Make people comfortable, is a kind of charm (never tired of reading)

/June 2022

it has been said:

even after many ups and downs, it will not change its open-minded mind and broad state of mind;

even in the face of many difficulties, it will not change its tolerant nature and sincerity of others.

to be comfortable is not to lower your bottom line to meet the needs of others, but to be able to take care of others' emotions, considerate and considerate from the bottom of your heart.

people who are comfortable can always bring warmth and love to others, let themselves gain admiration and appreciation, and virtually show their charm incisively and vividly.


the more educated people are, the more comfortable they are.

I have seen such a story: a mother asked her daughter to hand over the scissors while cutting clothes, and her daughter casually handed them over and stabbed her mother with the tip of the knife.

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the mother said to her daughter:

in many cases, upbringing is reflected in ordinary trifles, and has nothing to do with education or talent.

upbringing is not only a sincere speech, an act of self-discipline, but also a person's inner moral cultivation and cultural heritage.

the message of Youth says:

I think so.

people who are really educated can always put themselves in other people's shoes and think about problems and give considerate care to others.

A truly educated person always leaves room for others to retreat, silent respect, and will not embarrass others.

the sense of tolerance and the measure of treating others are the embodiment of upbringing. So: the more educated people are, the more comfortable they are.


it is the top charm of personality

it is not a deliberate pretentious speech, nor is it a duplicitous consideration and concern, nor is it a false face in order to seek benefits.

the real comfort is to take care of each other's emotions from the bottom of your heart, not to embarrass each other, to worry about everything, and to respect each other all the time.

but there is always a group of people in life who know other people's shortcomings and want to shout all over the world and put their happiness above other people's sufferings. To put it bluntly, such people have only themselves and no one else in their hearts, and over time they can only be alone and accept the disdainful eyes and resentful expressions of the people around them. In fact, each of us is eager to be treated gently, but as long as we make people comfortable first, we will reap each other's love and warmth.

there is such a sentence in Caigen Tan:

Life is not a fight, there is no need to compete. When we care more about each other and care more about each other, we can find out the truth about each other from the indifferent crowd.

when we make it our instinct to be comfortable with others, we can easily open the hearts of all people.


make others comfortable

haggle with heart

, naturally can not see others good, treat others without tolerance measure;

inner modesty, naturally look at people everything goes well, treat people smoothly and comfortably.

then how to treat people comfortably?

I often think about people's kindness

the emotions between people are mutual. I give you a bowl of water and you will give me a cool summer.

be grateful to all the people who have appeared in our lives, for they have enriched our time and made us have unlimited hopes for the future.

learn to appreciate

A person who can really appreciate each other's advantages must be humble, generous and broad-minded.

when we learn to appreciate others, we will naturally reap the appreciation and appreciation of ourselves.

compare your heart to heart

some people say that it is caring to feel the difficulties of others; it is not easy to be considerate of others; and it is magnanimous to forgive other people's mistakes.

when we understand that only sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity, it is no longer difficult to be comfortable and considerate to others. Making people comfortable is not only a great ability, but also a person's top self-cultivation. Everyone in the world deserves to be treated gently.