No matter who you get angry with, you end up hurting yourself.

/June 2022

anger is the most harmful to health.

angry, will be sad, will be aggrieved, will be filled with righteous indignation, will be in a chaotic mood. Will make your whole person in an unhappy state, bad mood, affect your mood, affect your body.

people who are often angry, the whole person will be shrouded in gloom, no good face, no good temper, people around you are far away from you, even relatives are cautious to you.

angry, in fact, the biggest harm is not others, but yourself!


Why are you angry?

Why are you angry? How stupid it is!

is it your fault that others hurt you? Why do you pay for other people's mistakes?

when people are angry, there are actually the following three points:

1, being deceived, fooled, and calculated;

2, being perfunctory, ignored, and left out;

3, unfair, distrustful, and uncherished.

whichever it is, it is actually your communication with others. Why should someone who is deliberately angry with you feel sorry for himself? Why should people who are mad at you care so much?

in fact, we have so many experiences in our life that we can't foresee it. We can only choose to deal with it positively when it happens.

instead of getting angry with someone and complaining about why others treat you like that, it's better to be tolerant and forget about the things you can tolerate. after all, if you get to know each other, those who can't stand will leave, and no one belongs to anyone.

the person who is mad at you doesn't care whether you are happy or not. Instead, he sees that you are angry. He is proud of you. If you are angry, you are in the right place. Why be angry?

your body is your own, so angry that no one pays for you, your emotions are your own, and no one can cure you of heartache.

Don't be angry, don't let emotions disturb your life, and don't let others interfere with you too much.

A person's life is not long, calm and calm, so that he can live better and be happy.

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quiet is the top wisdom in life!

when people are angry, they are most likely to quarrel with others, because anger is irrational, because anger doesn't choose words, what hurts people to say, and finally makes people around them uncomfortable and repentant.

when a warm heart cools, how much is caused by a quarrel?

how much of the recent estrangement is the fruit of complaining?

in this world, those who put up with our temper are those who care about us. Outsiders, who will put up with you?

if you get angry with someone close to you, you must lose both sides in the end.

there is no need to be angry with strangers, because he is not important in your heart.

Don't be angry, don't be decadent, don't be negative! People have only one life, we must treat and cherish with good heart, stay away from temper, be more kind, be grateful for company, and don't calculate.

often compete with others, don't argue with fools, some people are unreasonable, angry with him, angry to the body, it's really not worth it.

hone yourself more for the rest of your life. You will have as much gas as you have, and you will be blessed as kindly as you treat others.

Don't be angry, don't sigh, don't be discouraged, cheer up!

in this life, we only live once, we can be happy only when we are happy, and only when we are calm can we feel at ease. To be kind to the people around us is to be kind to ourselves!