Meditation rumors! (to share with you)

/July 2022


whether awake or drunk,


is the best.

things are refreshing and refreshing.

waking up is smart, and getting drunk is not stupid!

the wine is half full, and the flowers are in full bloom.

Life is half happy and half frustrated, half bright and half desolate, half happy and half sad.

when it comes to people and things, you can't be comprehensive and comprehensive in everything. Only when you are half satisfied can you be content.


Yes or no,

there is a dispute between right and wrong.

Thirty years in Hedong and Hexi,

right is wrong, wrong is right!

people, what are you arguing about?

when you win, the tree is the enemy and the hatred; if you lose, you are angry, but the feelings are hurt; if you lose, you are angry, but your feelings are hurt; you fight for property, but your brothers turn against each other; you fight for interests, but your friends are far away; if you fight for status, your enemies increase; if you fight for right or wrong, you don't have to fight; if it's not yours, it's useless to fight.

Life is a sea of mountains and rivers.


praise or derogation,

for a moment.

A gentleman and villain is good and evil,

praise is also him, and derogation is also him!

Buddha said: don't pay attention to other people's mouths, but walk well under your own feet. Do what you want to do, go where you want to go. Don't let others influence your world.

mouth, grow on others, speak or not, by others. Ears, grow on their own body, whether to listen, look at themselves.

if you can't gag others, take good care of your heart.


gain or loss,

worry about gain or loss.

just do everything you have to do.

it's better to get it, but it's nothing to lose!

Life is an alternative cycle of gain and loss, and loss and recovery.

it is common to win or lose, and it is common to gain or lose.

Don't ask whether you lose or win, be calm and not sad. Regardless of gain or loss, indifference goes with it.

"Don't feel sorry for yourself, don't rejoice in things", advise others and comfort yourself.

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Happiness does not depend on the money rack, rich or poor.

luxurious and tranquil for thousands of years,

the rich are brilliant, the poor are elegant!

Happiness is not an act, but a habit, which can be formed.

here are 5 little habits that can make you happy. I hope you can develop

1. Ask yourself, if you had only one year in your life, what would you do?

2. Meditation is a way to calm people down and focus on their own breathing and existence.

3. Learn to praise and be grateful, write down five things that make you happy every day, and your happiness will change greatly after three months.

4. Set up your "happiness board" and count the people who play the most critical role in your happiness. Although there are hundreds or thousands of people in your phone book, there will be no more than 20 people directly related to your happiness. Please give them time and company.

5. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Who can always be excited and happy? When you feel frustrated and depressed, giving yourself a little psychological hint is also a good way to stay happy.


write down both blessings and misfortunes.

the ups and downs of life are steps.

good fortune hangs at the head, misfortune tramples on the foot!

Sanmao says that what you deliberately look for is often impossible to find. Everything in the world comes and goes with his time.

so is life.

what you have to do is to make up for your shortcomings through life practice and experience. one day, you will meet a better self.

in life, you don't get what you want, you only get it.


success or failure,

do not judge success or failure.

strive hard is a hero,

success is also chic, defeat is also chic!

success or failure does not lie in one place at a time, turn if you can't get through, and put it down if you can't figure it out.

maybe we may not end up being such good people. However, if we want to be the kind of person we like, we still have the courage, enthusiasm and curiosity to try to experience what we like. The world is endless, and life has a long way to go.


Love or hate,

have nothing to do with love and hate.

if you are not predestined by fate, you will love and hate.

Song Dandan said: when people grow up and mature and experience more things, they will more and more know how to go with fate.

fate, do not refuse to come, those who go do not stay.

the edge is deep, multi-aggregate; the edge is shallow, let it go.

even if you don't give up the past, you should let it go; if you follow the fate, you will not be confused, and you can look forward to the future. Everything, go with fate.


whether bitter or happy,

sweet and sour are always accompanied by bitterness.

laughter is often full of wisdom,

bitterness , joy !

born no more than a hundred years old, often worry about a thousand years old; Pepsi from the heart, a smile to solve a thousand sorrows.

Lin Yutang said: when you are alive, sometimes you laugh at others, sometimes you give them a smile.

Life is too short to leave time for regret. If you smile, you will understand that the world is full of wind and rain, and the mountains and rivers will meet in the end.