On the way to life, you must remember these 15 pieces of advice.

/August 2022

look up and cheer up

this is a small detail, but it is very important to you.

A person's posture and spirit will leave a very important first impression and evaluation.

imagine if you are an interviewer, facing two job candidates, one with a hunched chest, like a deflated ball, and one strutting with a breeze.

which one would you choose? I don't have to tell you.

with its own aura and confident eyes, it is definitely the best sign for a person.


it's important to have a thick skin


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but the loss outweighs the gain by saving face and suffering.

people who are embarrassed never dare to refuse others or fight for their own interests. In the end, they suffer great losses.

there is a line in the Grandmaster: "when people live in the world, some live to save face, and some live to become insiders."

dignity is something that needs strength to defend. When you don't have the strength, it's really not a bad thing to be thick-skinned.

face is nothing compared to the burden of life.


Don't talk about other people's private lives in public

I have seen a lot of people prying into other people's private lives in public under the fig leaf of "outspoken".

however, no one likes to be told what to do, and no boundaries and boundaries will only bring annoyance and inconvenience to others.

Don't take it for granted and ask the last questions you should ask.

if you keep a proper distance between friends, you may get along more happily.


replace "do you understand" with "do I understand?"

there is no difference in itself.

but words come out of the mouth, but they have two completely different meanings.

the former is skeptical, commanding and superior, while the latter is patient, modest and temperamental.

speaking is not only an art, but also a person's self-cultivation.

No one likes to be taught condescending and taboos. The sooner you know, the better.


others can laugh at themselves, you must not go along with

We often say that EQ is very important, but how can it be considered as high EQ?

there are many answers, but many people may overlook one point:

is when others laugh at themselves, you must not go along with it.

people who know how to laugh at themselves are actually smart people who understand their own abilities and shortcomings and then protect themselves by belittling themselves.

but if you go along with it, your EQ is really low.


Don't be too cheap. There is no such thing as a free lunch

remember one sentence:

what you want, you have to give something of the same value.

Don't always think about taking advantage of others, take advantage of others, and don't take chances.

the present advantage may make you pay a more terrible price in the future.


Don't deny yourself because of one failure

have you ever felt this way?

nothing seems to be going well, as if it's too late.

but dear, please believe that the dark moment we are going through at this moment is only a short way of life.

you can make mistakes, you can go back on your promises, you can fall, but don't give up.

Life is the worst, but go back to where you started, but don't give up trying to get better.


Don't mess with bad people

what is bad people and bad things?

simply put, it is worthless.

since it is worthless, entangling too much with it is tantamount to wasting your time and energy and will always be a loser.

Zhou Guoping said: in life, we should have uncompetitive wisdom, often compete with the same people, and not argue with fools.

Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to live your own life well.

do not argue, ignore, do not explain, is the wise man's approach.


goodness can only be used on the right person

what is the saddest truth in life?

many things are not black or white, and good people may not be rewarded.

kindness is a virtue, but only if it is used on people who are grateful.

Don't let your indulgence turn into connivance, and your kindness will hurt you in the end.

at any time, you must have your own bottom line and edge in order to ensure that your kindness will not be deceived.


to love a person who is kind to you

A lot of people have this kind of love, like to flip through Wechat chats late at night.

then, I looked at it and smiled, smiled and cried.

silly girl, there is no need for this.

days are short and there is not much time to squander. Forget those who do not cherish you, and love those who are kind to you.

he will understand your strangeness, will have sex with you, will take care of you, protect you, and will always be there for you.


you must learn to manage money

I often hear people say that you can live as much money as you have.

is that true? Not necessarily.

in life, no one can guarantee that his life will be smooth.

after middle age, money will be our greatest strength.

so, work hard to make money.Important, but do not stick to a dead salary, have the ability to make money, it is also necessary.

learn more about some investment and financial management methods, such as time deposits, bank wealth management products, etc., to achieve multi-channel wealth accumulation.

if you don't manage money, money doesn't care about you. It's always right to save more money.


be a low-key actor

there must be such people around you who can't wait to tell the world after they have a preliminary plan in mind.

but when everyone's eyes are on you, the last thing is often unsuccessful.

one of the signs of maturity is reticence.

you don't have to tell anyone before something succeeds. You can build up strength by talking less and doing more.

shallow water is noisy, deep water is silent.

endure the process of silence in order to reap a strong future.


you must be tired of hearing that health always comes first

, but you still have to say:

it's not easy for all of us to beat workers, but health comes first.

Don't work too hard and don't keep working when you are sick. In any case, health is the most important thing.

have a good meal, don't stay up late, keep exercising and have a physical examination on time.

people, don't be busy all your life. It's also important to be able to accompany your loved ones.


if you have trouble, you might as well use it to read

in fact, confusion is a process that everyone will go through, don't be afraid, don't worry.

when you have trouble, you might as well settle down and take the initiative to learn and precipitate yourself.

read more good articles, draw inspiration from other people's lives, gain experiences, and experience different life experiences.

give up impetuosity and panic, change laziness and procrastination, and sharpen your mind and temper in the ups and downs of the days.

to learn, to act, to change, this is also the secret to widening the gap between you and your peers.


loving yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance

in fact, this is probably the journey of life, most of the time difficult, a small part of the time awake.

in the end, what kind of life you choose will be what you become.

but you must remember that loving yourself is the premise of all luck and beauty.

Oscar Wilde once said, "loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance."

plan your life reasonably, never give up self-abundance and splendor, don't belittle time, and don't let yourself down.

there is nothing to be afraid of in this world, anyway, we only come once.

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