Mom's world is so small that it's just me.

/December 2022


Mom usually has nothing to do. She, who has not even graduated from primary school, has no real spiritual pursuit. There is only a set of "actual combat theory of life" that she has fumbled out against the world for more than 40 years. Usually besides walking, watching TV, playing mahjong with friends at most, there are no other hobbies.

her world seems to be so small that it is a circle with me as the center and the straight distance between the vegetable market and home as the radius distance.

I went to Guangzhou not long ago. When I came back, I remembered that my mother liked the duck neck of Zhou's Black Duck, so I spent more than 50 yuan to buy two boxes to go home. As soon as I got on Harmony, my mother made a phone call. As soon as I picked it up, she threw me three questions: "where have you been?" when do you come back? Are you coming back for dinner? "

I said leisurely: "I have just arrived at Guangzhou East Railway Station, you eat first." Don't wait for me tonight. I'll just go back and eat out with my friends. "

over there, why go out to eat? it's such a waste of money. I know you came back today and deliberately killed the chicken. If you don't come back, you won't be able to finish it. "

I said, "Okay, we'll talk about it then. I'll get in the car first."

I hung up the phone before the voice of "be careful on the road" over there fell. I sat in the waiting room, looked up at the schedule on the wall, and then opened the mobile game I had just downloaded to continue the war.

when I got home two hours later, as soon as I entered the door, I saw a table of dishes, but they were all covered with a plate. My mother sat on the sofa, looked at me and smiled and said, "I knew you were back and closed the door so hard."

I took out the Zhou's Black Duck in my bag, and she looked disgusted: "Why are you buying these things again? there are still so many dishes at home."

I said, "Don't you like it?"

my mother opened the dishes one by one. Those are my favorite dishes.

she said, "hurry to the kitchen to pack the food, the food is getting cold."

my mother is a person who doesn't mean it. I know she must be happy to hear that, because she picked up a box of Zhou's Black Duck while I was eating and said to me, "I'll take it down to them."

I replied, "well, they're all for you anyway."

then I heard my mother say to someone downstairs, "this is what my son bought for me from Guangzhou."


I don't know since when, my relationship with my mother seems a little different. I still remember when I was in primary school, I had to give her a lot of reasons to convince her to take me to KFC. But in order to let me go home for dinner, she had to put forward a lot of reasons to convince me.

and my mother can always solve all my wild problems when I was a child. Now, she will take the mobile phone she just bought and ask me, "son, I don't know why I can't get on Wechat. Could you take a look at it for me?"

the way she stared at her phone, she looked very much like me when I was a child, timid and expectant.

I familiar with opening the background of the phone, turned off the stuck Wechat, and then opened it again. She asked me how I did it, and I pissed her off, saying that's what I just did.

she took back her phone and muttered, "this thing is really complicated."

I find that I don't treat her the way she treated me when I was a child. I always put impatience on my face. Every time I just help her solve the problem, but never tell her how to solve it. When she asks me, I will directly say, "it's complicated, you won't understand."

once my mother approached me with a mobile phone and said, "son, can you teach me how to post a text-only moments again?" I will remember it this time. "

at that moment, apart from "ashamed", I really didn't know how to describe my mood at that time.


when my family first changed the set-top box, my father asked me to teach him how to use this new thing. After almost half an hour of teaching, my father finally mastered the use of this "high-tech" skill. When I asked him how he felt, he said to me, "in fact, the old one is better, because the former one is simpler."

I said, "but this can watch a lot of stations."

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my father thought about it and said, "but your mother can't learn this."

this is the first time since I have grown up that I have felt my father's love for my mother.

they usually hide it and never talk about "love" and "love", so that when I was a child, I thought that as long as it was a man and a woman, they could be married. But I was wrong, because they have long put love into life, although it is not easy to show, but in fact, it is because they no longer need to prove that they love each other, because their own life, has been missing each other.

with the deep thinking of this problem, I suddenly realized that my mother was not born "my mother". In her more than 40 years, she has played many roles. She used to be Grandpa's baby daughter, for the sake of her aunt and her sweet sister who can drop out of school early. She is also the person my father has loved for a long time.

in my world, she always plays the role of mother, so that I take my mother's love for granted, as if I was born to take it from her. I was wrong. The mistake was to think that she would be attached to me in this life.

but in fact, she can not be so nice to me who has grown up. On the contrary, I should be nicer to her instead of taking her care as a word that I am used to.

after knowing this, I began to learn to be patient, just as she used to teach me how to use a mobile phone. And explain what I know in the simplest way.Listen to her, including what I'm doing right now.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.