Nine Qi, nine innings, nine grades, nine enlightenment, nine elegance

/October 2022



1. Read more books and read more in your spare time.

2. Beware of words and deeds, keep a low profile and invigorate qi;

3. Make friends, generous and popular;

4. Be good at bearing heavy load in hardship, endure humiliation and retain ambition;

5. It is appropriate to do things easily and not to be friendly;

6. Tell yourself the principle and stick to the bottom line;

7. Thin and far away, self-cultivation and upright;

8. Low and cowardly, calmly see backbone;

9. Zhuo and can be gregarious, high grade nourishes magnificence.


Life Nine innings

1. The situation of favor and disgrace: no surprise of favor or disgrace.

2. The situation of gain and loss: only with small losses can there be great gains.

3. What's at stake: when you see profit, you must think about harm first.

4. The situation of misfortune and misfortune: good and bad depend on each other.

5. The situation of rich and poor: poor but ambitious, rich but not arrogant.

6. The situation of high and low: both high and low are decided.

7. The situation of joys and sorrows: the two sides depend on each other.

8. The game of life and death: Ming life and death, great righteousness.

9. Success or failure: victory is not conceited, defeat is not discouraged.


be grateful for everything you get;

be content with everything you enjoy;

do nothing and settle what is ready-made.

the top three

are willing to share with the public;

contain all his life;

awaken to the truth of the universe and life.


Nine realizations of life

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1. Those who are willing to suffer losses will not suffer losses after all. Those who can suffer losses are bound to be popular, and those who are popular naturally have many opportunities. It is enough to seize one or two opportunities in one's life.

2. Those who love to take advantage can not take advantage after all. They pick up a blade of grass and lose a forest. You see, those smart people who go to the bathroom or can't take out their wallets for a long time as soon as they pay the bill have basically achieved nothing.

3. Small-minded people, heaven and earth is no big deal. When friends get together, three words do not leave themselves and their own people, is the reincarnation of snails, inner emptiness and selfishness. I only have my own business on my mind, and other things have nothing to do with him.

4. Only by cherishing one's fate can one renew one's fate. On the way of life, we will meet a lot of people. In fact, we can only get together if we are predestined. Most of our relatives are friends of previous lives, and most of them are relatives of previous lives. So remember: be kind to your loved ones, care about your friends, and forgive those who hurt you. This is cause and effect.

5. If you have nothing in your heart, you are called rich, but you need to be called expensive. Happiness is not a character, but an ability.

6. The best way to solve your troubles is to forget them.

7. Smile to see the wind and clouds light, when sitting against the clouds. No argument is compassion, no argument is wisdom, not hearing is pure, not seeing is freedom, forgiveness is liberation, contentment is letting go.

8. Not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past.

9. We are destined to take nothing with us in this life, so live in the present, laugh in the present, and realize in the present.


Life Jiuya

1. Qin: Xiandi pine wind tells ancient and modern times, in the world of mortals, it is difficult to find a bosom friend.

2. Chess: it is strange to turn life upside down. Black and white, there is no need to talk about high or low.

3. Book: indulge in the east wind and read under the moon, the firewood door is closed, do not control the guest to come without.

4. Painting: delicate hand pine smoke dye yarn, Yingying writing, two or three cottages.

5. Poetry: gargle jade contains fragrant beautiful words, worthy of chanting, good sentences to ponder.

6. Wine: I am drunk with you for a long time, the cup is full, do not teach tears to flow.

7. Flowers: Yiwai Bridge side calyx green, with the wind, dancing to the end of the world.

8. Tea: fragrant throat invigorates people's mind, pinching fingers, leisurely soaking the heart.

9. Jade: exquisite, exquisite, pure and elegant, carrying Wandao, nourishing the spirit and moisturizing the heart!