Life, what do you want (profound)

/July 2022

what does it mean to understand yourself?

I think it's all about knowing what's on your mind and finding the right direction in life.

only when you know what you really want, will you not be blinded by desire;

only by seeing clearly where you want to go, will you not be trapped by difficulties and unhappy.

as the saying goes, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise".

to be a man, only when you understand yourself can you know what you want in life.


do not seek innumerable wealth, but do not worry about food and clothing

some people say: "money is everything."

this is true, ranging from buying a house to seeing a doctor, to dressing and eating, everything is inseparable from the word "money".

it can be said that money is the greatest strength for a person to exist in the world.

We work so hard all our lives just to change our circumstances and live a better life.

but don't take money too seriously. the more you care, the more nervous you will be; the more you want it, the more you will suffer.

as the saying goes, sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

more money and less money, as long as it's enough!

if you are afraid and work hard for money all day long, it is not happiness, it is just adding burden to your life for nothing.

I have seen such a fable.

once upon a time there was a miser who, after working and accumulating for most of his life, finally saved thirty thousand gold coins.

just when he was ready to use this wealth to enjoy life, he did not expect death to come to him and take him away.

the miser was not reconciled to it. he tried every means and words, but still could not change death.

the miser said, "just give me two days. In two days, I'll give you my twenty thousand gold coins."

death still refuses.

even the miser asked for only one day and handed over all the gold coins, but death still did not give in.

finally, the miser had to beg: "well, please give me some time to write a few words."

unexpectedly, death finally agreed.

so the miser wrote tearfully:

in a short life, there are no more than 30,000 days.

Life is very short, and the least worthwhile thing is to destroy your health and lose your health in order to make money.

as long as you are safe, you will not envy no matter how rich you are; as long as you get old slowly, Jinshan and Yinshan will not be exchanged.

Life, enjoy a neither salty nor light;

days, live a kind of leisurely.

in life, as long as you don't worry about food and clothing, it is the greatest blessing.


do not ask for a full seat, but only a bosom friend two or three

there is an old Chinese saying: "although there are brothers, they are not as good as friends."

A lasting dignity and a lovely tailoring elucidate our black dress short hoco. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

it is one of the great joys of life to be able to walk with friends and have fun with wine.

in the world of mortals, there are not many friends who can really take you to heart.

bosom friends are often met but not sought.

just like the famous painter Picasso, he has been famous all his life, but few people really treat him with all his heart.

although there is no shortage of relatives and friends around him, he knows very well that those people are all after his paintings.

over these paintings, friends quarrel constantly and even fight in front of him.

Picasso was so distressed by this that there was no one around him who could talk or chat.

even if he is rich, he still can't buy affection and friendship.

at the age of 90, Picasso considered that he might die at any time. In order to protect the integrity of his painting, Picasso hired an installer to install an anti-theft net on his doors and windows.

in this way, the installer Guinek appeared in Picasso's life.

Genek, who is honest and frank, does not have much culture and does not understand Picasso's paintings, which are almost worthless in his eyes.

but he chatted with Picasso during the rest every day.

it was this aimless communication that swept away Picasso's previous depression, and he finally found someone to talk to.

in front of Genek, Picasso completely laid down his burden and lost the veil that wrapped himself.

he talked to Genek like a child, and when he was happy, he danced.

during that time, it was his greatest pleasure to be able to talk and laugh with Genek.

as the saying goes, different ways do not conspire with each other.

Life is in a hurry, in fact, there is no need to worry about everyone, let alone invite everyone into their own life.

the more important thing is to make yourself happy than to make others happy.

Friends have never been a symbol of popularity. Only when you have the right circle can you smile a lot.

therefore, you don't need too many friends for the rest of your life. Like-minded is the best!


ask not for a big house, but for a warm family

people often say, "Home is a warm harbor, no matter how far the boat is, it will land here."

as long as you have a home, everything is fine!

whether it is rich or not, warmth is the most important; whether it is luxurious or not, the family is all right.

how many seemingly luxurious houses are so full of intrigue that they are tired of staying for an extra day.

how many humble rooms, full of love and warmth, come in and don't want to leave.

therefore, the house is not too big, it is enough.

the greatest happiness is that the whole family is harmonious and happy, the wife and son are filial, and the husband is obedient and father is kind.

just like the hit drama "in the name of the Family" some time ago, with three children and two fathers, five people squeezed into a small house of less than 100 square meters, but made people cry warmly.

Brother and sister support each other as they grow up, and dads try their best to irrigate them with love.

A table full of delicious food, smiling faces and kind eyes pulled everyone out of the mud of despair, and from then on, they were warm to each other.

so what is happiness?

Happiness is the family on the side, talking and laughing.

No matter how big the house is and how much money you have, if your spirit is always empty, how is it different from a canary in a cage?

as Miao Jinxiu said in divorce lawyer:

"many people envy my life and say that I am the happiest woman in the world." Yeah! I have money in the bank, several houses in the metropolis and high-end cars to drive.

however, am I happy?

I seem to lack everything to outsiders, but what I lack is the most important, because I don't have a complete home and a husband who loves me. What I have is not what I want. "

Don't forget at any time that only the fireworks of the world can touch the hearts of mortals.

what do you want in life in the end?

I think what I ask for is peace of mind and insipidity.

when you are sad, you have family to accompany you to dinner;

when you are lonely, you have friends to chat with you;

when you are sad, you have a lover to join hands with you.

if it can be so, even if the years are desolate, happiness will not be separated.

the sun and the moon rotate, and life is short. May you and I understand this as soon as possible, and be happier and happier day by day.