Never underestimate anyone.

/November 2022

I have heard a saying: "the reason why the star looks so small is that it puts itself too high."

it's the same with being a human being.

the higher you put yourself, the worse you fall.

as the old saying goes, "if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and if the man is crazy, there will be disaster."

people who take themselves too seriously are like walking blindfolded and will stumble sooner or later.

and the greatest stupidity of life is to take yourself too seriously.


people, don't take yourself too seriously

once read a story:

there was a famous painter who came to a school in the countryside to collect customs.

the teachers in the school didn't know him, so he told everyone about his work and his position in the industry.

but the teachers' reaction was dull, which made the painter very angry.

he said contemptuously: "A group of teachers who don't understand art" and left school angrily.

after that, he went to a small river and saw a group of children fishing for shrimp.

so he told the group of children how good he was and that he could draw for them.

the premise is that children are rewarded with the fish or shrimp they catch.

the painter thought the children would applaud excitedly, but unfortunately, the children were not interested in his proposal and didn't even want to listen to him.

this hurts the painter. He further suggested that he could draw for the children free of charge.

but the children are still not interested.

one of the children ran up to him and said, "We don't want any paintings, we just want to have a good time by the river. Please don't bother us again."

the painter had to leave angrily.

Mezner has a famous saying: "Don't take yourself too seriously. Without you, the earth will turn around."

if you think about it, it is true.

be a human being, don't take yourself too seriously, because you don't have that large audience.

not everyone is watching your every move; not everyone will care about your halo and your achievements.

in the eyes of most people, you are just an irrelevant stranger.

take yourself too seriously, always feel superior and have a strong sense of superiority, which will only make people feel shallow and look ridiculous.

the true wisdom is to live a lifetime of vegetation and not to take yourself seriously.


never underestimate anyone

Zhihu netizen @ Emerson has shared a story.

when she first graduated from work, she went to a banquet.

at the banquet, a small leader in the company was hit by the words of a senior executive in the same industry, challenging and suppressing everything from dressing up to business ability.

the atmosphere was so awkward that the whole table was stupefied.

but the little leader didn't get angry at all. He smiled and waited for the high-level person to finish, and finally came the sentence: "Thank you for your advice. If I don't change it, I will encourage it."

the next day, someone told the boss about it and laughed at the little leader for being so humiliated that he dared not talk back when he was pointed at the nose.

after listening to this, the boss said, "this man has a bright future."

at that time, a group of interns did not understand why the boss commented that the young leader had a bright future.

after many years, she finally understood.

because the current young leader has already become the boss of a start-up company, growing up from an early age, and his achievements are very outstanding.

on the other hand, the senior manager was fired because of a serious work mistake and did not work in many industries for a long time.

makes people sigh.

as the old saying goes, 30 years east of the river, 30 years west of the river.

geomantic omen takes turns.

be a man, don't underestimate anyone, and don't look down on anyone.

because there is a day outside the sky, there is someone else.

you never know if the person you despise today will be the god you can't mess with tomorrow.

collected a passage: "the people on the mountain, do not look down on the people at the bottom of the mountain, because one day they will go up the mountain to replace you; those who go up the mountain, do not look down on those who go down the mountain, because you are still at the bottom of the mountain when he is beautiful."

as a boss, don't look down on those who are working hard; those who work in an office don't look down on those who drive trucks.

because none of us can predict the days to come.

and the only thing we can do is not to underestimate anyone and respect everyone.


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the really good people are always low-key and humble.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "if the water becomes the sea, the man becomes the king."

the land is not afraid of its low before it can gather water into a sea; if a man is not afraid of its low, he can become king.

people who are really good often know how to lower themselves, always keep a low profile and be humble, so as to win the respect and admiration of others.

in the TV series the Age of Awakening, there is an impressive scene.

after Cai Yuanpei was formally appointed president of Peking University, the first thing he proposed to the Ministry of Education was to recruit talents, especially liberal arts talents.

as a result, Chen Duxiu, who is knowledgeable and concerned about the current situation, has become the object that Cai Yuanpei wants to cultivate.

but when Cai Yuanpei visited for the first time, Chen Duxiu declined because of his concern for New Youth magazine.

after Cai Yuanpei was rejected, he was not depressed, but said something like this:

"Don't refuse yet. It really happens all of a sudden. You can discuss it calmly with your family and friends before you make a decision." As for me, I am really eager to seek excellence. I wholeheartedly invite you to work together at Peking University to do something for China's education. " After

, he made a second visit.

but Chen Duxiu stayed up late because he had had a lot of drinks with his friends the day before.

Cai Yuanpei did not ask the shop assistant to call him, but stayed silently at the door in the snowy cold wind, waiting for him to wake up.

Chen Duxiu, who woke up, invited Cai Yuanpei into the room. They sat around the table and talked. Tsai Yuanpei pleaded again, "make up your mind and come to Peking University." I really need your help. "

Chen Duxiu did not give a clear reply, but he already has the answer in mind.

on his third visit, Cai Yuanpei braved the snow and found that Chen Duxiu had already opened the door curtain, cooked the stove, made tea, and sat waiting for him at the door.

the president of Peking University has no superior posture, no superior arrogance, but only humble sincerity and low-key sincerity.

and this humility also won the trust of Chen Duxiu and made a story in history.

it turns out that there is a kind of wisdom, that is, you are in a high position and don't take yourself seriously.

No matter how great their achievements are, they will not be arrogant and arrogant, but will maintain a humble posture and put themselves very low.

when you lower yourself and choose to be humble to others, this posture will not cover your light, but will make you more dazzling.

because maintaining a humble posture is not incompetence, but a kind of bearing, a kind of wisdom in life.


Einstein once said: "when you look up to anyone, you are not far from success, when you look down on anyone, you are not far from failure."

the most important thing in life is to recognize yourself, not to think highly of yourself, and not to underestimate others.

in the vast sea of people, in the vast sky, you and I are just a drop in the ocean, a small grain of dust.

so don't take yourself too seriously and others too lightly.

find your own position and recognize your ability, so that you can better enjoy the scenery along the way and deal with the broad life more calmly.