People are too idle, it is a disaster!

/July 2022

if you are too idle, don't try to steal a student; if you are too busy, the truth will not be obvious.

as the old saying goes: youth cannot endure prosperity, middle age cannot endure leisure, and old age cannot endure adversity.

people, don't be too idle.

especially for middle-aged people, whether physical or psychological, busyness is the sense of existence of life.

at the age of forty, middle age is not stagnation, but progress based on excellence. The more you reach middle age, the more you can't be idle.

busyness is the cure for all heart diseases in the world.


leisure is a blessing; too leisure is a disaster

people, a little leisure is a blessing; too much leisure will become a disaster.

Cai Gentan says: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it."

when we have nothing to do, our inner thoughts will grow quietly.

when you look at your partner, you feel like you have a change of heart, you look at your children as if you are learning bad, and when you look at your friends, you seem to be deliberately estranged.

as the saying goes: if there is nothing, there will be trouble. A lot of pain and complaints in life are often because they are too idle.

too much leisure will destroy a normal person.

once upon a time, there was a couple who helped each other for many years. Although they had a hard time, they were also very happy and harmonious.

one day, the husband came home happily and told his wife that he had won 15 million yuan in the lottery.

the two men were ecstatic and had a sleepless night. The next day, both of them quit their jobs and planned to go sightseeing instead of working hard.

however, not long after the carefree life, there was a conflict between the two people.

Women freak out at home and learn to play mahjong at the instigation of their husbands. Play bigger and bigger, lose more and more.

because of the money, the two people began to quarrel day and night, and finally got divorced. The once happy couple now turn against each other.

some people say that the worst way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle forever.

the two people in the story destroyed themselves as well as their families because they were too idle.

work is a spiritual practice in life. People who have nothing to do and do not do their proper work will breed a lot of bad habits and bad habits if they are idle.

idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy.

if people are too idle, they will be delusional, and if they are too lazy, they will be weak and sickly.

people should always let themselves have something to do, so that the spirit will not be empty and boring, and the body will not be lazy and powerless.


when people are idle, there is nothing to do.

Mr. Shen Congwen said: "what I fear most in my life is leisure, which will lose the meaning of life."

A busy life makes people energetic, while a lazy life makes people listless.

everyone's time is fair, how to spend a day, how to live a life.

when you are busy, how can you find time to hurt spring and autumn?

being busy is the cure for all self-pity. Busy people are the happiest people.

under the door of Zen Master Foguang, there is a disciple named Dazhi who has been studying abroad for 20 years.

when he came back, he saw Master full of vitality, as young as he was when he left.

he wondered and asked the master, "how have you been these twenty years? why don't you grow old?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "in the past 20 years, I have lived very well. I give lectures, talk, write and draw every day, just as happy as you travel and study!"

the next day, the disciples were still sleeping, and the Zen master had got up to recite scriptures and do morning lessons. After the morning class, I gave a lecture to the disciples.

have free time and practice calligraphy and painting. From morning till night, there is no rest.

Dazhi asked Master, "Master, don't you find it hard to be so busy all day?" Why do you make yourself so tired when you are so old? "

Zen Master Foguang replied, "I'm so busy every day, how can I have time to get old?"

Yes, if you do something meaningful all day, you will feel full and have natural physical and mental health.

people who are idle have no time to grow old at all.

as the old saying goes: people have too much leisure, but they are busy to solve a thousand worries.

busy is a kind of happiness, there is no time to experience pain; running around is a kind of joy, can really feel life.

60-year-old Yan Geling is still a busy "flying man". I write for 6 hours every day and swim 1000 meters every other day. To this day, she still keeps her beautiful figure.

Qi Baishi kept writing all his life and kept painting every day at the age of 70.

Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, who is still busy in the fields at 89, says hybrid rice gives him no time to grow old.

people should not be too idle. If they are too idle, they will have nothing to do and it is easy to have miscellaneous thoughts.

nothing in the world ages more easily than lying down and watching TV for a few hours every day.

busy is the cure for all heart diseases.


people are busy, while idle people are not idle.

Master Nebula said: being busy is also a kind of spiritual practice. Being too idle can make people delusional. If people are busy, our hearts should be at peace.

is also busy, some people are busy, while others can be calm.

the so-called: people are busy but not busy, really wise people, can maintain a normal mind in the busy, free and easy.

many people complain about busy and hard work. If you only regard this busyness as a kind of pressure, people will live a very tired life.

but if you can work as an interest and work with passion, life will be very different.

Rockefeller, the oil magnateI love my career very much. He once said:

he also said:

busy is Dharma joy, busy is motivated, busy is progress, busy is safe.

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from "busy", we can realize the value of life and the meaning of work; busyness also allows us to gain a lot of knowledge, make many friends, and form many good relationships.

while we are "busy", we should also enjoy life at the right time and regard life as an art. If we slow down occasionally, we will find more different scenery.

in the world, countless people are too busy for money, fame and fortune.

but those wise people who live can always leave a river of spring water to wash the busy body, keep a quiet and indifferent heart, and watch the flowers bloom and fall.


if life is too idle, don't try to steal it; if you are too busy, the truth will not appear.

leisure is a kind of repair of life, busy is a kind of release of life; leisure can make life fuller, busy can make life more meaningful.

May each of us grasp the rhythm of life and get out of the wonderful music of life!

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