May you feel hurt when you are tired and understand when you are sad.

/July 2022

there are times when everyone is so tired that they feel like they can't make it.

it may be the burden of life that overwhelms you, or it may be full of grievances that afflict you and make you unable to pick up the strength of life.

when my heart is tired, I most want to be cared for and hurt; when I am sad, I most hope that someone cares and someone understands.


tired, most want to be loved

many people say that once a woman enters a marriage, she will automatically become strong.

as a wife, she is in charge of large and small things at home. No matter how busy and tired she is, she can bear it.

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as a mother, the child cries, the child makes trouble, and the child cooks when he is hungry.

"Mom is Superman" has become the highest praise for women, as if women were born to be so strong.

however, no one is made of iron, everyone will be tired.

when we are entangled with work and housework, our bodies will feel tired, ache all over, and will be too tired to move;

will be tortured by troubles at work and quarrels with husbands from time to time, suffocating and irritable, and will feel very tired.

when I'm tired, what I want most is to be cared for and ask, "are you all right?"

what I want most is to be held in the palm of my hand and put into a warm arm.


sad, most want someone to understand

in a relationship, the most desperate thing is not constant quarrels, but nothing to say.

it is not the chicken feathers that have covered the ground for a long time, but the two hearts that are drifting away.

many times, you feel aggrieved, feel sad, and have a stomach full of grievances that you want to complain about, but he just thinks you are just pretentious.

when you cry, he just thinks you're making a mountain out of a molehill; if you lose your temper, he even thinks you're unreasonable.

he doesn't understand the sadness after you stop talking, let alone the sadness when you hold back your tears.

the feeling of not being understood is actually the deadliest.

in fact, you don't want much at all, but I just want him to be patient, listen to your heart, and then hold your hand or give you a hug.

I'll tell you: it doesn't matter, he's here, don't be afraid.


some people feel pain, some people understand, it is happiness

Liao Yimei said in the Rhino in Love:

Women have been walking around and searching all their lives, just trying to find their own "solution."

when you feel tired, you can stand beside you and lend you your shoulder. It's not easy to feel sorry for you.

when you feel sad, you can listen to your heart, give you warmth and encouragement and know how aggrieved you are.

what women want is as simple as that: tired people hurt, sad people understand.

light up "watching". I hope you and I can meet someone who gives you strength when you are tired and encourages you when you are sad.

you just go hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and walk towards the blue sea and sky of two people together.