Never complain about your work.

/October 2022


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Jack Welch was once hailed as the world's strongest CEO.

in 1961, Welch worked for General Electric for one year.

because of his excellent working ability, he made a great contribution to the company, and he got a very high annual review.

at this time, the company gave him a raise of $1000, and Welch was overjoyed and thought it was the company's affirmation of his value.

but I didn't expect that other people in the office would get the same raise as he did.

Welch is dissatisfied with this, and he believes that the more he pays, he deserves to be paid more.

Welch went to the company theory and got an explanation: this is a predetermined standard for wage fluctuations.

this answer does not satisfy Welch, who feels that companies should treat employees differently on the issue of salaries.

for this reason, Welch grumbled all day long, getting more and more frustrated day by day, and even had the idea of resigning.

one day, the head of the department called Welch to the office and said to him earnestly, "although you have only been in the company for one year, I appreciate your talent and enthusiasm for work." There is a long way to go in the future. Complaining all day and not working intentionally will only waste the company's big stage. Don't you want to stand in the middle of this stage one day? "

at this time, he woke up and stopped making useless complaints, but continued to show his talents and show his edge.

later, he became a project leader, led the team to overcome difficulties, and volunteered to be the head of the processing plant, leading the material revolution in the manufacturing industry.

just seven years later, at the age of 33, he became GM's youngest president ever.

looking back on his career, Welch called the conversation with his boss a life-changing conversation.