People are at the bottom: swallow complaints, swallow grievances, and feed the big pattern.

/June 2022

Libra of fate tends to prefer those who are knocked down by life and can get up again.

the weak see the trough as a blow, while the strong see the trough as a challenge.

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there is a good saying: "when water comes to a dead end, there is a waterfall, and when a man comes to a dead end, it is a turning point."

when people are at a low ebb, they are at the turning point.

instead of complaining, it is better to reflect on yourself in silence; rather than grievance, it is better to grow at night.

only by feeding the big pattern can you win life.


swallow complaints and change yourself

Luo Zhenyu has a saying: "Don't complain easily, because once you complain, you are labeling yourself as incompetent."

netizens @ shared a story in February and a half.

Last Spring Festival, Xu Lin partnered with his friend Jin Tao to open a wholesale fruit mall. They spent all their possessions on stocking goods, hoping to make a lot of money during the Spring Festival.

what caught people by surprise was that the epidemic suddenly hit, and the goods were overstocked in the warehouse, and they were about to lose all their money.

Xu Lin couldn't accept it. He blamed his wife for not stopping him from taking the money; blaming Jin Tao for not spending all his money on stocking goods;

complaining about the distribution outlets, failing to pick up the goods, and being disloyal; cursing the epidemic for not coming at a bad time.

at first, the sympathy and concern of his relatives and friends gradually turned into dislike and alienation.

Jin Tao does not complain, but is preoccupied with looking for a solution.

he acted silently, changing wholesale into door-to-door retail, and using incentives to promote drainage in moments.

although the process is hard, it not only recovers the cost, but also has a surplus.

complaining is a dose of poison that hurts yourself and others.

nagging is like a bad smell in your mouth. You don't feel anything, and others can't stand it.

in times of adversity, it is useless to be aggrieved; it is useless to be unwilling; it is useless to win sympathy.

everyone will inevitably fall to the bottom of the valley.

what we need to do is to squat down, quietly pick up chicken feathers, smooth and straighten out, weave a feather duster, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

writer Zhou Guoping said: "instead of complaining all the time, it is better to change everything; instead of complaining everywhere, it is better to be silent."

Learning to reflect is the premise of transshipment, and understanding change is the foundation of transshipment.

the way of life through wind and rain, in the end, only you are your own savior.


swallow the grievances and enrich yourself

Ni Ping was still an intern when she first entered the TV station.

the director approached Ni Ping and asked her if she was willing to save the scene.

because there is a program, a well-known host is unwilling to host several episodes.

when Ni Ping went to hand over the work, the host was very impolite, snapped, and dropped the desk book directly to the ground.

at that moment, Ni Ping felt unprecedented humiliation. She was stunned on the spot, struggling again and again.

in the end, I chose to bend down silently, bow my head and pick up the desk book.

Ni Ping is secretly determined to take root in the TV station.

Ni Ping starts with the little things that others do not want to do, collects audience feedback on previous programs, finds out available optimization plans, and carefully asks the staff involved in the program for advice. Once the

program was broadcast, she was unanimously approved.

Ni Ping ushered in the spring of her career and began to become popular.

if you can prove it by strength, don't explain it with your mouth.

writer Zheng Yuanjie attended a literary symposium when he was not famous.

because I didn't go to college, I was satirized by a professor at Peking University: "I don't know the nature of heaven and earth. I want to write a monthly magazine by myself. If you can write it for two years, I'll write it backwards."

Zheng Yuanjie was humiliated for no reason, but he did not argue. When he went back, he wrote the professor's name on a piece of paper and pressed it on top of his desk to spur himself.

get up at four o'clock every morning to write, and write the children's magazine King of Fairy Tales, which he founded.

first for a year, then for two years, and then for the third year. Zheng Yuanjie has been like this for more than 30 years, becoming a veritable "fairy tale king."

grievances are the driving force of a person's growth.

how much grievances you can bear, how much you deserve to achieve.

in silence, strengthening yourself, and then a blockbuster, is the best response to the opponent.

the people who have hit you, the things that make you sad, and the emotions that make you feel bad, like the 9981 difficulties on the way to learning, are all to pass the test of your accomplishment.

writer Yan Geling said: "people are secretly rewarded by life when they are most frustrated."

A person's process of maturity is the process of swallowing grievances and growing in the dark.


A person's choice in times of setbacks and adversity is a person's pattern.

in 1979, Chu Shijian, 52, was transferred to the Yuxi cigarette factory, which was on the verge of closing down, and became the factory director.

at that time, the wages in the factory were already unaffordable, the management was chaotic, and the employees brazenly took the cigarettes home.

Chu Shijian, in the face of the mess, did not flinch, but first arrested the internal management. After

, we will obtain funds at the expense of the factory mortgage to the bank, purchase advanced equipment from abroad, and upgrade the technology.

in only 17 years, Yuxi cigarette Factory has become the first in Asia, and Chu Shijian is known as the "tobacco king".

Life bookThere is no smooth road, sometimes the peak, sometimes the trough.

soon after, Chu Shijian was arrested after being reported for embezzlement. His wife and daughter were also sent to prison. His daughter committed suicide in prison, and Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Chu Shijian, who has entered the ranks of the elderly, was not knocked down by the critical blow of life, but survived.

Chu Shijian was released in 2001.

the following year, 74-year-old Chu Shijian refused to admit defeat and his old age, went to Ailao Mountain with his wife, and contracted more than 2400 mu of barren mountains with only money, all of which were used to grow oranges.

Chu Shijian learned from the beginning with the farmers as his teacher, and often dragged his sick body into the mountains to look after the fruit seedlings.

only ten years later, his oranges swept the market. Chu Shijian, 84, became a billionaire again.

everything in the world is tormented, so laugh if you don't die.

A person's attitude at a low point is often the height of his life.

always believe that the tribulations that can't kill you are the ladder that takes you to strength.

A famous general Barton once said: "the measure of a person's success is not by the height of his peak, but by his resilience when he falls to the bottom."

if you don't want to lie down, you should carry it desperately.

the pattern of the strong is to swallow complaints, swallow grievances, and feed big.

in the motto United Wall, it is said: "Great things are difficult to take on, adversity and prosperity depend on the degree of resilience."

the pattern of being a man is bigger, and the road that can be taken in life is wider.

Life is like a roller coaster. There are peaks and troughs. The scenery, good and bad, is only temporary.

when you are happy, don't rejoice; when you are down, don't be sad.

people with a broad mind are not trapped in temporary honor or disgrace; people with a large pattern are not limited to immediate success or failure.

Kobe Bryant said: "I am not proud of winning the championship, but in the trough of persistence."

as long as you persist in storing energy at the trough, one day you will show up at the peak.