People are always mutual.

/October 2022

there is a saying that sums up life very clearly: "all one's life is nothing more than two things: talking and doing."

EQ is hidden in words, and every word shows the character of being a man; the pattern is hidden in doing things, and every move reveals the feelings of being a man.

the most awesome thing about being a human being is that the better you are, the more comfortable you are.


promote the kindness of yourself and others

whenever I think of Dr. Tao Yong's experience, I can only feel tears.

although he is a famous chief ophthalmologist, he never assumes a superior posture.

when he was in the hospital, he would buy bread and water for his patients at five or six o'clock in the afternoon.

Dr. Tao Yong said that patients will be in a bad mood if they wait in line until nine or ten o'clock and if they don't have anything in their stomach.

he is famous, and many patients come all the way to Beijing to see him for medical treatment.

when Dr. Tao Yong knew about this, he decided to sit and see a doctor with an unlimited number, and often treated his illness until 12:00 at night.

he knew in his heart that one more day of delay would greatly increase the pressure on these patients to eat and stay.

there is a way in the eyes, and there is a degree in the heart. The greatest accomplishment of a person is to be able to empathize with the sufferings of others.

as Bai Juyi said, "the way of dealing with others is to treat people with heart and body."

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A warm and pure person can not only see the flowers in the distance, but also care about the warmth of the world in front of him.

and life is an echo. Only when you compare your heart to heart can you reap the hearts of the people.

just like Dr. Tao Yong, in an emergency when his life was in danger, it was the patient's family who stood up for him to block the knife and let him save his life.

just like the moment when Dr. Tao Yong nearly fell through tribulations, it was the old and frail patient who brought him back to heart with flowers in his hand.

I have always agreed with the saying: "when you are under others, you treat yourself as a person; when you are above others, you treat others as a person."

Life is not easy, who has not struggled to live, who has not experienced the soul experience of birth, aging, sickness and death.

in fact, the really strong people in the world do not necessarily sympathize with all the sufferings, but are compassionate and retain the greatest kindness to the people around them.

We have to face the changing circumstances when we are alive. We dare not expect to influence the suffering, but we can make each other's souls embrace each other.


the right gentleness

once saw a question on the Internet: "what's the best way to express yourself when you get along with people?"

netizens have different opinions, and many people comment on the need for substance and gentleness in tone.

and the most liked answer is: "know how to listen."

Yes, a gentleman speaks carefully, but a gentleman speaks late. It is the great wisdom of being a man to listen and speak slowly.

remember in a program, the host Linklater once asked a little boy, what is his dream?

the boy said expectantly, "I want to be a pilot!"

Linklater asked him again, "what would you do if the plane suddenly ran out of fuel when it was flying over the Pacific Ocean?"

the little boy thought for a moment and replied, "I'll tell the passengers to fasten their seat belts and jump off with their parachutes."

No sooner had the boy spoken than the audience became restless and not only began to criticize him, but also satirized the little boy with extreme words.

Linklater, on the other hand, never expressed his opinion. He just looked at the boy quietly and encouraged him to go on.

after a while, the little boy cried and said, "I'm going to jump down and get you fuel. I'll be back."

this time, it's everyone's turn to be silent.

seeing this, I can't help thinking of a sentence that Wang Xiaobo once said: "you seldom learn human nature from words, but you can from silence." If you want to learn more, you must remain silent. "

this society is in such a hurry that there is always less art to slow down in our lives.

some words are often said without thinking, hoping that others will understand themselves immediately, but they often hurt others without knowing it.

think about it carefully, everyone is born a human being, and everyone has a lot of experience to talk about. But only listening is the first step to understanding.

to be a man, you should know how to think deeply and speak softly.


from the bottom of my heart

do you know what the affection that can best be compared with "second reply Wechat" is?

is actually "at the end of a chat."

many people say that the most beautiful love letter is hidden in the chat record.

because the person who loves in his heart will always delicately capture each other's emotions and steadily catch the topic thrown by the other party.

during the National Day, I went to Xiaoyi's wedding. I'm sure she found the right person.

Xiaoyi is very beautiful and likable. At that time, many boys chased her, but only one person made her feel secure.

Xiaoyi said that when some people were chatting with her, they often couldn't find anyone in the middle of talking to her. As a result, I flipped through the moments and found that the other person was drinking with a group of people.

Xiaoyi's husband is different.

remember that time, two people were on a video call. While chatting, Xiaoyi found that the clothes in the washing machine were ready, so she said she went to hang the clothes first.

came back more than ten minutes later, only to find that the other party was still on the line.

all kinds of things after the two are together, whether it is often cooking Xiaoyi's favorite dishes, or reminding her how much more clothes she has in cold weather, all let Xiaoyi be good to this boy.With a firmer trust.

"Tokyo Love Story" says: "Love is not a bento, it still needs your seriousness."

see personality for details. Those who are willing to finish the conversation not only have enough patience, but also have deep love.

I think the person who always plays the ending role in a chat must also have a role to play in life.

when you are with such a person, you can always settle down and feel at ease.


the world is always new, for the sake of others, you can make a difference in this life.

Human skill, know how to listen, will know each other.

with the change of years and consideration, you will get what you want in the end.