Making people comfortable is the top charm of personality.

/June 2022

There is a saying: "the better a person is, the more comfortable he is to others."

I think so.

the best way for people to get along with each other is to move forward and backward freely and make each other relaxed and comfortable.

in many cases, the degree of comfort determines a person's height.


is a person's greatest accomplishment.

I still remember that when I worked in the previous company, I was very impressed by my colleague's dream.

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she is a gentle and kind girl.

when she gets along with her, her words and deeds always make people feel as warm as sunshine, so many colleagues are willing to take the initiative to associate with her.

on one occasion, she was arranged by the leader to receive a VIP who came to the company for a meeting the next day.

after work that day, she stayed in the company to prepare interview materials and check the relevant information of the distinguished guests.

after learning that the other party has been living abroad for a long time and has a habit of drinking black tea, he also thoughtfully prepared corresponding tea drinks and desserts, and urged the colleagues in charge of ordering desserts not to buy food that each other should avoid.

because the meeting was well prepared, the whole meeting went smoothly, and Xiao Meng's sweetness made a good impression on the company.

after that, whenever there was a reception in the company, the leader recommended Xiao Meng as soon as possible.

as the saying goes, there is a way for people with eyes, and a degree for people with love in their hearts.

in life, there are many people who are like small dreams. They often get along with others with tolerance and can always do things from each other's point of view, which makes people both comfortable and at ease.

making people comfortable is not a kind of deliberate flattery, but being able to treat others gently, with appropriate words and deeds, to bring kindness and warmth to others no matter where you are.

some people say that the best virtue in life is to make people comfortable.

but in fact, making people feel comfortable is not only the most valuable quality of a person, but also the greatest accomplishment of a person.


the higher the level of people, the more comfortable they are with others

actor Huang Bo once said:

whether in life or in the workplace, it is not difficult to find that there are some people who always know how to save face for others and do not easily put them in an awkward position.

such people know how to respect each other and give each other silent care.

in the variety show "the Life of yearning", the program group invited Ren Quan as a guest to experience country life.

however, after arriving at his destination, Ren Quan could not help sighing the beauty of the pastoral scenery, feeling around and looking around, full of curiosity.

his behavior is embarrassing and funny.

when everyone was ready to enter the room, he Jiong secretly said this sentence to the cameraman who photographed Ren Quan:

A simple sentence, which not only takes into account the feelings of the cameraman, but also can resolve Ren Quan's embarrassment.

after saying this, everyone was in front of the screen, praising he Yun for being considerate to others and always taking good care of the people around him.

I have heard a thought-provoking saying:

what is selflessness?

I think that is where one can see, take care of others first and know how to think of others.

the level of a person does not lie in his wealth and status, but in his attitude towards the world.

the lower the level of people, they will only think about themselves, do not know how to respect others, and will not treat others heart to heart.

the higher the level of people, the more respect for others, the more careful they are in dealing with others.

people like this will be respected and loved wherever they go.


it is the most comfortable personality.

there is a barber who has been studying with his apprentice for half a year.

the day the apprentice officially took up his post, after he had cut his hair to the first customer, the customer said discontentedly:

the apprentice bowed his head and dared not say a word.

at this time, his master came over and said,

the customer left with satisfaction.

when the apprentice cut the hair of the second customer, the customer was dissatisfied again:

Master smiled and explained:

when the other person heard this, he turned his anger into a smile and said that he would come to visit the barber shop next time.

with a comfortable way of speaking, barbers not only turn swords into swords and resolve conflicts, but also win the trust of others.

the communication between people should not only be maintained with a sincere heart, but also pay attention to comfort.

dealing with uncomfortable people, you will feel uncomfortable with pins and needles and thorns in your back.

only when you socialize with comfortable people, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Mr. Cai Kangyong said:

in interpersonal communication, some people are selfish and always take care of their own feelings, which makes people fall into an embarrassing situation.

and some people, as gentle and calm as jade, get along like a spring breeze.

the so-called interpersonal master is just to make people comfortable.

make people comfortable, is a person's great ability, is a person's highest level of EQ, but also a person's top personality charm.