Life is like a game.

/June 2022

Life is like a new chess game, those who enter the game need to pay attention.

people have gains and losses, and games win or lose.

when you play chess, you play a state of mind.

because you are never playing chess against one person, you have only one opponent, and that is life.

there is no distinction between high and low on the chessboard. I will do my duty and take every step solidly, even if I am humble, I must not be humble, be a spiritual aristocrat, and be a noble person.

on the day when fate comes to an end, tell myself: I have lived a life with no regrets.


when I read this passage when I was young, I felt that the master's words were too weak, but the older I got, the more I could feel the wisdom of these words.

when you argue about a topic with others, you lose face, lose face, get angry and hurt yourself;

you win, you seem happy, but you actually lose a friend, or even bury a curse, and lose in the end.

do not compete with laity for profit or idleness.

Let yourself be calm and inactive, tolerant of water and calm of mountains.


gain and loss

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have you ever heard a story?

in the desert, someone was carrying a bag and picking up things while walking.

picked up a lot of gold and gems along the way, but the bag was getting heavier and heavier, and finally he was tired.

the oasis is not far away, but he doesn't have the strength to walk over it.

most of the time, life is like a bag. The more you put it in it, the heavier you carry it.

learn to put down some unnecessary things, do not care too much about gains and losses, everything goes with fate, let nature take its course, in order to maintain a normal mind.

Life is a process of constant gain and loss, so we should take it calmly and let our gains and losses go hand in hand.



recently, the Huawei incident has become so noisy that it occupies the hot search list almost every day.

Huawei's strength has always been at the cutting edge of the times, and such a strong strength makes its opponents feel uneasy.

the United States has unreasonably suppressed it, and many international giants have stopped doing business with Huawei under pressure, so that Huawei is facing unprecedented challenges.

in an interview broadcast on CCTV News "face to face", Ren Zhengfei said Huawei is currently at its best. Huawei will guarantee at least 20% growth this year.

it is precisely under the pressure of the huge global siege that Huawei supporters all over China have a strong patriotic complex.

Huawei has become a sonorous and powerful enterprise representative of China in the world.

as the ancients said, "interests give rise to each other".

everything in the world is both good and bad, and there is good in the bad. The real big pattern is to be able to see the evil in the interests in advance and the good in the disasters.


the situation between rich and poor

has heard such an interesting fable.

God has a scale, which specially weighs the weight of character.

A poor man came and jumped onto the balance naked, weighing much more than the weight.

God praised and said, "good!" It's top grade. "

A rich man came over. He was afraid that he would be listed as inferior if he was not heavy enough, so he wrapped a thick gold belt around his waist and confidently went to the balance to weigh it.

but God shook his head and said, "it's inferior."

the rich man was so angry that he said to God, "this balance is not right!"

God said:

"my balance is not rich or poor, but character. If nothing else, the poor man's bones are much heavier than yours.

apart from gold, your bones are so light that they hardly carry any weight! "

what is the most valuable thing in a person's life?

Wealth will disperse, appearance will change, power will be lost, and only good character will never decay.

by keeping your character, you will keep your greatest wealth and the highest height of your life.


the situation of joys and sorrows

Cang Yang Jiatuo said:

"what kind of person you want to be and what kind of world you expect is determined by your heart.

Life is a spiritual practice, joys and sorrows are all in the state of mind, and everything is the best arrangement."

whether we are bitter or happy in life mainly depends on our state of mind.

Happiness obtained in a joyful atmosphere is not true happiness;

being able to maintain a happy mood in hard times is the true state of happiness in human nature.

he who can rejoice in bitterness can understand the true meaning of happiness.

"sometimes go to the end of the water to seek the source and flow, and sometimes sit and watch the ever-changing rising clouds." those who can find happiness when they are exhausted are the ones who are really free and easy and wise.


the situation of life and death

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

insomnia, disease, aging, these forerunners of death often line up and come fiercely.

the smartest thing to do in the face of such a situation is to live happily.

Qigong, the master of calligraphy and painting, often had insomnia for some time. He had an idea, took out a pencil, held up a paper draft, and simply lay on the bed to write a poem.

Poems follow the spring grass, rising green waves at night. Because he couldn't sleep, he asked me what I thought. Write hastily on the pillow and write in front of the lamp. The south of the sword is full of ten thousand songs, but I don't sleep much if I want to.

I can write so many poems with insomnia. Oh, my God, you just want me to sleep more, and I don't want to give up!

in old age, it is hard to avoid some illness.

however, Qigong is not only not afraid of disease, but also not afraid of death. At the age of 66, he wrote his own epitaph:

the ruthless god of death. Seeing such a humorous person, he laughed, and then couldn't bear to do it.

this release is Yangshou in the past 30 years.

instead of worrying about when death will come, it is better to be open-minded, humorous and happy.

in this way, the disease escapes and the god of death is put off.

Life is like a game. Everyone has his own unique journey of life. As long as you have a sense of mind and never give up easily, your beauty will bloom eventually.

Spring goes to the summer party, and autumn to winter is also wonderful.

finally, I present a poem by Mr. Qigong to you:

Why complain all over?

laughter is the only way to make fun of yourself.

Life is rarely confused.

Multicular fury, eyebrows open.