"Little willing" Jiang Xin cried in public, and Zhang Guo was forced to bow his head:

/August 2022

the TV series "Xiao she de" is getting better and better, especially when Jiang Xin apologized in public and went on a hot search, which poked countless parents' hearts.

"mothers can endure hardships, sufferings and grievances by themselves, but they just can't hear others say that their children are not at all wrong."

"who hasn't been a little arrogant before becoming a parent?"

"if it wasn't for the children, who would want to fight for their lives in a hurry?"

"son, he doesn't know anything. He is forced by his mother, endure, and get the score bit by bit. If it falls into the hands of a mother like me, then I am sorry to the child anyway."

the mother played by Jiang Xin apologizes to the cram school teacher in public in order to win a gold medal class place for her child.

is not so much an apology as a complaint or request.

before that, she did everything she could to win the place: begging acquaintances to plead, spending money to sponsor cram schools, and even secretly stuffing red envelopes to teachers and pleading with smiling faces.

but nothing works.

the child's grades are not top enough, and she still has a problem with the gold medal class teacher.

later, after several twists and turns, the teacher reluctantly agreed to admit the child under pressure from all sides, but on one condition:

Jiang Xin had to apologize to him in front of all the teachers and parents.

of course she is reluctant, but who makes the child need him? Who wants something from others?

obviously she is full of grievances and discontent, but she is just a humble parent in front of her children's education.

as long as you are good to your children, your identity, face, and feelings don't matter.

as she said in the play:

We parents will do anything for the sake of our children.


whoever holds the future of the child

holds the lifeline of the parents

Zang Hongfei once said: "as parents, we can be humble in the dust for the sake of our children."

what is an apology in public?

it doesn't matter if you are pointed at the nose, or even worse, as long as you are kind to the child.

the father played by Tong Dawei in the play is a well-known designer, and the client asks him to design the manuscript by name depends on his mood.

but when it comes to children, no matter whether you are an industry leader or a celebrity, you have to stand aside.

his daughter also needs a training place. He asks the client for help. The client carries a gun with a stick every word, and even carries a "knife":

he is very embarrassed, but the client makes up for him: "this man, sometimes he has too much self-esteem, is it not a good thing?"

he swallowed his discontent to talk about his child, and as soon as he heard that the client could solve it, he smiled with delight, and even if the client's next request made him lose his appetite, he agreed with disgust.

Cai Kangyong once said, "Children are hostages of parents and the world."

whoever holds the future of the child will grasp the fate of the parents.

parents will do anything for the sake of their children, no matter how humble they are.

saw a small video in which a mother asked an admissions coordinator to send her child to a prestigious university.

it wasn't that easy to deal with, and it was even more difficult when there was some old feud between the two.

Mom was so helpless that she fell to her knees with a splash and begged for help in tears.

the Coordinator took the opportunity to make a more exorbitant request, which she answered firmly after a little hesitation, and then thanked the Coordinator for his help.

pity the hearts of parents all over the world!

as long as we are good to our children, we are willing to put down all our self-esteem and pride and grovel.

as long as it is good for the children, whenever there is a little hope, we will do everything we can to try.

when we become parents, our children are our biggest weakness.


Chinese parents are most afraid of holding their children back.

"Xiao Shade" also has a family. The father runs a snack bar, the mother works as a babysitter, and the mother is in financial straits. the mother is not willing to ride the electric car when she goes to work and pedals the bike.

but their daughter Mi Tao was very popular and came back first in the exam.

the teacher of the gold medal class also praised the child's high IQ, which is a rare and good child.

A good girl can't be wasted. The teacher has advanced the registration fee for the training course for the children, but they have to bear the tuition fee of five or six thousand a year.

there is really no extra money at home to pay for the children's tuition.

but the hearts of parents are all the same, no matter how hard they are, they don't want to hold their children back.

as long as the child can become a talent, this not-so-rich family will risk everything:

Dad decided to take care of the store while doing a part-time job to make money.

It is without a doubt that homecoming court dresses are fundamental requirement in all affairs. Here are best discounts and choices!

some people say that our present group of parents are the parents who care most about their children's education and are most willing to endure hardships for their children.

although there is a lot of pressure, the pressure of working hard for children never feels bitter.

parents are not afraid of hardship or tiredness, but are afraid of tiring their children.

I remember that there is also a low-income family in "growing up with you". The robot that children like can only be obtained by signing up for a robot training course.

but the tuition is so expensive that even if there is an activity promotion, it costs 380 yuan for a class, which is far more than my mother can afford.

other people's children can speak French, dance ballet and play the piano at an early age because their parents are willing to spend money on training.

while her child is so smart, she didn't learn anything because she followed her incompetent self.The feeling of being a mother is very bad.

in order to send her children to her favorite robot training class, she found a part-time delivery job, working during the day and delivering takeout at night.

how can her emaciated body bear it?

but she doesn't find it hard at all. As long as she can complete the child, she is willing to work eight jobs.

when we become parents, our children are also our hardest armor.

before marriage, one person has enough to eat and the whole family is not hungry, it doesn't matter how much money he earns.

but once we become parents, we are not afraid no matter how hard it is, just because the children behind us are looking forward to it and there is no room for us to be lazy.

I saw a documentary in which a young mother became a freight driver and ran freight with her daughter for several years.

how hard the freight line is!

every time I leave the car, there are as few as dozens of pieces to thousands more. Loading and unloading depends on her, a weak woman, moving around.

not to mention driving on the road for more than ten hours every day, always with a high degree of caution.

is it tiring to spell like this?

of course she is tired, but as long as she can save enough money to send her daughter to the school of her choice and will not work so hard to make a living as she does in the future, she thinks it is worth it.

she has suffered from being uneducated herself, so she can no longer lose money to her children.

when I was a child, I often heard my parents say: as long as you study hard, your parents smash pots and sell iron for you to go to school.

it sounded heavy at that time, but when we became parents, we finally realized that we are also willing to do our best as long as it is good for and useful to our children.

We are willing to bear all the ups and downs in the world as long as it is for the children.

lest a carelessness will delay the child, injure the child, and drag the child down.


your efforts

Children actually see in their eyes

after being parents, we always experience all kinds of sad difficulties, and sometimes we inevitably feel that we have treated our children badly and snubbed them, thus blaming ourselves and feeling sad.

but in fact, children can see what we give.

I think of a mother in Juvenile Shuo. After giving birth, it is inconvenient for her to go to work and make a living by setting up a stall. She is tired, hard and unrespectable, and she is very self-abased.

but the child said, "I have never felt that my mother's work is not decent. On the contrary, I think she is very hard and powerful."

because of his mother, she carried two super-heavy baskets to find a place to set up a stall in summer, and her arms were sunburned at the end of the day. In winter, her mother drank one or two spirits every morning to keep warm and resist the cold.

how can you dislike such a hard-working mother when it's too late for her child to be distressed?

the mother sometimes quarreled with him and blamed herself for quarrelling, feeling that she was a failed mother because she did not educate her child well and set a good example for her child.

the child confessed his love to his mother loudly in front of the whole school:

"Mom! I think you're excellent.

you have been fighting for me, for this family, from setting up a stall until now, just to tell me that persistence will always pay off.

I have never hated you, nor can I dislike you. You are the most successful mother! "

the words of the child made the mother cry several times.

she finally let go of her inferiority complex and recognized herself.

writer Dostoevsky said:

our child may not be naughty, capricious, and his grades are not so good, but he knows better than anyone that his parents are good for him.

Mi Tao in the play, her mother told her to say whatever she needed and didn't want her to be any worse than other children.

Mi Tao said cleverly, "I think it's very good now. It's very good to be with Mom and Dad!"

the child's world is that simple.

as long as his parents accompany him and give him love and warmth, he will be very happy.

there is no need for parents to grovel, nor do they need parents to smash pots and sell iron, still less do they need parents to pinch and mess with themselves.

what in the world is more heartwarming than a child's understanding?

maybe raising children is much more difficult than it used to be. We are tired, but we are not alone.

because children are the biggest surprise and warmest cure that God has given us.


some people say that this year's parents are too difficult to be parents. They should have enough energy to help with their homework and enough money to attend outside classes.

any parent will inevitably be powerless and helpless.

but we are always trying our best to do better and try our best to achieve our children.

because of this, parents should learn to "let go" more to themselves:

if you think you are too tired to work for the school district room, you might as well pause; if you think your child's grades are too anxious, you might as well look up at the sun and the moon.

believe that our children understand their parents better than anyone else.

they feel sorry for their parents' painstaking efforts and are grateful for their parents' hard lifting.

Today, I also want to pay tribute to those parents who don't care what they give or return. Your efforts must be worth it.

I also wish that those children whose parents have worked so hard to cultivate them will eventually win a good future.