On the way to getting old, you must get better.

/November 2022

everyone's face will grow old eventually, and everyone will not go soon. But we have a calm heart, indulge in fleeting time, twist a touch of heart fragrance, listen to a cloud water Zen heart, with a touch of sunshine, the heart into a lotus, and then gently move in the corner of the season, bright years, rendering life.

on the way to getting old, we also have the influence of love, which is always as brilliant as spring; there is also the company of love, even the stumbling heart is sweet. There are three postures for the rest of your happy life: be indifferent to the past, cherish the present, and believe in the future. We should not worry about chaos, the end of friends, light food, as long as we have a hot soul, the days will grow incense in the long stream, life will be extended in the warmth of love.

on the way of getting old, we should not confuse ideal with desire, because the ultimate of ideal is spiritual fullness, and the end of desire is material possession. No matter how much you are greedy, you will eventually leave you; no matter how tight you hold, you will end up empty-handed. Remember, people have been difficult and easy in this life, whether it is cold or warm, don't shout tired, no one will share for you; don't be fragile, no one will be strong for you; don't say bitter, no one will pay for you.

on the way to getting old, we see people coming and going, as always, flowers blossom and fall, old dreams do not fall. As long as we move forward, every day is brand new. As long as the eyes are clear, as long as they are full and plump, even if there are difficulties, there is also a turning point, and even if there are sorrows, there are surprises. Don't ask for love and vision that have nothing to do with you at present, don't dwell on superfluous emotions and judgments, accept yourself as ordinary, and then use your true abilities to be different. Calm people, like the quiet beauty of Akiba, come lightly, go faintly, live simply and have charm.

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on the way to getting old, we should not always rely on anyone, but should learn to be independent. A celebrity said: "Independence is a glimmer of light in the night. Although it is very faint, it can also break through the darkness." In life, everyone has to face illness, death, stress, emotions, troubles. When we encounter these, we should have the courage to solve them ourselves, because no matter how strong the power of others is, it is impossible to stay with you. Only ourselves is our own salvation. Learn to walk independently no matter when and where, it will make you walk more calmly and firmly!

on the way to grow old, we are a quiet and subtle person, silently pleasing to others in the kind sun, making happiness bloom in the ordinary, and making the good song toss and turn in the world of mortals for a long time, smiling through the cycle of seasons. As long as we put goodness into action is a kind of beauty, a kind of truth, once a person pays close attention to truth, goodness and beauty, even if it is only a blade of grass, it will become a mysterious, magnificent and awe-inspiring.

We drive silently in the years, and everyone wants to grow old. As long as we sincerely appreciate the gift of life, be grateful for what we once had, and fill our hearts with sunshine, we will still sit together and listen to stories that will never grow old. While slowly Haoshou.