No matter how old your child is, be sure to say these seven words to him.

/October 2022

Li Xiuyun said: "parents are the enlightening teachers of children, and children are a mirror of mothers."

parents accompany their children in the process of growing up, and it is also a journey to accompany them through hardships.

as parents, the most important thing to do is not to fill up all the potholes in the road ahead, but to become a beacon to guide children to the right path when they face darkness.

son, I hope you can keep these seven words in mind, they can help you move towards the light of life.


you won't be recognized by everyone

kid. I know you want your efforts to be seen by everyone, and you like the way people praise you.

but few people really know what you look like.

you know, there are all kinds of people in this world.

there will be people who don't like your appearance and think you are a bad boy;

there will be people who deliberately belittle you out of jealousy because you are better than him.

but you have to remember that the purpose of your efforts is not to be recognized by others, but to make your life brighter.

the evaluation of the outside world will not stop because of your actions, just listen to many words.

you won't be recognized by everyone, and you don't have to.

Gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect.

the most important thing is that you are of good character and worthy of your heart.


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Learning is a life-long compulsory course

Children. You should get tired of hearing the word learning.

but you have to understand that although the quality of your study is not the only criterion that determines the quality of your life, it is the basic premise of whether you can distinguish right from wrong and see the world clearly.

the phrase that was discussed on the Internet before is that, if you are full of talent, when you see the lake rippling in the evening, the setting sun and the birds flying by.

you will say, "the sunset flies with loneliness, and the autumn grows together."

and if you haven't read a book, you just say, "it's beautiful that there are clouds and birds in the sky."

son, you don't want to be embarrassed because your words are poor when you communicate with others in the future.

son, you don't want to miss a good opportunity on the road to work because of your low educational background.

study hard, you will have the ability to choose what you like to do and move towards the future you aspire to.

Learning this required course is always for your own sake.


I hope you dare to make mistakes

son. I don't want you to be afraid to try for fear of making mistakes, and I don't want you to choose to lie for fear of making mistakes.

every child is ordinary at first, but it is because of your courage that your future may not be mediocre.

Neutron Gong in the Analects of Confucius said: "the fault of a gentleman is like the eclipse of the sun and the moon."

means that the fault of a gentleman is like an eclipse of the sun and the moon: when there is a fault, everyone can see it; when it is corrected, everyone looks up.

it is not terrible to make mistakes, the most important thing is that you can find your own right path through trial and error.

in the days when you were growing up, your parents can help you bear the consequences of trial and error that you can't afford temporarily.

but in the future, there will always be some ways that you need to go on your own, and there will be no one to back you up in the future.

so, I hope that at this time, you dare to make mistakes and learn to take responsibility.


Life is the most precious treasure

son. Every time I see a lot of bad news, I want to tell you that nothing is more important than your life.

maybe you will encounter many setbacks in the future: study, work, love. You may even encounter tribulations that want you to give up your life.

but you have to remember that only by living can you feel all the hope and beauty of the world.

No matter how lonely, dark and helpless days are, there are still your parents to be your warmest sunshine to illuminate the road under your feet.

Don't use your life to fight the world, you can be less good, you can be less rich, but you must be safe.

years will smooth out all the hurdles you think you can't get through, and you should cherish the hard-won life.


learn to be grateful

Children, there is not so much to take for granted in this world.

not everyone is as selfless as your parents are to you.

when you grow up and go to society, you will find that there are many people who only take from you but do not know how to give.

people who are willing to help you are kind, and there is nothing wrong with those who do not want to help you, because they do not have the obligation or responsibility to be kind to you.

when you get help from others, be grateful and say thank you.

and when you want to make a request to others, ask yourself if you have done anything for them.

son, I hope you have a grateful heart and feel that it is not easy for others to give, so that you will not easily lose yourself.

there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Learning to be grateful is also a way to learn to love.


Love is not all the

children of your life. I also came from your age, and I can understand your state of mind.

if you like someone at the beginning of your love affair, it's easy to assume that this is your whole life.

but you have to understand that you are not mature enough at this time.

in love, responsibility is more important, but now you don't have the ability to take responsibility.

before you are good enough, you devote all your energy to what you think of as "love", which is harmful to both sides.

you may be very sad because you are lovelorn, but I hope you can learn to let go.

time is the cure for everything, and the sadness you think you can't get over will eventually pass.

Don't look forward to the beauty of love too much, and don't exaggerate the sadness of lovelorn.

believe that the best fate awaits you in the more distant future.


No one is as good as relying on yourself

Child, your life should be achieved step by step by your own efforts.

parents can only accompany you for one trip, not for the rest of your life.

without the protection of your parents, you will see a lot of sinister people.

someone will smile and say they want to help you, but they actually want to hurt you.

there will also be friends you thought were good friends who betrayed you for a variety of reasons.

however, what you get by yourself, to break out of the world, will not let you down.

Wang Guozhen has a saying very well:

opportunity, fight for it on your own;

fate depends on your own grasp.

Life is your own drawing board;

Why should you rely on others for coloring?

you must have the courage to face the future, the perseverance that you dare to adhere to, and the principle and bottom line that you can't give up.

you have to recognize that in this life, you are living for yourself, living on your own.

son, may you be indomitable in the face of fate, and may you become more and more brave in the face of tribulations.

where there is light in the heart, there must be distance.