On the way to getting old, you must get better.

/June 2022

Youth fades away in a flash, then it becomes a dream, and the years grow old in the third twinkling of an eye.

people, so dangling to the end; heart, shaking and giving birth to sorrow.

on the way of growing up, no matter what others do to you, you should be kind to yourself.

restrict your words and deeds, manage your actions, control your diet, and pursue your own health.

on the way to getting old, you must get better.


on the way to getting old, don't lose your temper

if there is one thing, you want to make a big fight, if you can resist it, reward yourself with the gift you want!

endure, it is difficult, need you to control your temper, need you to swallow grievances, and even need you to eat some pain.

hold back your temper and be lenient to others. When you often insist on this, you will find that your life is much kinder, your mood is much more cheerful, and your health is much better.

Don't let anger burn you. Be calm and calm. Your life will be as bright as your heart is optimistic.


on the way to getting old, we are more grateful to our children, who have given us the joy of being parents and should be more patient with them;

lovers have given us a lifetime of company, so we should blame him less;

friends, we should snuggle up to our hearts and help him more.

feelings are strong and weak, in fact, half of them are in our own hands; in fact, half of the amount of happiness comes from the state of mind.

adjust yourself, be grateful to the people who have been with you, and cherish the people around you. There are many people in your life. If you pass by, you will lose it for the rest of your life.

meet is fate, miss is fate, hurt you, do not remember, sooner or later rub shoulders, why care more?

some people give you scars and make you stronger and stronger at the same time.


on the way to getting old, don't force

you go, I will never pester you, you come, no matter how heavy the wind and rain, I will pick you up.

the most important thing in one's life is to follow the fate.

those who force to stay will not be happy face-to-face. If they live with resentment, don't they find themselves unhappy?

Don't force it, stay and leave it as a feud.

like to be together, do not love to leave, we only live once in our lives, do not injure ourselves because of anyone.

the road of life, it is more enjoyable to walk with the people you like, but you will only get more and more tired if you go with the people you don't love.


on the way to getting old, love yourself

if you feel unhappy, find something that makes you happy.

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if you feel aggrieved, give yourself more reward and encouragement.

in this life, we have borrowed from heaven for decades. We must be kind to ourselves and make our own scenery, no matter whether anyone appreciates it or not, as long as you feel happy.

Don't lose yourself in order to be who you like.

Love yourself more and listen to your heart more. Stick to what you want to do, and don't hesitate to dream in your heart.

people only live once in this life, must be more magnanimous, more warm, more elegant, single-minded to the sun, fearless of sadness, on the way to getting old, we must get better!