Never overdraw yourself.

/October 2022

everyone yearns for happiness, and we chase it all our lives.

I can go through half my life, but I find that life is getting harder and harder, even if I keep walking.

but in fact, looking back, many bad results are caused by going too fast and pursuing too much, but ignoring that if you go to the extreme, it will be reversed.

A lot of things, once overdone and controlled by desire, become a disaster.

Life is a long journey. Please don't overdraw and consume yourself too early.


overdraft credit

I have heard a saying: "the greatest bankruptcy in life is the overdraft of credit."

Credit is not uncommon. Everyone has it.

but credit is so precious that once you break your promise to others, it may never be retrieved.

there used to be several fruit stores downstairs, but the one with the best business had to be Uncle Zhang's.

other families always try their best to miss two, one jin of fruit, often only eight taels at home, with a lot of bad fruit at the bottom.

and Zhang Shu's family, not only the fruit is fresh, but they also take the initiative to wipe out the change every time they buy it.

although it's a little expensive, I can rest assured that when the neighbors advertise, they all like to go to his store.

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling plus size black wedding dress? These collections perfectly match all occasions.

in fact, it is a trivial matter, but a judgment is made on the basis of moral character.

Credit is not only the foundation of a person's life, but also the embodiment of a person's character.

the Greek philosopher proposed a "Tacitus effect."

means that when an organization or individual loses credibility, whether you are telling the truth or lying, doing good or bad things, you will think that you are telling lies and doing bad things.

Credit is important because it is so fragile that once it is broken, it is difficult to re-establish it.

A person without credit, no one wants to associate with him in life, and no one cooperates with him in business.

No one believes anything, and no one supports anything to do, let alone accomplish anything great.

in life, it is a kind of happiness to be trusted, and it is also a kind of luck to be trusted. Don't waste it easily.


overdraft relationship

China is a human society, which is often inseparable from relationship interaction.

proper human contact can enhance the relationship.

once overdrawn, it will be counterproductive.

A story was told by media man Susie:

Susie is sometimes introduced to her when she comes across a suitable project.

after a few times, my friend took it for granted. Every time I came to her, I began to ask her for help in introducing clients with a few simple pleasantries.

sometimes I encounter some minor problems, and I always call her again and again.

once or twice is fine, but if there are too many times, it will inevitably be annoying.

once, she euphemistically indicated that she might not be able to help. As a result, her friend replied disapprovingly:

"you know a lot of people, so you can find someone else. It's not that hard anyway."

since then, she deliberately distanced herself from each other, and then gradually lost touch with each other.

there is a line in the movie "fatal connections": "humanity is not only a sword that opens the way, but also a cocoon that binds itself."

most of the time, we think we have a good relationship with each other, so we take each other's efforts for granted and don't know how to cherish them.

but there is a scale in everyone's heart, which is attracted by generality and is equal to each other.

if you just disturb and consume other people's good, you will only get each other's despair and give up.

Don't overdraw, whether you are classmates, colleagues, family or friendship.

Adult feelings are not easy to come by. Only by maintaining and cherishing them with a grateful heart can we reap precious and long-term friendship.



people and people look about the same height and height, fat and thin.

so people often mistakenly think that their physical fitness is about the same.

this is not true.

say one of the most common things on the playground.

on weekdays, many people stay up late to catch up, stay up late and work overtime, so they can relax if they want a holiday.

when I finally finished the project, I had time to stand on the court. As a result, when I threw a ball and finished a run, I suddenly felt severe pain in my heart and fell down on the spot.

the biggest mistake people make is to trade their health for other things outside the body, always thinking that the body recovers quickly.

at the age of 30, they stay up late and play all night because of their good quality;

at the age of 40, they dare not stop and have a rest.

overdraft health has become the norm of life.

the human body does have the ability to repair itself, but the process is slow and the result is limited.

unscrupulously overdraw the body, until a certain critical point, click, the organs strike, the body immediately collapses.

it's too late to repair, so we can only spend the rest of the time in the hospital.

Gordon said: "the poorest people will not give up their health for the sake of money, but the richest people will willingly give up all their money for the sake of health."

in order to live, everyone has their own difficulties, and everyone has their own helplessness.

but remember, don't ruin your body at any time.

Health is everything. Without health, everything else is a cloud.

starting today, pay close attention to your ownThe body, for oneself, but also for the family.


overdraft luck

We often hope that we can have good luck and avoid the hardships of life.

but everything in this world has a cause and effect, and there is a cause between good and evil.

A moment of good luck is just an opportunity, and it doesn't count until you can catch it.

tell a story:

A few years ago, there was a sensation in our county. A family won 3 million yuan in the lottery.

3 million may not be a huge sum of money now, but at that time, the house price in the county was only five or six thousand.

after getting rich, the family soon bought a house and stopped working.

find an aristocratic school for the children, life is taken care of by a babysitter, and the hostess goes out to play mahjong all day, it doesn't matter if she wins or loses tens of thousands of yuan a day.

the male host invests everywhere and does business with others, but he has no experience and is either losing money or being cheated.

after a few years, they lost all their money, and the two went out to work again.

people around me feel sorry for the child and have experienced the ups and downs of life at an early age.

people may be lucky for a while, but they can never be lucky forever.

luck always runs out. If you always want to take advantage of speculation to find shortcuts, it means that one begins to go downhill.

there is a saying: "Luck can never last a lifetime. You are the only thing that can help you last a lifetime."

regardless of study, life or work, people who can go to the end must always maintain a state of progress and rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.

only when we keep our feet on the ground and be prepared, can we have the strength and ability to seize the opportunity.


the bottom line of overdraft

in this society, everyone wants to be respected by others, but not everyone can do so.

I agree with the saying: "if you want to be respected by others, you must respect yourself first."

principles and bottom lines play an important role in a person's image and opinion.

when you have principles and stick to the bottom line, others will begin to respect and trust you.

when I was a newspaper reporter a few years ago, I interviewed a boss with a lot of personality.

others can help as much as they can if they can. They can not only reflect their own value but also accumulate contacts.

on the contrary, he has always adhered to his "four noes" principle:

does not help if he exceeds his ability;

does not help if he gains more than an inch;

does not help if he does not seek to make progress; and

does not help if it involves interests.

it is also strange that people who have just met find him difficult to get along with, but after in-depth contact, they are all moved by his persistence.

as a result, this boss is respected by everyone, accumulates a good reputation for himself, and his business is getting better and better.

in this fast-paced era, it is easy for people to lose themselves in front of interests, which is a terrible thing.

because if a person's bottom line falls again and again, he will only fall into an endless abyss.

what can and cannot be done in one's life, there must be a yardstick in his heart to measure right and wrong.

there are some rules we must abide by and some bottom lines we must never cross.

people, only by keeping the bottom line is the greatest success in life.


as the saying goes, "if you are too full, you will overflow; if you are too rigid, you will fold."

all people in the world pay attention to a certain degree, enough is enough, too much is not enough.

to squander and overdraw your life at will, even if you get a moment of comfort, you will eventually pay the price.

if people want to go long-term, they need to find the right direction and grasp the right rhythm.

know how to keep spare power and conform to the trend, so that the road of life can go a long way.