Life is not long, to associate with people with good character!

/July 2022

the heart is separated by the belly, and there is inconsistency between the inside and the outside.

so whether it is making friends or falling in love,

should observe carefully and learn more.

can't be blinded by the surface.

better believe his character than his oath.

talk about relationships and make friends, and only choose people with good character.


people with good character

if you want to know whether everyone is good or not,

depends on whether he is kind and reliable.

A person who is honest and reliable,

has principles in doing things, has a bottom line in being a man,

has an explanation for everything, and has a reason for everything.

there is no fancy bowels, and he will not be perfunctory.

I feel most at ease to get along with such a person.


people with good character, people with good character

people with good character

treat others sincerely,

will never do harm or deception for the sake of money and money.

they would rather be defeated than be defeated.

they would rather be hurt than hurt.

it is most reassuring to associate with them.


people with good character, those who know how to be grateful

people with good character,

always look at the benefits of others and remember the kindness of others.

No matter how beautiful they are now,

will not forget those who helped him.

double your return to those who have helped you.

won't take your efforts for granted.

it is most comfortable to travel with such a person.


people with good character, filial piety to their parents

first filial piety,

A person who does not honor his parents,

must be a person with bad character.

only those who show filial piety to their parents will not forget their roots, have love in their hearts, and be kind to others, which is worthy of deep acquaintance.


people with good character

people with good character

keep their promises,

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keep their promises, and

keep their promises.

what you promise to others must be done.

what you have said must be true.

if you have borrowed money from others, you will return it as scheduled.

will never boast perfunctory, deceive people,

with such people,

need not be careful, easy and not tired.

how short is one's life?

there is no need to waste your energy and time for people who are not worth it.

whether it's making friends or falling in love,

first look at character, only character.

only those with good character

can lead you to the right path and be truly responsible to you.

so, no matter when

chooses to be with people with good character,

will never regret it and will go well for the rest of his life!