Learn to treat yourself (this article is priceless)

/September 2022

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

A person who can understand and know others is called wisdom. if he can really understand and know himself, that is true wisdom.

but there are often such people in life who regard themselves as saints and will only find fault with others when they encounter problems without self-reflection.

to understand that all living beings are equal, learn to find reasons for everything from their own, learn to see a doctor for themselves, this is a person's real self-cultivation.


be good at finding your own "faults"

Zuo Zhuan says: "if a man is not a sage, there is no fault."

tells us that everyone is not perfect and that mistakes are inevitable in daily life.

if you make a mistake and correct it in time, so much the better.

therefore, we should be good at finding our own "faults".

Zeng Guofan has a younger brother named Zeng Guohua, who is talented, but the road to imperial examinations is very bumpy.

he failed to be admitted to the scholar many times, but in desperation, he thought of taking a shortcut.

I spent money on a Guozi supervisor student, thinking that in this way I could pass the scholar and pass the examination directly.

the result is still a failure.

after learning that he had failed in the list, Zeng Guohua began to complain endlessly. Complain about his untimely life and unjust fate, and complain that his brother Zeng Guofan does not "take care of him."

blame his wife for not being strict with him and neglecting his studies. There is even the idea of giving up scientific research.

when Zeng Guofan found out, he was so angry that he sent a letter to his younger brother.

warn him: "complain too much and be lazy."

Zeng Guofan believes that the failure of his own scientific research should not always be attributed to the external reasons of others, but learn to find the reasons from his own point of view.

Zeng Guofan failed six imperial examinations and succeeded for the seventh time.

but he never complained about other people's mistakes, but flipped through previous examination papers to sum up experience and deepen and consolidate his knowledge.

in the end, the imperial examination was successful, "moving seven times in ten years, leaping ten grades in a row" and becoming a generation of "perfect people".

the Analects of Confucius says: "A villain makes no mistakes, but a gentleman often passes."

when we encounter setbacks and difficulties, we should not complain about others, but should learn to reflect on ourselves and seek inward.

be good at finding "faults" in ourselves, so that we can overcome difficulties and strive to reach the other side of victory.


see the "illness" in his words and deeds

"benevolence in the Analects of Confucius" says: "A gentleman wants to be slow in words and sensitive in deeds."

Confucius told us to talk less, do more, and be cautious in words and deeds.

as the saying goes, "illness comes in from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth."

many people do not pay attention to their own words, always do not take into account the feelings of others, not only hurt others, but also cause trouble.

once upon a time, there was a young man in his 20s in the village who was smart, clever and good at doing things.

but there is a problem that he is open-mouthed and often hurts others.

others hate him very much, and they have been single and have not found a partner.

one day a wise man traveled to study here, and the young man made rude remarks and expelled him.

the wise man said, "I'll teach you a method, and after you learn it, the person you naturally like will appear."

the wise man asked him to hammer a nail in his tree every time he got angry, and the young man agreed to his request.

dozens of nails were made in the tree that day.

the young man looked at the tree full of nails, secretly remorseful and determined to get rid of his bad habits.

after that, there were fewer and fewer nails in the tree until there were no more nails in the tree for several days.

after knowing this, the wise man said to him, "if you haven't been angry all day, pull out a nail."

soon all the nails in the tree were pulled out.

the wise man pointed to the big tree and said to him:

"although all your nails have been pulled out, you see there are deep scars on the tree trunk."

what you say is like this nail, although it can be retrieved, but the injury can never be eliminated like this scar. "

as the saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

We should learn to control our emotions, see the "illness" in our words and deeds, correct it, and keep our blessings.


A man's best "doctor" will always be himself

"Mencius": "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when you encounter something that doesn't go well, learn to find a reason from yourself. You are the root of everything, and this is a person's greatest self-cultivation.

Cao Cao suffered from a head disease in his later years, but if he didn't, he would have a splitting headache.

when Hua Tuo was passing by on the day of his illness, Cao Pi asked him to see a doctor for Cao Cao.

after looking at it, Hua Tuo frowned and shook his head again and again, saying, "the prime minister has become ill from overwork for too long. He has gone deep into the bone marrow and needs a head cut before he can be treated."

what Hua Tuo said about cutting the head, that is, the operation now.

Cao Cao was very confused when he heard this. Hua Tuo explained it, but he didn't listen.

and suspected that Hua Tuo was in collusion with Guan Yu, so he killed him.

as a result, Cao Cao soon got worse and died.

relying on heaven and earth, it is better to rely on your parents than on your own.

the best doctor can only cure the stubborn diseases of our bodies. mental problems require us to open the door of our hearts and accept the people around us sincerely.

in life, the person who knows you best is himself, and the best "doctor" will always be himself.

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the ancients said, "I reflect on myself three times a day."

wish we could see ourselves.The problems on and correct them.

learn to reflect on yourself and constantly improve yourself, and the beauty that belongs to us will come unexpectedly.