One person, life, only once!

/August 2022

Life, one word: short!

running to Bobo, busy camping, from childhood to old, but in the blink of an eye.

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all my life, one word: difficult!

it is difficult to study and choose a career. I am in a daze and reach middle age in the twinkling of an eye.

Life, one word: tired!

firewood, rice, oil and salt, careful budget, reluctant to spend, but save not much money.

Life, one word: annoyance!

Life is trivial. I can't help but think about it, comfort others, and put myself in jail.

Life, no matter whether it is loved or not!

someone loves you, you should learn to give back, this is called gratitude;

No one loves you, you have to learn to let go, this is called letting go.

A lifetime, no matter whether it is difficult or not!

Life is hard. If you don't give up, God will close a door for you and open a window for you.

the road is smooth, you should forge ahead, don't be complacent about your achievements, you will be more likely to achieve more results!

all my life, no matter what people think of you!

people who like you will take a fancy to you even if you don't do anything.

people who don't love you will find fault with you even if you do everything.

A lifetime is not easy for anyone.

other people's path, you look easy to walk, but you can't feel the mud under his feet. If you are, you may not be able to withstand so much pressure, so don't envy others.

all my life, don't think about the afterlife.

the people you can see in this life, if you wait forever, it may be decades. What you want to do in this life, put it off today and tomorrow, day after day, when will it be done?

all my life, try to live as simply as possible.

in the face of the twists and turns of life, there is nothing to think about. When you are at a low ebb, you will continue to have ambition, and when you learn from your strong points, you can achieve more in a down-to-earth manner.

all my life, no one pays the bill!

if you do something wrong, you should learn to reflect on yourself, or you will only make it worse. Cherish the friend who always tells the truth. If he tries to offend you, he will wake you up. Friends are easy to get, but sincerity is rare!

all my life, no one depends on me!

Don't think about who to rely on. It will be dark, people will change, and the years will grow old. Love can only be relied on when there is love, and become a stranger when there is no love. Only rely on their own, their own skills, can be regarded as wise.

Life, just this once!

No matter how you feel, no matter what your situation! Do not wait for others to lift and comfort, to live into a scenery, in order to meet more people who understand you, appreciate you, and cherish you!