Men love the appearance of a person at levels 1 to 10.

/August 2022

"I hope there are people like you, such as the fresh wind in the mountains, like the warm wind in the ancient city.

from morning to night, from the mountain to the study, as long as it is you at last.

I'm not afraid to wait. I'm just afraid there's no you at the end of the wait. "

since ancient times, love has always occupied an important position in the world of women.

every woman has such a dream in her heart, hoping that he will regard himself as a treasure in the palm of her hand.

A man loves you at different levels. The more he loves you, the more he will behave like this:

the first level loves you

any of your moments

says that people who often visit your circle of friends don't necessarily love you;

but those who love you will not miss anything about you.

because I want to know how you are doing, I want to know where you have been recently, because I miss you but don't know where to ask, I can only create topics in this way.


the second level of love

will take the initiative to say good night to you

he always repeats the good night he said at the end of your chat, not because he is verbose, but because he wants to take all the sense of loss of interruption to himself.

Love, let the thick seven-foot man become gentle and incomparable, because I have you in my heart, so I care.


the third level loves you

he begins to learn to appreciate everything you appreciate

the love beans you pursue, the hands you like, and everything you love, he respects.

maybe he doesn't understand the joy of your every excitement, but he knows that the way you look happy is what he wants to protect the most.


the fourth level loves you

is willing to spend money for you

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Zhang ailing once said that not every man's money will be spent. It is also a prudent choice of a thousand sails.

A woman verifies his love by whether she can spend his money, while a man also tests her love by whether she is willing to spend his money.

when a man wants the woman he loves to spend his money, it's not just love, but romance.


the fifth level of love

participate in your life

if a man is with you and doesn't care about you, he won't participate in your life at all, that means he doesn't have you in his heart.

in his mind, you have always been an outsider and a stranger, so everything about you goes in one ear and out the other, turns around and forgets.

the man who really loves you, he cares very much about your every move. Maybe he doesn't have too many sweet words, but he will never let you down in action.

if you meet such a person in your life, don't miss it.


the sixth level loves you

take the initiative to make peace with you

two people live together, inevitably quarrel red face. After all, there are times when the tongue touches the teeth, not to mention two flesh and blood.

it is inevitable to stumble, but every time there is a conflict, he will be angry, but he will not lose his temper at you or yell at you.

because he cares about you and loves you, even in a quarrel, he will control his emotions and tighten the ready arrow of rage.


the seventh level of love

can reply messages without seconds

, but it will not keep you from waiting for his response

A lot of girls are easy to worry about their gains and losses, thinking that there may be someone who is really too busy to reply to a message, so they often equate lack of response and lack of love.

but to be honest, they just want to wait until the task at hand is done and there is enough time for you and him to respond to you.


the eighth level of loving you

learned to draw a clear distance from other members of the opposite sex

. Time can often prove that boys love you on a whim or have a preference for you. At this level of love, he learned to keep his distance and distance from other girls.

loving you will give you enough peace of mind.


the ninth level of loving you

begins to become more progressive and diligent.

the highest level of love for a person is not a lot of sweet talk, nor will it just accompany you crazily.

but in the original future, you are also included.

will work hard for you and for the future you can embrace.


the tenth level loves you

I don't know where to come from.

he may not be very romantic, but he will remember to send his first blessing at the zero point of your birthday.

he may not choose gifts, lipstick may be the wrong color number;

he is not necessarily good at saying nice words, but he always does what he promises you.

Darling, there is no unified standard for anything, but action often trumps everything when it comes to loving you.

there is a very beautiful line in the movie Casablanca:

"there are so many towns and pubs in the world, but she walks into mine."

you see, it was predestined to love someone. I have no one but you.Want, just want to use all the affection, protect your whole life.

when a man falls in love with a woman, all he thinks about is her. He will put her in his heart and love her for the rest of his life.

A man will put her on the tip of his heart only when he really likes a woman, and everything depends on her.

say things you've never said to her and do things you've never done before. As long as the other party is willing, he will always love her.

May every woman meet a man who loves you to the bone, loves you to the soul, and truly loves you.