Only by eating breakfast in this way can children get smarter and smarter, and parents must see it!

/June 2022

as the saying goes, "the plan of the day is the morning."

Morning is of great significance in the day, and the state of the day is closely related to the morning.

A good morning is inseparable from a proper breakfast. Today, Uncle Fan came to talk to you about breakfast.


the importance of breakfast

"have a good breakfast". This phrase was heard when Uncle Fan was not a father, and I have heard it for many years.

so is breakfast really that important? Right.

for adults, if you compare a day's work to a journey, breakfast is the gas you need to fill up before leaving.

Breakfast can be said to be the most important meal of the three meals. it awakens the body. Breakfast provides energy to the brain and ensures that we have the ability to think clearly to complete the study and work of the day.

Adults are much stronger than their children. Parents need breakfast to complete their daily energy supply, and children need it even more.

the child's body is in the growth stage and needs all kinds of nutrients, and the lack of any kind of nutrition will make them stunted.

therefore, children can not eat three meals a day, especially the most important breakfast.

in addition, if the child doesn't have a good breakfast, he will feel tired earlier.

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once children feel tired, their attention will get worse and their learning ability will naturally decrease.

Uncle Fan once read a statistic:

therefore, it is very important for parents and children to have a good breakfast!


Breakfast not suitable for children

some mothers know the importance of breakfast and prepare breakfast for their children every day.

but mothers need to know that not all food is suitable for children.

some foods that you think are healthy may be unhealthy for your child.


in order to save trouble, some parents will buy cookies, bread and other snacks for breakfast for their children.

most of these foods contain some additives, which will affect the normal growth of children.

it's okay to eat some occasionally, but it's not a good choice for breakfast.

some parents like to prepare a glass of cold fruit and vegetable juice for their children in the morning. Fruit and vegetable juice is good, nutritious and delicious, but it is not suitable for drinking in the morning.

all the organs of the body are just running in the morning, when people's intestines and stomach are relatively weak, eating some cold food will make the blood flow not smooth.


many parents worry about the tight time in the morning, so they will cook breakfast the day before, put it in the refrigerator, and heat it up the next morning.

Uncle Fan is totally opposed to such a practice.

insulated meals are generally cold and stiff, even if heated, they can also damage the taste.

moreover, overnight dishes produce a substance called nitrous acid, which is harmful to the human body.

not only in the morning, but also on weekdays, you should eat less overnight meals.

foods with high calories

some mothers like to prepare high-calorie foods for their children in the morning, such as chocolates, hamburgers and so on.

there is nothing wrong with these foods being high in calories, but they are a little too high.

in the morning, people's intestines and stomach are just waking up, and food that cannot bear too many calories may cause indigestion in children.

in addition, long-term intake of high-calorie foods will easily lead to obesity in children.

roadside stalls

some parents are busy at work and do not have time to cook breakfast for their children in the morning. Such parents usually choose to buy breakfast at roadside stalls.

although Uncle Fan occasionally buys snacks at roadside stalls, Uncle Fan does not advocate this practice.

the hygiene of roadside stalls is not guaranteed, and the ingredients and materials used are not as safe as those used by ourselves.

moreover, eating while walking is a very unhealthy behavior, which is not conducive to the digestion of food in children's intestines and stomach.

parents should avoid these kinds of food in the choice of breakfast, not just for convenience and speed, health is the most basic guarantee.


how to eat breakfast

Uncle Fan mentioned several optional breakfasts. Some mothers will ask: what on earth is good for breakfast?

here, Fan Shu comes to give you some suggestions for breakfast, hoping to help parents.

staple food

the main ingredient of staple food is carbohydrates, which can provide our bodies with basic energy.

Children are active and have a large amount of activity, so the intake of staple food is essential.

Uncle Fan suggested cooking noodles or oatmeal for children in the morning, as well as steamed buns and steamed buns.


vegetables can not be taken as the main intake of breakfast, but can be eaten with staple food.

it is well known that vegetables are rich in vitamins, which are good for children's development.

many children don't like vegetables. Parents can make vegetables into Vegetables Salad to change the taste of vegetables.

fruits and nuts

fruits taste better than vegetables, and children can accept them more easily.

you can cut the fruit and mix it with yogurt to make the fruit, so that the child can taste more delicious.

Nuts are generally hungry, so you can add a small amount of nuts to your child to enhance the energy supply.

have breakfast on time

have breakfast on timeMeal is the most important point. If you don't eat breakfast on time, it's no different from not eating it.

Breakfast time had better be before 8 a.m., too early or too late is not good.

eating too early will reduce the child's sleep time, and eating too late will be too close to lunch, thus affecting the normal time of meals.

if there are still mothers who are worried about choosing breakfast, you can try these suggestions given by Uncle Fan.


Breakfast affects not only the physical development of the child, but also the development of the brain.

it is not easy to raise a child, and one drink, one porridge and one meal have to be meticulous and careful.

eat a good breakfast, the body will be healthier.

therefore, parents must not be careless in their choice of breakfast.