Parents who will be there are worth all the great education.

/October 2022

recently I saw a very interesting video abroad:

the youngest daughter finished painting a portrait of her mother and felt very embarrassed that she didn't paint it well.

the mother hastened to explain all kinds of explanations, desperately encouraging the child, and the father beside her fell down laughing.

with such a supportive mother, the child is happy.


there is a kind of love in the world, which is called to give support to children.

the child is not good at drawing, but his efforts are also commendable;

the child's dream is big and still worthy of respect and encouragement;

the child loves to make mistakes and is a little naughty, but he is kind and loving, and he is also a unique good child in his mother's heart.

A story is mentioned in the Great step: Neil Armstrong.

6-year-old Armstrong said seriously to his mother, "Mom, I'm going to the moon!"

hearing her child's whimsical words, instead of throwing cold water on her child, the mother smiled and said to her child, "OK, but don't forget to come back from the moon and come home for dinner."

his mother's encouragement and praise also strengthened his dream.

parents should treat any innovation and attempt of their children's young mind with respect, guidance and support like this.

this heartfelt expression of appreciation and love is very important to the child's self-confidence and growth.

psychologist William James said: "the deepest human need is to feel appreciated."

parents who support the audience can see their children's problems as well as their efforts and struggles.


there is a very interesting topic on the Internet: girls who have been praised for 50 days in a row will really become beautiful.

A Japanese variety show broadcast such an experiment:

the program group invited several introverted, unconfident girls to let people around her say rainbow-like compliments in her ear every day.

after holding on for 50 days, these girls become more energetic, smile brightly, and their temperament has really changed a lot.

this is the power of appreciation, on the other hand, if a person is surrounded by belittling voices, it is easy to become depressed.

the same goes for children, and every child wants to hear positive feedback from their parents.

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in front of the kindergarten, I saw a child running to his mother in sweat and said excitedly, "Mom!" Mom! Our class won the balance car race today! "

the mother squatted down and picked up the child with a surprised face: "really?" Then you must be playing very seriously! Great! Mom makes delicious food to celebrate in the evening! "

after a while, another child in the same class told the news to his grandmother, but his grandmother tugged at her clothes and asked, "what's the use?" Look at you, your clothes are so dirty! "

the child instantly wilted like frosted eggplant.

Children's happiness is very simple. Every small progress is carefully held in their hands, hoping that their parents can see it and get their affirmation.

Unfortunately, adults either can't see it, or they see it.

psychologist Skinner has proved through animal experiments that animals rewarded for good behavior learn faster and last longer, while animals punished for bad behavior have poorer speed and persistence. Whether

is a bad word or a good word, the result is completely different.


contrary to the support, it is poured cold water, sarcasm and sarcasm.

A netizen once left a message: she has been fond of drawing since she was a child. when she was in primary school, she could always be seen in the blackboard newspaper, International Children's Day's painting exhibition on June 1st, and the school's painting competition.

once she won a prize for painting. She was so happy that she ran home from school to tell her father. As a result, her father said coldly, "if only you had worked so hard at your studies."

Mom is also helping: "Yes, what's the use of drawing better?" You can get extra points in the exam! "

parents often pour cold water on her, which leads to her deep-rooted inferiority complex when she is growing up.

Chinese parents have a habit of being proud of their children if they praise their children. even if others praise their children, they should wave their hands and say, "average, average."

Children's understanding of themselves is initially evaluated from the outside, including family members, teachers and classmates, among which parents are the earliest and most frequent people to contact their children, and the evaluation is also the most important.

when parents repeatedly stimulate their children with negative language for a long time, their children will be deeply affected subconsciously and even agree with what their parents say.

parents can open a window or close a door for their child.

writer Sanmao wrote to his father: "the sorrow of my life is not that I didn't earn the whole world, but that I asked you to appreciate me."

parents who like to throw cold water but will not support them, it may take their children a lifetime to pursue an affirmation.


at this point, a friend will say, "OK, then I praise my children and blow my rainbow fart every day!"

what I want to say is that any appreciation or praise should be sincere, sincere support, not pompous flattery.

Yang Lan once said: "Chinese culture has some disdain for face-to-face praise. Sincere and moderate praise is the best social lubricant, and flattery is two different things."

I think so.

the most important point of praise is sincerity.

try to praise specific facts and add expressions and actions to let your child know that you admire him from the bottom of your heart. If the child does well, praise him sincerely;

the child does not do well.You should also believe that this is not his original intention. We should give them the confidence to face and solve these problems.

when children have difficulties in learning and feel depressed, parents should encourage their children, "you can do it!" , "come on!" , "Don't lose heart!" , "try again!"

when a child encounters setbacks, comfort him in time, help him analyze the causes, encourage him to continue to work hard, and believe that he can succeed!

there is an English song you raise me up, the lyrics are very well written:

you inspire me, I can stand on the top of the mountains;

you inspire me, I dare to venture into the danger of sea storm;

I become stronger only by using your shoulder;

you inspire me, I surpass myself.

Children with more problems are waiting for their parents to discover, understand, and help their children in the way they need.

MiyazakiHayao said: "parents' true love for their children is understanding, appreciation, and encouragement."

give children more encouragement, less blow, and don't be stingy with appreciation, so that children can be more confident on the road to the future.