Making money can cure all hypocrisy.

/November 2022

there are three ways for a person to improve his quality of life: making money, reading, and exercising.

making money can cure all confusion and hypocrisy.

the rest of my life is short, make more money and get angry less.


when it's time to make money, don't be hypocritical

in the Roundtable School, Professor Xu Zidong shared an interesting story:

one year, Shi Tiesheng participated in writing TV plays.

making money in this way is faster than writing literary works.

but in those days, many people thought that writers should not write for money.

one critic even wrote an article criticizing Shi Tiesheng:

"how can you cater to business culture in order to make money!" You are the Shi Tiesheng who wrote me and The Temple of Earth.

Shi Tiesheng replied, "I, Shi Tiesheng, is also a human being, and I want to live."

one sentence expresses the helplessness of adults.

making money is not only the strength of life, but also the instinct of survival.

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under the epidemic, many industries are facing crisis.

in the tourism industry, tour guides have no income, so they simply change to become sales and waiters.

in the training industry, New Oriental closed its important business and lost nearly 200 billion of its market value, while Yu Minhong began to do live streaming to survive in the gap.

people without umbrellas must run hard in times of wind and rain.

who doesn't want to be naive all the time? Only if someone holds up an umbrella for you.

there is a classic line in the movie Sewing Machine Band:

"money can save lives, but ideals and love cannot."

money is not everything, but you can't do it without it.

when you are sick, you don't have to borrow money to see a doctor, buy your own clothes you like, and spend your own money if you want to travel.

if one wants to live a decent life, hypocrisy is useless, and making money is the key.


when it's time to talk about money, don't be cowardly

"good bosses talk to you about money, not about ideals, dreams, or feelings."

when I first graduated, I managed to find a job and didn't talk to my boss about salary.

at that time, I was a rookie. I always thought that if I worked hard, the leader would see it in my eyes.

however, I began to feel that something was wrong.

for example, I am not always on the list of salary increases and promotions, and my colleagues of the same age have already earned twice as much as me.

but my salary has not gone up. Apart from the rent and board every month, I can't save money at all, and my life is very tight.

later, my sister said to me:

"the biggest thing the boss can say to you is a raise in salary." Don't be cowardly when it's time to talk about money, because that's what you deserve in return. "

after hearing this, I know that all the benefits in the workplace are earned by myself.

your low profile will not attract the high opinion of the boss.

as the old saying goes, a child who can cry has milk to eat.

people who talk about money live a lot of life, and people who talk about love are always black and blue.

you can be ambitious and take the initiative to talk about money, which is not hurting feelings, but represents your ambition.

there is a saying on the Internet: don't talk to me about ideals, my ideal is to earn money to support my family.

money, you can judge whether a job is worth doing or whether a relationship is worth paying.

in the adult world, talk about money when it's time to talk about it.


saving money is a person's best self-discipline

Feng Tang, a writer and business manager, said:

"for families, monthly income and expenditure should be balanced and live within their means. It's best to have some savings to fend off unknown risks. "

Ning Hao, the director of Crazy Stone, once had a very poor life.

he went to Beijing alone at the age of 20 and worked as a bicycle assembler in order to make money.

when he was in college, Ning Hao set up a stall in Wangfujing to draw pictures and met his present wife, Xing Aina.

after they got married, they were very short of money, so they shared a mouthful of steamed bread with each other; without heating, they took a sip of Erguotou to keep warm.

under this frugality, the couple slowly saved their first bucket of gold.

Ning Hao used the 150000 yuan saved as the start-up money to make the first movie "incense" in his life.

finally, incense won the award for best feature film at the Tokyo Ginza Film Festival, which made Ning Hao's directing career further and further.

"being poor is not terrible. The poorer you are, the more you have to take the initiative to save money and change the status quo. "

saving money is often an opportunity to change your fate.

the Nature of Poverty tells a true story:

there is an area where people are very poor, and public welfare organizations give them monthly relief funds.

I thought that with the aid, the poor would be able to get out of trouble.

as a result, many poor people spend all their money every month, eating expensive buffets, buying luxury goods, entertainment, and so on.