Let you, not owe you; put up with you, not afraid of you! (every sentence goes to the bone)

/June 2022


tolerate you, not because of fear of you, but because of kindness;

let you, not owe you, but because of magnanimity.

some people take your forbearance as it should; some people take your magnanimity as it deserves.

not all concessions can be praised, not all tolerance can be exchanged for truth.

those who always suffer losses know in their hearts that those who will give in are not confused.

another meaning behind tolerance is grievance. In order to satisfy other people's selfish desires, hide your tears and force your smile.

patience, easy to look, too difficult to do, make the right person, worth it, make the wrong person sad.

Don't take a person's patience as due. No one in the world treats you unconditionally except your parents.

some people treat you because they care; some people smile at you because of interests.

whoever is true or false knows in his heart; whoever tolerates who gives way, don't hurt him.


Don't take my patience as it should.

I'm not afraid of you, I don't owe you anything, I don't want you anything, I just don't want to worry too much and live too hard.

it is my magnanimity to make concessions again and again; to be conceded again and again is your greed.

I don't cost you a penny. I don't need a stitch. Please don't put your nose on your face and think of yourself as bigger than the sky.

tolerance, there is a bottom line; tolerance, the most pitiful.

be patient, always let yourself be wronged and amuse others.

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if you can't be grateful for your forbearance, if your tolerance is not cherished,

then, please stop being wronged, show yourself once, and strive to make others sour.