Never argue with people at different levels! (depth)

/June 2022

the sky of frogs is only big in the wellhead and high in the world of sparrows.

Don't talk to frogs about how big the sky is, because you have different horizons; don't talk to sparrows about how vast the world is, because it has different levels.

Summer worms cannot talk about ice, and grasshoppers live only three seasons.

A bug in summer, if you talk to him about winter ice, there will be no result. The grasshopper of three seasons, you can't tell the difference between you and him when you discuss the life of the four seasons.

because the summer worm has not experienced the cold winter, and the grasshopper can only live for three seasons.


argue with people at different levels that

is a kind of unnecessary consumption

different levels, different horizons; different values, it is difficult to be compatible.

people have different growth experiences and different perceptions of the world. Some people don't know what is right or wrong, and telling him about major right and wrong is tantamount to casting pearls before swine.

not everyone has the same level as you, and takes the rules you think you must follow seriously.

talking about honesty with a person who likes to cheat, you can only be tired; talking about kindness with a person full of evil may bring you trouble.

there are some people you argue with, but they are of no value.


not everything can be explained clearly in words

people get along with others. Don't think that everyone can understand you and give way for the sake of others.

in this world, some people are ungrateful even if you are kind to him, and some people don't care even if you wear out your mouth.

be misunderstood, just explain it once, you don't have to repeat the same thing over and over again, and you don't have to tell your bitterness with tearful eyes.

tears only win sympathy, not really understand you; beg for concessions, not really care.

not everything can be explained clearly in words, and some people value feelings more than listening to reason.


Life is not in words, but in practice

In our vow renewal dresses, you will define elegance and chic. They are perfect for any occasion.

has never experienced or understood; has not experienced, has not felt.

Don't expect others to empathize with you. If you don't walk the way you walk, how can you know how painful the blisters under your feet are?

when a person despises you, you don't have to argue with him about respect.

try to be yourself and continue to develop yourself. As you become more confident and shining, you no longer need his respect!

A person will have a wider vision, a wider mind, more accumulation, and a better state of mind as he continues to grow.

when life is thick enough, you will have nothing to fear!