Lower yourself! (profound)

/October 2022

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the earth becomes the sea, the man becomes king; the saint is nameless, and the great is invisible."

in life, only when the position is low enough can we gather water into the sea, know how to lower ourselves, and convince others to be king.

since ancient times, people who are really powerful are all humble and quiet. They never show off and show off their achievements easily. They just accumulate energy silently and wait for the light to shine.


lower your identity

there is a saying in Chapter 27 of the Book of morality: "good deeds have no tracks, and good words have no relegation."

those who are good at walking will not leave too many footprints; those who are good at talking will not leave any discomfort to others in words.

modesty is the foundation of self-cultivation. No matter where you are, you must know how to understand and respect others, be sharp but not exposed, stay high without self-reliance, and leave others a sense of superiority

in the late Qing Dynasty. Li Hongzhang once went to Nanjing on business, passed by his hometown and went to visit his mentor Xu Ziling.

as soon as he arrived at the residence of his teacher in Xufu, the guards saw that Li Hongzhang was dressed in official clothes and dignified and extraordinary, so he was in a hurry to report.

Li Hongzhang hurriedly stopped the guard and asked him to postpone reporting whether he could borrow his ordinary clothes first.

others do not understand: "Why not wear this suit?"

Li Hongzhang said: "wearing this official suit to see my teacher, showing my noble status, it will certainly make the teacher feel uncomfortable and under pressure, and change into a general wardrobe, which will make the teacher comfortable and will not create estrangement."

A truly humble person, even if he has made extraordinary achievements, still pays attention to his own self-cultivation in dealing with the world, occupies a high position without arrogance, knows how to think of others, and gives people a sense of spring breeze.

to just do things is a kind of ability, courage and courage; to show people a kind of wisdom, self-cultivation and grace.

Wang Yangming once said, "A thousand sins and all evils come from pride."

complacency is the root of all evil. To be in awe, modesty and prudence are the long-term solution.

modesty is a kind of self-cultivation. Even if you are successful, you should remember to lower your identity, learn to respect others, save face to others, and leave room for yourself.


keep a low mindset

Lin Zexu once said: "it is useless to be arrogant and knowledgeable."

it is no good for people who are arrogant and do things their own way, even if they are knowledgeable and knowledgeable.

A swaggering person cannot have an open mind to accommodate all things, and can only be successful if he maintains an open-minded and studious attitude.

there is such a short story:

in ancient times, a man with good academic attainments heard that there was an old Zen master with profound Buddhist skills in the temple on the mountain, so he went to ask for advice.

when the old Zen master's apprentice entertained him, his attitude was very arrogant and overbearing.

later, the old Zen master received him politely and made him tea.

but when the tea was poured, it was obvious that the cup was full and began to overflow, and the old Zen master kept pouring.

he was puzzled and asked, "Master, the cup is full, why pour it in?"

the master smiled and replied, "Yes, since it's full, why do you want to fall down?"

in fact, another meaning of the old Zen master is: "if you already think you are very learned, there is no need to come to me for advice."

the newcomer was ashamed and hastened to apologize.

be not arrogant and impatient, empty your heart, let go of the glory of the past, and unload unnecessary things in order to accommodate new things.

as the saying goes, "he who does not know is fearless, but he who knows is deeply afraid."

ignorance is not terrible, but arrogance is terrible. I think I know everything, but I don't know that what I know is only the tip of the iceberg.

just like a frog in a well, draw a circle on the ground as a prison, fixed and self-styled, self-righteous and complacent.

on the contrary, the more a person knows, the more knowledgeable he is, and the more modest he is, because he knows that there are people outside the world.

the sparrow flies up the branches and twitters constantly, but the eagle spreads its wings to heaven, but it is silent.

my life also has a limit, and knowledge is also boundless. Only by maintaining an empty cup mentality and improving my cognitive level can I learn more and gain more.


keep a low profile

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "A little impatience leads to a big plan."

put up with calm for a while, take a step back, and don't undermine long-term interests on impulse.

when you are at a disadvantage, learn to endure humiliation, size up the situation, save energy, and wait for the time to make a comeback.

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during the period of the three Kingdoms, Wei Mingdi died, and Sima Yi and Cao Shuang assisted the government together.

at first, Cao Shuang was very respectful to Sima Yi.

but for a long time, Cao Shuang felt resentful and tried to crowd out Sima Yi. In the court, he asked Cao Fang, the master of Wei, to make Sima Yi a Taifu.

seems to be promoted to rank, but in fact it deprives Sima Yi of his military power.

after that, the military power of the State of Wei was controlled by Cao Shuang alone.

Sima Yi did not have a direct confrontation with Cao Shuang. in order to preserve his strength for the time being, he lied about going home sick to recuperate.

Cao Shuang heard that Sima Yi was seriously ill, which was exactly what he wanted. He drank happily every day, but he was not at ease. Fearing that Sima Yi pretended to be ill, he took advantage of the opportunity that his confidant Li Sheng went out and ordered him to find out the truth under the pretext of saying good-bye.

Sima Yi understood Li Sheng's intention and actively cooperated with him to pretend to be confused.

after Li Sheng reported the situation, Cao Shuang was very happy and said, "Sima Yi can no longer play a role, so I'll rest easy!"

later, Cao Shuang let his guard down and Sima YijiaTight planning, while Cao Shuang unprepared to launch a mutiny, killed Cao Shuang and his henchmen, monopolizing the power of the Korean Central Government.

as the saying goes, "the strong show weakness, while the weak overexert themselves."

the really strong know how to show weakness, and the weak will overexert themselves and do things that are not sure.

A man can bend and stretch, bend is a temporary tolerance, stretch is the release of energy, retreat into progress, can reverse the situation.

showing weakness is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom as if foolish, and keeping a low profile is not to belittle yourself, but an expression of inner maturity and a great knowledge of dealing with others.


only when you are in a low position can you see clearly all kinds of things in the world and keep a low profile in order to elevate your life.

if you lower your identity and respect others, you will also be supported by others and achieve win-win results.

lower your mindset, seek advice with an open mind, constantly surpass yourself, and become a better self.

keep a low profile, know how to be clumsy in the Tibetan front, improve the pattern and ideological dimension, and achieve a better future!

when you learn to lower yourself, good luck will follow you, and the world will be wonderful because of you.