On Wechat, people with good character will reply to you like this.

/July 2022

interacting with people, no matter what it begins, will end up in character.

character is the best pass for a person to walk in all directions.

"details can be seen in the character, but trifles in the hearts of the people." very often, a person's character is hidden in what he says.

on Wechat, in interpersonal communication, if you meet someone who answers your message like this, please make a deep acquaintance for the rest of your life.

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when you receive it, you will reply

to interact with people and reply as soon as you receive a message, which is the most basic respect for others.

in life, some people receive messages, but do not reply or even automatically ignore them.

whether or not to reply to other people's messages depends on your own mood.

they are often self-centered and never take others to heart.

will only care about their own time and energy, do not consider the wait and pay of others, do not take others seriously.

they will treat friends' sincere greetings coldly in communication, and they will not reply in time to deal with urgent problems at work.

over time, even the best friends will drift away.

such a person with poor character, no matter how strong the ability to work, will be labeled as unreliable by others and can never be entrusted with an important task.

on the contrary, people with good character have an echo of everything, which makes people feel at ease.

they will treat everyone sincerely, take everything seriously, live up to others and be worthy of themselves.

it will be like a spring breeze to associate with such people.


knowing how to speak at the right time, listen and be silent is the greatest wisdom in dealing with people.

Mozi was loaded:

once, Zi Jing asked Mozi, "what's the advantage of talking more?"

Mozi said, "Toads and frogs do not listen, regardless of the difference between day and night, but no one wants to listen, or even feel irritable. The rooster gets up early and crows, and people get up when they hear it.

words do not lie in much but in refinement. It is wise to say the right words at the right time. "

language is the most direct expression of a person, and a person's mouth is enough to determine his own destiny.

it is better to boast than to stop talking, and to keep talking is better than to be silent at the right time.

Lord Huang Shi said, "the high line speaks slightly, so it is self-cultivation."

it is better to say more than to say well, and better to say well than to speak coincidentally.

people with good character are good at thinking of others and taking care of their feelings, so they are good at talking and never embarrass others.

We all live a pleasant life with such people.


will return goodwill

some people say: "ungrateful is the greatest evil of human nature."

I think so.

in life, some people have a mediocre relationship with us and have little contact with us, but they always send us messages for help.

when things are done, not only will we not get a thank you, but we will also have a steady stream of requests.

people who don't know how to be grateful are best at taking other people's good for granted.

when others gave him a hand, he forgot in the twinkling of an eye, and he took it to heart when he was rejected.

the so-called friends are only squeezed in their calculations, while the so-called benefactors are only used in their plots.

Nietzsche said: "gratitude is the health of the soul."

born a human being, without a grateful heart, the mind is morbid, and it is difficult to pay attention to the principles and the bottom line.

in the hearts of ungrateful people, conscience is very cheap and conduct is worthless.

so they will do treacherous things for their own selfish desires, and they will do harm to heaven and reason for the sake of every penny.

dealing with ungrateful people will only squander our kindness and make us indifferent in being bitten back again and again.

on the contrary, people with good character will know the gratitude and repay it. They remember the kindness of others and return the favor.

for our kindness, they will only repay us with the same goodwill, so that we can always have a virtuous circle in the good cause and effect.

Cai Yongkang said, "you are what you say."

people with good character will reply when they receive messages, speak appropriately, and treat our kindness with kindness.

it is really important who is with. Only with people of the same good character can we reap the warmth of our whole life under the light of moral integrity.

May we all be able to live with the good and walk with happiness for the rest of our lives.