No job is unaggrieved. Get over it.

/November 2022

A few days ago, I saw a video on the Internet, which instantly made my eyes red.

A couple in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, runs a restaurant.

but affected by the epidemic, restaurants are not allowed to eat in restaurants, and few customers order takeout.

looking at the empty restaurant, the couple hugged each other and cried bitterly.

Life is really hard, and life is not easy in the first place, which is aggravated by the arrival of the epidemic.

if you are not overwhelmed by life, who is willing to expose his sadness and helplessness to outsiders?

under the video, many netizens left messages:

this is life, too sad;

I hope that the epidemic will be over soon, and everyone will stick to it.

empathy, we all have to live.

one of the messages reads:

"I went out on errands last morning, and when I passed the door of the neighborhood, a young man held a stack of leaflets and said, 'Fitness Yoga Pilates, check it out' and pass it to me. I waved my hand.

when I came home in the evening, I saw that the young man was still handing out leaflets at the gate of the neighborhood, and he didn't seem to have sent out many.

when I passed by, he blushed and said, 'Sir, do me a favor.'

I just took one with my mouth shut and went home to sit in the chair for a long time. "

you see, in this world, no one's life is easy, and no one's job is unaggrieved.

as the writer Liu Zhenyun said:

"all grievances in the world can be picked, but not days." All the things in the world cannot stand up to scrutiny. Once deliberated, there are grievances hidden in everything. "

in the sea of life, everyone comes to this world, shouldering their own mission and responsibility.

the hardship and bitterness of life and the hardship and grievance of work have to be borne one by one.

the adult world is far more sad than we thought.


not a job is unaggrieved

I have read a joke:

"Don't scold young people loudly, they will resign immediately, but you can scold middle-aged people to death, especially those with cars, houses and children."

apart from teasing, I feel particularly sad for no reason.

when we reach middle age, we begin to become cautious and lose our temper.

even if you encounter injustice in the workplace, face the exclusion of colleagues, and are under great pressure, you still dare not have the idea of quitting.

is it because we have lost our spirit and the courage to be desperate?

maybe, yes.

because every middle-aged man knows that behind him, there are elderly parents, young children, a loving wife, and endless car loans.

therefore, they dare not shout tiredness, stop or resign.

I think of a story I read on the Internet:

the manager scolded a young leader in front of the management of the whole company.

those words are harsh, sharp, mean, mixed with cynicism and all kinds of derogatory remarks.

the little leader kept his head down and stood speechless. When the manager lost his temper and walked away, he stayed where he was.

after that, everyone thought that he would resign.

but he didn't, and the next day he came to the company and went to work as usual.

when we had lunch together, someone comforted him. He smiled reluctantly and said:

"I was also very angry and wanted to pat the table and leave on the spot. However, my parents are old, in poor health, often in hospital, and my children have to go to school, and my wife does not have a job. If I really resign, the life of this big family will have no choice but to drink from the northwest. "

I don't know since when, middle-aged people who work hard for a living seem to be the best bullies in this society.

"scold me, don't deduct my salary, don't fire me."

this sentence has become the status quo of how many middle-aged people.

sometimes I wonder, what is the point of working hard and trying to make money?

someone replied: "the real meaning of work is the capital for you to settle down, to give you money to eat, to raise children, to be filial to your parents, and to wake up in the middle of the night without fear."

Yes, we work so hard to make money, we just want to protect the people we want to protect.

it's just that no job is not hard, and no job is unaggrieved.

there are no shortcuts to the life of middle-aged people except to do their best.


who is not trying to live while collapsing?

walking in the world, no one is easier than the other, and everyone has their own sorrows and sufferings.

in front of the mountain of life, all people are the same, walking cautiously, like treading on thin ice and carrying heavy loads.

A man in Shanghai fainted in a subway car due to a sudden illness, broke the corner of his eye and his face was covered with blood.

but the first thing he said when he woke up was, "I have to work."

because absence from work means absenteeism, the impact is that full attendance, daily pay and performance will be deducted.

at 2: 00 in the morning, a delivery boy is sleeping on a battery cart in a tunnel in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

I have just experienced the impact of flood and epidemic situation, so I cherish my present job even more.

after a short rest, he will still be full of energy and embark on the road of fighting for life.

"Don't laugh at me, I'll have lunch one day."

this is what a rickshaw driver said to those who laughed at him.

he works hard for a living, but he doesn't have lunch every day.

he said, "I'm hungry, too, and I want to eat, but I can save 300 yuan a month to support my child's living expenses."

Mr. Liang, who was finally rescued from ICU, asked his family to deliver the computer before he was discharged from the hospital.

sitting on the hospital bed, he was struggling to sort out the report form, holding the computer in his hand.

I don't know whether it was the pressure of life or work, which made him afraid to rest, even in the hospital.

there is a line in the movie Sleepless in Seattle: "work hard, work can save you, and only work can help you tide you over."

everyone who tries to live hard has been wronged by work and slapped by life.

if it were not for living, who would want to leave home, get up early and get up late at night, and live so humbly in order to break a few taels of silver?

but I can't help it.

only by working can we make money and bring us the sense of security we want, as well as the courage to face life and the courage to fight it.

and all we can do is to run hard, work hard, try our best, and live our ordinary and ordinary lives.


Life is not easy. If you go through it, you will get better


I like Tagore's words: "Today's sufferings, losses, responsibilities, sins, and pain will eventually turn into light and illuminate your way forward."

I have always believed that life will be bitter for a while, but not for a lifetime.

when you climb over mountains, through difficulties, through all barriers and difficulties, you will eventually meet the life you want and become the person you want to be.

at 01:49 on April 23, 2020, my friend Xiaomi wrote a paragraph on moments: "this is the second time I cried in the back of a taxi. Maybe I'm not strong enough."

she told me that the first time she cried behind a taxi was on a summer night.

at that time, as soon as she came out of the company, the taxi driver asked, "Why are you working so late? it's almost 2 o'clock."

that's what she said. She couldn't hold back. She sat in the back seat of the taxi and cried all the way.

actually, she didn't want to cry.

just staring at the computer screen, I was tired, rubbed my eyes, and the tears fell one by one.

and the second time, it was because she was doing World Reading Day, watching her colleagues go home one after another, and her tears failed again.

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fortunately there was no one in the company, so she cried and did it at the same time. By the time it was all done, it was already past 1: 00 in the morning.

although the work here is very hard and tired, often working overtime and staying up late to chase hot spots, sometimes Xiaomi feels that she can hardly hold on.

but she is still grateful for the experience.

it gives Xiaomi a deeper understanding of the industry and has its own representative works.

and all these will become the strength and capital for her to choose a company in the future.

the reason for sharing this story is to say:

there is no hard work, no grievance, ah, but no matter how hard you are aggrieved, you still have to stick to it.

whether it is work or life, there will always be a difficult time, but once you get through it, life will suddenly become clear.

as the aesthetician Zhu Guangqian said: "there is no period of work without grievances, no period of life without twists and turns, and no period of future is destined to be bright."

Life is not easy. Everyone is in his own world, suffering and holding on.

but please believe that the end of all hard work and suffering is the time of this world.

because the sky is clear when you get through it.


there is a question on the Internet: "how do you get through it when you can't make it?"

one of the answers is this: "as long as life is still alive, there is nothing wrong with it."

Life gets better when it's bad to a certain extent, because it can't get worse.

after working hard, you will find a lot of things. In fact, you will survive through it.

in life, where there is sadness, there will be warmth; when there is work, there will be grievances, there will be surprises.

and no matter how long the night is, the day will come.

but before you come, please try your best to live out your own light.

one day, you will survive the wind and rain, survive the spring and autumn, and then stand in the brightest place and live like what you once wanted the most.