Most of the promising children ten years later come from these five families.

/July 2022

I wonder if you still remember Wu Yi-Shu, who swept the group of 100 and won three wars and three victories with an astonishing reserve of 2000 poems at the Chinese Poetry Conference.

during the interview, Wu Yi-Shu's mother talked about her daughter's education:

she did not directly ask her to learn from others to cultivate the habit of loving reading, but first started by changing herself.

I stopped going to the chess and card room and began to eat the Twenty-four History and the Classic of Mountains and Seas. When I stopped playing on my mobile phone, I began to role-play the plot of the masterpiece with Xiao Yishu and adapt the ending of the story.

the most frequent game at home is "Poetry Dragon", in which whoever loses will do the housework.

speaking of her daughter's good grades, Wu Yishu's mother looked proud.

Wu Yi-Shu's family education is undoubtedly very successful.

some people commented on her:

A good child must have been carefully carved by her parents.

most of the promising children in the future come from these five families.


positive and harmonious families

A positive and harmonious family

there is an ill-used saying in family education: "parents are originals, children are photocopies." There is a mistake in the copy. The original should be changed. "

parents' every move will be deeply imprinted on the bottom of their children's hearts.

the behavior of parents during a quarrel will be remembered by their children, so that their character will become grumpy and irritable over time.

if parents are positive and optimistic and focus on good and positive things, then their children's behavior will also become more positive.

A child who grows up in such an environment is sure to be a person with a strong heart, full of confidence in life and the future, and the courage to face setbacks.

you know, no child is born an optimist or a pessimist, their character and thoughts are acquired, and the influence of parents is the most important in this process.


A family that values education

there is such a young man, not yet 15 years old, who successfully knocked on the door of Tsinghua University and became classmates with talented girl Wu Yishu and world go champion Ke Jie.

he is Lu Zeyu.

when he was in kindergarten, Lu Zeyu already knew more than 3000 Chinese characters and read many books, of which only 3500 words were commonly used in modern Chinese.

his parents raised him from an early age to encourage him to read more books.

his parents opened a small bookstore, and Lu Zeyu, who grew up in the shop, often had access to different books.

his parents, who are well aware of the importance of reading, consciously taught him to read from a very young age. From a Chinese character to a whole sentence, his parents gave him a lot of support and encouragement.

the best way for parents to educate their children is to teach them by words and deeds.

good children must be carefully carved by their parents.

if parents want their children to become learning-loving, parents should create a family environment that loves learning.

the word "osmosis" is not groundless.


families who respect their children

raising children is a huge project.

there is a sentence in "the Girl who kills Quail":

when you look back on your life, you will find that when you study abroad, when you decide to start your first career, when you choose your partner to fall in love, and when to get married, it is actually a great change in fate.

Adults choose their own direction in life, and children also need to choose.

in real life, many children passively accept their parents'"choice". Many parents impose their ideas on their children under the guise of "I'm doing it for your own good".

sometimes when children have their own opinions, parents will say, "what do children know?" I'm not doing it for your own good! "

singer Chen Meiling, whose three children have been admitted to Stanford, mentioned in an interview the important point when educating their children: don't make choices for them.

respect children's choices, find their innate advantages in their choices, and encourage them.

only in this way can children do their best to do the things they like and are interested in because of their love.

as Bing Xin said:

only in this way can the child's life be more colorful.


A clean and tidy family

A clean and tidy family is the first world that children see.

if the room is messy, children living in such an environment for a long time will produce negative energy, become irritable, confused, and lack the ability to think calmly.

in a clean and tidy family life, children will speak and do things clearly and clearly, and a comfortable living environment will make them feel happy.

Harvard Business School survey shows that

children have a strong ability to imitate, they will inadvertently imitate their parents, if you often keep your home clean and tidy, then in this environment, children will also develop a good habit of being clean and tidy.

No matter how good a famous school is, it is not as good as parents' words and deeds.

the lifestyle and state of a family hides the future of the child.


A family that pays attention to rules

many parents want to give their children full freedom, so they always indulge their children, thinking that "as long as he likes it" and "he will understand these rules when he grows up.".

this makes it easy for children to become people who don't obey the rules when they grow up.

as the saying goes, there is no square without rules. If children are not bound by the rules laid down by their parents from an early age, it is easy for them to do whatever they want and do not know how to judge whether their behavior is good or bad.

"Love children" and "rules" are never single-choice topics.

in the book Family Education, there is a saying:

in setting rules for their children, parents must not spoil them just because they love him; they cannot do all the work, and some things must be done by the children themselves; some responsibilities must be borne by the children themselves.

because you love him, you should be strict with him.

as Liu Yong said in "growth is more important than success":

Family education is really important. For example, some parents teach their children how to open the door without telling them to close the door behind them.

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you know, behind every child born out of nowhere, there are parents' hard lifts.

after all, children have to go their own way, and parents can only help them show them the way.

whether you mean a smooth road or a bumpy road is particularly important.