Manage yourself (this article is priceless)

/November 2022

some people say, "if we compare life to an enterprise, we are the best managers of our own business."

manage yourself and make yourself better, it is worth this life.


manage your own ability

learn to calm down and improve your ability, because it gives life the strength to persist.

Liu Tong once shared his experience, and someone asked him, "is it miserable for a man without friends?"

he replied, "of course it's miserable, but what's even worse is that it's very hard to make friends without friends, pretending to have friends and pretending to be lively.

the darkest day of my life is not a day without friends, but a day when you pretend to be popular, and you don't care how you really feel, let alone others. "

in the past, he felt lonely when he had no friends, and many people went out together. Later, when he figured it out, he found something to do for himself.

he began to write articles, read, watch movies, watch various variety shows at home and abroad, and constantly improve himself.

later, when he graduated from college, he went straight to work in television.

but also because of his efforts, he met a lot of like-minded people who knew him very well.

it dawned on him that good friends were not won through hard work, but met when they were running on their respective paths.

as the saying goes, "Don't chase a horse, you use the time to chase a horse to recommend it, and when the spring blossoms, you can attract a group of fine horses for you to choose from.

you don't have to look around for contacts and expand your circle. The only thing you need is to manage your abilities well.

when you have the ability, people at your level will automatically approach you, and activities that match your abilities will continue to find you.


manage your own health

if you want to stay healthy, it is more appropriate to choose low-cost exercise.

exercise can cure all fatigue and make people live younger and younger.

good habits nourish one's life, while bad habits destroy one's tiredness.

I have seen a fitness photo of 55-year-old Li Ruotong and 65-year-old Zhang Fengyi.

the two people look as young and energetic as they are in their twenties and thirties in the picture.

Li Ruotong has been working out for more than 20 years. He goes there every day when he has time, and at least three times a week when he has no time.

in the fitness video, her rope skipping, running, dumbbell lifting, sit-ups and flat support are all done professionally, with amazing self-discipline and hard work.

and she also gains health, happiness, graceful posture and strong posture because of fitness.

exercise, even for 5 or 10 minutes, is closer to the state you want than sitting or lying down.

every drop of sweat shed during exercise now will not let you down in the future.

when you start to love sports, happiness and health will also fall in love with you.


manage your own happiness

Happiness has nothing to do with rich or poor, but only with mentality.

Sanmao once received a letter signed "unhappy Girl".

Our magnificent wedding dance dress make a great look for nearly any locale. Here are the absolute perfect choice to make you dazzle!

the girl in the letter explained that she felt useless, unmarried, unhappy and unhappy, lacking in spirit and material, and wanted to live like Sanmao, so she asked Sanmao for advice: what is the purpose of life? How on earth can you be happy in life?

Sanmao said in his reply:

"from your short self-introduction, you look very frightened. You are young at the age of 29, but you have used a series of incorrect definitions to describe yourself-the lowest level, poverty, gloom, inferiority, ordinary, humble, and limited ability.

what is the meaning and ultimate goal of life? at present, I have only one answer, a very simple one, that is, 'seek true freedom', and then enjoy life.

unhappy girl, your heart is not free, is it right? .

if I were you, the first thing I would do is to increase my expectations and self-esteem, sweep away the string of inferiority complex words from my life, and never despise myself. "

then, Sanmao wrote detailed instructions in her letter, telling her that everything can start with actual change.

for example, paint the room bright white, make yourself a beautiful curtain on the window, make a bookshelf in the corner, change a warm and warm lampshade for the light bulb, spend some money to buy yourself a nice new dress, do a new hairstyle, take part in activities, meet new friends.

Happiness is actually very simple, starting from small things, you can slowly see the change.

"Don't rely on others to make you happy. If you first set up the room and force yourself to do it, you will find that things are not as difficult as you think. Moreover, interest can be sought. Try everything. As long as you think you like it, cultivate it and become a pastime after work. "

only when you know how to make yourself happy and have the ability to make yourself happy, can you be truly happy.

have an interesting soul, live a meaningful life, not how old you live, but really follow your heart, even like a meteor, even if it brings its own light for a moment.

the human heart is a container, the more happiness it holds, the less trouble it will naturally have.