losses.

during the warring States period, wars were often waged among the waiting countries for land.

the State of Qin sent a general to attack South Korea for nothing, occupying a piece of land in South Korea, the Wild King.

when there was another piece of land near Yewang, when his lips were dead and his teeth were cold, he wrote to Zhao to express his willingness to submit to the State of Zhao.

the monarchs and ministers of the State of Zhao have discussed this for a long time.

Zhao Wang said, "you can get such a large piece of land without a single soldier."

but Mr. Pingyang objected: "if you get a benefit for no reason, I'm afraid it will lead to a great disaster."

but later, King Zhao could not stand the temptation and finally accepted the benefits given by the Shangdang.

when the State of Qin knew, he immediately pointed the finger at the State of Zhao. Later, all 400000 troops of the State of Zhao were wiped out.

there is a saying in the collected works of the Zen Academy: "although there is a fluke in the world, you must not have a fluke."

the advantages and benefits that should not be taken up will bring you unexpected disasters and difficulties.

A greedy man went to the street to buy shoes.

A shopkeeper said, "I don't want one yuan for my shoes here. You can wear them as you like, but on one condition: you can't talk for three days and you can't reveal our agreement to anyone."

the greedy man thought it was too cost-effective, so he chose a pair of shoes worth 500 yuan and went home quietly.

when his wife asked him how much it was, he didn't say a word, asked again and again, but didn't say a word. The family is in a hurry and send for a doctor. The doctor thought it was a strange disease. He didn't know how to cure it, and his wife was frightened.

three days came, the shopkeeper came to his house and talked to his wife for a while. Then he went into the room alone and said to the greedy man, "time is up, you can talk." With that, I said goodbye.

the greedy man told his wife, "Great, but he didn't speak for three days." I got a pair of shoes for nothing, 500 yuan! "

the wife glared and said, "what?!" Just now that man said he could cure aphasia, but he has already taken away a thousand yuan! "

there is a saying: "there is no pie in the sky."

it's not your money. Don't take it.

what you don't deserve, let alone be greedy.

No one is stupid, and the more he calculates others, the more he will be fooled by others.


harm others

self-interest  there is a saying: "everything in the world is cause and effect."

whether you treat others well or badly, you will eventually return it to yourself.

the more malicious you are, the more the loss will outweigh the gain.

there is a farmer who keeps a sheep and a donkey.

when the goat saw that the farmer gave the donkey more food than he gave himself, the goat became jealous and thought of a way to frame the donkey.

the goat said to the donkey, "look, how bad the master is to you. Isn't it too tiring to ask you to do so much hard work every day?"

the donkey asked the goat, "what am I supposed to do?" The donkey did what the goat said and pretended to fall into the ditch and got hurt.

when the farmer found out, he called in a veterinarian to treat him. The doctor told the farmer, "it is necessary to apply the goat's lung to the donkey's wound before it can be cured."

the farmer heard this, killed the goat, took its lungs, and cured the donkey's wound.

there is a saying: "jealousy is a double-edged sword."

when you hurt others, you are not immune.

in ancient times, there was a laundryman in the capital whose shop business was very good, while his neighbor was a Potter, but his business was very depressed.

the Potter thought that the laundryman's shop had affected the feng shui of his shop, so he did harm. He asked to see the king, saying that the laundryman had ancestral skills and could wash black elephants into white ones.

the king was very happy because there were only black elephants in this country, while the white elephant was regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and a sign of prosperity, so he ordered the laundryman to wash the black elephant into a white elephant. The laundryman did not dare to resist the will. When he got home, he kept sighing.

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his wife asked him why and gave him an idea. The next day, the laundryman went to the king and said, "my laundry basin is too small for an elephant. Please order your Majesty to build a pottery basin that can hold an elephant."

so the king ordered the Potter to make a pottery basin that could hold an elephant within three days. Now the Potter was dumbfounded and was finally executed by the king because he could not build it.

there is a saying: "there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves."

people get along with each other.

if you want to harm others, they will not let you go.

the more you want to hurt others, you will end up hurting yourself.


people are kind

Heaven does not deceive

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

the kinder a person's heart is, the more it will bring him good luck and blessings.

all karma is self-inflicted.

in ancient times, there was a man who wanted to kill his opponent and suffered from lack of a good plan.

A cunning and treacherous man observed his words, saw his thoughts, and secretly presented a bag of poison to him.He,

and told him that the medicine would die as soon as it was put into the stomach, and the situation at the time of death was no different from that of people who died of illness.

the man was very happy to hear this, so he took the medicine and set up a banquet for the man who gave the medicine.

the person who gave the medicine went home and died that night. It turned out that the premeditated man first swallowed him with the poison he offered in order to kill him.

there is a saying in the Nirvana Sutra: "the reward of good and evil is accompanied by a shadow."

A person's evil thoughts will only harm himself in the end.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, a mute worked as a long-term worker for a rich man. at the end of the year, he gave the mute less money than other long-term workers, and the mute felt that he had a lot of work to do.

Why did he give less money and had an imbalance in his mind? he wanted revenge on the rich man. How to retaliate? Simply pile up the firewood in the rich man's house and light it.

in the evening, the mute came to the firewood pile to order. I thought, I'm going to pile up the firewood. What will they use for cooking? If you can't order it, how can you get revenge?

then I'll order the haystack that feeds the cattle. So I climbed to the top of the wall to make some points, and then I thought, when I ordered the grass, didn't the livestock have anything to eat? I can't order it.

just then, the mute accidentally fell off the wall and gave a "Oh, my God". When the sound was heard by the people in the house, they came out and asked, "who is it?" The mute said, "me, the mute."

the person who came out said, "even the mute can't talk?" The mute said, "I can talk when I fall off the wall."

so he called the mute to the house, and the mute told the whole story. The rich man's family was very moved, felt sorry for the mute, and made up all the underpaid wages.

there is a saying in the Sutra of judgment: "if people think good, they will be rewarded with good; if they think evil, they will be rewarded with evil."

when you put aside your grudges and grudges, be generous and generous with others.

on the contrary, it will bring unexpected benefits to itself.


there is a saying: "people can be refined, but not Yin."

one can be shrewd, but one must not have insidious and cunning attempts.

the more you want to take advantage, the more you will suffer.

the more you target others, the more you will hurt yourself.

the more evil thoughts you have, the more disaster you will bring to yourself.

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