Never envy other people's lives.

/October 2022

not long ago, Chongqing University hired a new doctoral student as its doctoral director. As soon as the news was reported in the media, it surprised many netizens.

this is the first time in history that the college has directly given a doctoral position to fresh graduates, and the doctoral student is a "post-95" who is only 25 years old.

when you are young, you will reach the pinnacle of your life. Compared with many people who have been in society for many years, it always makes people feel a little out of reach.

after watching the news, netizens have left messages below saying:

"the years I spent in the world!"

"do you know it or not, it should be my useless show!"

"I am still taking the postgraduate entrance examination at the age of 25. There are four games this year. This is the difference between people."

behind a burst of envy, what is implied is self-denial.

look at other people's lives, brilliant and beautiful, look at their own life, a gray, the state of mind will inevitably be out of balance.

there is a good saying: "when you do not know yourself correctly, you have the most troubles and are the most likely to be anxious."

there are no two identical leaves and no identical life in this world. We should all learn to live our own unique life.


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No one has an enviable life

Thoreau said in Walden: "people always define one kind of life as a successful life and regard the rest of life as an unsuccessful life." As a result, the pursuit of a successful life has become the goal of most people in their lifetime, and most people are tired of living for it. "

there are thousands of people in the world and there are thousands of ways to live. There is no need for us to live like others.

when you keep your eyes fixed on others, it's easy to ignore yourself.

the British writer Smith recorded the story of a lawyer in the Bad things inside us.

this lawyer has a characteristic that he always habitually looks at his own life through the lives of others.

other people's children's grades are better than their own, other people's material conditions are better than their own, and others seem to be better off than their own.

he often looks up to others, but forgets that he is an excellent lawyer with stable job and no worries about food and clothing;

forgets his wife's understanding; forgets the little happiness he has at the moment.

in fact, everyone has their own unique life, we do not need to envy anyone, nor do we need to measure our lives by the standards of others.

in this era of rapid development, everything is being standardized.

in secular life, many people think that a successful life should be like this:

18-year-old college entrance examination, admitted to a famous school;

22-year-old university graduation, enter a well-known enterprise;

25-year-old monthly income of over 10,000, no worries;

30-year-old career success, life stability.

it seems that our lives are so stereotyped.

but can we only arrange our lives at these established rhythms?

of course not.

in the schedule of life, everyone can choose their own way of life, do not look up to others, they are also scenery.

take care of yourself and have a clear conscience. This life is enough.

in the warm-hearted short film Custom of Life, there are several impressive scenes:

the boy in broken shoes insists on playing the ball beautifully;  the girl who loves English studies until the middle of the night. even riding a bike does not forget to practice;  men who worry about rent also have the motivation to work overtime looking at the smiling faces of the children around them.

some people are born by talent, while others work hard by sweat.

Life is different, but let's not choose to accept our fate.

there is a good saying: "birth cannot be chosen, but life can."

not everything is better as soon as possible, and not all life is suitable for accelerating leaps.

We should not only look at the achievements of others, or envy or complain, but find our own goals and move forward at our own pace.

Please remember that success never disappoints every striver.


be your own mirror and correctly evaluate yourself

We all know that physicist Albert Einstein is very good, and he has published many theories, which is called the father of modern physics.

but when he was young, he was a child who didn't like to study and always liked to fish and play with his friends.

at that time, he thought that everyone around him didn't study, and there was nothing wrong with playing by himself.

until one day, his father stopped him, told him a story, and completely changed his attitude towards learning.

my father said, "yesterday I went to clean the chimney with my neighbor Uncle Jack. He was in the front and I was in the back."

when he got out of the chimney, Jack was covered in soot, but I didn't.

however, I saw the dust on his body and thought I was just like him, so I went to the nearby river to wash it.

and Jack saw that I was clean and thought he was as clean as I was, so he took to the street with cigarette ash on his face.

as a result, the people on the street laughed so much that they thought Jack was not normal. "

finally, the father said earnestly: "in fact, no one else can be your mirror, only you are your own mirror." If you use someone else as a mirror, an idiot may see himself as a genius. "

after listening to this, Einstein woke up and studied hard ever since.

later, he put forward some important theories, such as photoelectric effect and relativity, to modern science and technology.The development of art has had a far-reaching impact.

be the mirror of your own life and look inward so that you won't be swayed by others.

maybe you are a very talented "white swan", just because of the time, you haven't shown your original appearance.

but you should belittle yourself because of the subjective judgment of others, and think that you are "an ugly duckling".

then you will only stay where you are and cannot move forward.

and when you can recognize yourself, you will naturally find a way that suits you and become a better person.

once a reporter interviewed the famous painter Huang Yongyu and asked him why he studied painting.

he replied, "I can't do anything else but draw."

the answer is simple but true.

although he can only draw, he can persevere. After decades of deep ploughing in the field of painting, he has become the best painter.

there are no omnipotent people, but there are professional people.

people are both valuable and self-aware, and the correct evaluation of themselves is the first step to success.


take every step with your heart, and time will give you the answer

the Book of time says, "your job is to level the land, not to worry about time." If you do things in March or April, you will have your own answer in August and September. "

Spring ploughing and autumn harvest, everything in the world has its own law of growth, and so do people, all have their own growth period.

it will not succeed in the short term, but perseverance will certainly happen.

everything doesn't need to be done quickly. Only when you are steady can you go far.

Bi Shumin, a famous writer, once told the story of a gardener with deep memories.

there is an old woman who loves gardening in a small town abroad.

one day, she read a piece of news in the newspaper: the gardening institute offered a reward for the seeds of white marigolds.

at that time, marigolds were brown except gold, and white ones never thought of it.

the granny was curious and thought, maybe she could try it.

as soon as she expressed her idea, she met with strong opposition from her children.

everyone says that she doesn't understand genetics and is so old that she can't do what experts can't do.

but the granny did not give up because of this, but chose to plant the seeds of calendula silently and serve them quietly.

in the first year, the marigolds bloomed and the garden was golden. She chose the lightest one as her seed.

sow again next year, wait for the flowers to bloom, and then select the lightest seeds.

so spring and autumn harvest, cycle, sowing year after year.

the old man is never in a hurry and never wants to give up. She always plants marigolds with confidence.

until one morning, twenty years later, she came to the garden and saw a marigold blooming strangely bright and snow-white.

the shortcut to life is to learn to persist clumsily. People who can't calm down and cultivate themselves tend to live impetuously, drift with the tide, and accomplish nothing.

it is better to learn to live as a tree, with both the courage to work hard and the wisdom to wait for flowers to bloom.

take your time and walk slowly.

there is no standard configuration in life, only exclusive customization.

you don't have to live like others, nor do you have to envy them.

grasp your own rhythm, you will get a lot less confusion and anxiety.

recognize your abilities so that you can give full play to your strengths.

persistent persistence is bound to reap the fruits of life.

Don't be afraid of failure, don't worry about the future, let alone miss the present.