Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.

/November 2022

see a sentence on the Internet:

"others respect you because they are good, not necessarily because of how good you are."

so, no matter what your status is, don't be pretentious and don't think too highly of yourself. "

Yes, the better a person is, the more he respects others.

they neither think highly of themselves nor underestimate others, but treat everyone equally.

this is not only an attitude, but also a kind of self-cultivation, a state of being.

I like this sentence very much: "respecting others is a flower in full bloom, pleasing others and fragrant yourself."

A truly good person does not have an inexplicable sense of superiority or arrogance, but respects each individual from the bottom of his heart.

this respect has nothing to do with each other's identity and status.

remember a piece of news I saw before:

on April 25, a stray singer sang in the Drum Tower in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

usually, this position is for square dancing.

this time, the homeless singer had just put up his shelf and was reported before he could sing a few words.

after the report, the homeless singer was driven away by the security guard.

at this time, a passing Tsinghua professor could not help but speak.

he made a leisurely remark to the security guard:

"if they have a negative impact, then we will ban it immediately. If not, can we keep it?"

for example, I have been walking for more than half an hour now. In fact, I also want to have a rest here.

it just so happens that they are singing here, and I also want to listen to the song, so I will give him the change in my pocket.

he made a little money, and I took a break. Isn't that good? "

the words show the pattern and realm of Tsinghua professor.

No wonder under the news, netizens are almost overwhelmingly praising the professor:

"Professor Tsinghua is a professor of Tsinghua University. Every sentence is reasonable and wins the hearts of the people."

"this is great. Singers can sing and listen to songs when they are tired."

"Street singers can also be a scenic line of the city, as the professor said, when you are tired and have a rest, you happen to hear a good song, isn't that good?"


you see, good people are like this:

he will respect everyone, regardless of their own status, regardless of the status of others.

because respect is a kind of self-cultivation, and to know how to respect others is to excel yourself.

after all, a person who knows how to respect others must be tolerant, open-minded and humble.

they have love in their hearts, light in their eyes, and they can hold people and things.

the most important thing is that you respect everyone and deserve to be respected by others.

Einstein once said:

"when you think highly of anyone, you are not far from success, and when you despise anyone, you are not far from failure."

people who are really good do not think too highly of themselves, nor do they underestimate others at will.

even in a high position, there is no high posture, but more heart-to-heart cultivation, respect for leaning and listening, and low-key and humble wisdom.

some time ago, I watched a TV series "ideal City". The scene that impressed me most was:

Chairman Su Jiu wanted to transfer Su Kui to be the deputy chief economist of the group, but Su refused.

the reason for her refusal is that she likes the working atmosphere of the subsidiary and likes to work under Mr. Wang.

instead of being furious at Su's refusal, the chairman decided to convince her himself.

he and Su Xiaoyue met in the office. When they met, he only asked Su Kui:

"what price do you think is right for us to sign an annual steel supply agreement with Baosteel?"

No arrogance, no arrogance, no arrogance.

but put yourself in the other person's shoes and kindly remind her:

after you come to the group, your vision and pattern will rise to a new level.

because the chairman understands that Su Fu and he are the same kind of people, and they both have the same heart to the top.

therefore, he is willing to provide Su with a platform and opportunities, even if she lacks work experience and social experience.

but he believes that with Su Fu's ability and ability, he will certainly make great achievements in the group in a few years.

it turns out that Su Huan didn't let him down.

at the last minute, it was Su Xiao and his colleagues who helped the group tide over the difficulties and get back on track again.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the low water becomes the sea, and the low man is king."

excellent people know how to lower themselves, not to take themselves too seriously, nor to take others too lightly.

because everyone has his own value and his own light.

maybe we just got lucky and stood in the limelight.

but that doesn't mean that others are not good and useless.

again, never underestimate anyone.

when you put aside your arrogance and treat others as equals, you will also gain the respect of others.

as the old saying goes, "those who love others will always love them, and those who respect others will always respect them."

means that those who love others will always be loved, and those who respect others will always be respected.

for all of usIf you want to be respected by others, you must first learn to respect others.

I remember that in my senior year, I joined a small startup.

A boss, a partner and technical backbone, plus several junior employees, there are no more than 10 people in total.

at that time, the company was going to hold a school beauty contest, and the boss and partners disagreed when finalizing the details of the activity.

in the eyes of the boss, the partners have only studied for a few more years, have little practical experience, and like to command around.

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