Know the trade-off, advance and retreat, gain and loss

/October 2022

the best state of life is not perfection, but moderation.

A person's life, grasp these three degrees:

know the choice, can not be greedy;

know the advance and retreat, can not be confused;

know the gain and loss, can not be sad.


know whether to choose

Zhuangzi said, "the wren nests in the deep forest, but there is only one branch; the Yan mouse drinks the river, but its stomach is full."

the bird lives in the mountains, but occupies only one branch; the mole drinks the river, but only wants to eat.

born to be a human being, you don't need much:

despite good wine and good food, you can only eat three meals a day.

the Book of morality says: "five colors make people blind; five tones make people deaf, five tastes make people taste refreshing; gallop field hunting, make people crazy; rare goods, people do harm."

too many colors are dazzling, too many sounds are indistinguishable by ears, and too many smells are disordered;

hunting makes people crazy, and strange babies make people do whatever it takes to get them.

people are doomed to gain a lot and lose a lot in their lifetime.

what determines the quality of life is not what you gain, but what you give up.

those who live a clear life know that giving up is the only way to get it.


know the advance and retreat

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "Kang long, regret."

the dragon hovered above nine days and has reached the highest place.

it looks around at a loss, there is no way to enter, and it is reluctant to retreat, but it feels remorse.

the same is true of the rest of the world. They only know how to move forward, not how to retreat; they only know success, not failure.

persistent in everlasting prosperity, endless lust for fame and fortune.

but I don't know: people are not as good as a thousand days, and flowers are not as red as a hundred days.

only when you advance and when you retreat can you control your own destiny.

Fan Li assisted Gou Jian in destroying the State of Wu, but declined high officials and generous salaries.

but abandoned officials to go into business and went boating with Xishi on the West Lake.

Zeng Guofan pacified the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and was named the first-class brave Marquis

in the heyday of fame and power, he chose to disband the Hunan Army.

Zeng Guofan said: "when you are in good times, you often think about bad times, and when you go on the court, when you read off."

be a man with the courage to face up to difficulties, and don't forget to give yourself a way out.

there is a saying in Daojing: "success, fame, retirement, the way of heaven".

it is not only a kind of boldness, but also a kind of wisdom.

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knowing gains and losses

in life, there is always a cycle between gains and losses.

Zhuangzi said, "gain without delight, loss without sorrow, and impermanence of knowledge."

No matter how much wealth is, it is nothing but an external thing.

Life does not bring, death does not take away.

Don't be too happy when you get it, and don't be too sad when you lose it.

as the ancients said, "what you lose is what you gain."

Life does not become desolate because it is lost at once.

everything is conserved, and what you lose here will be found elsewhere.

some people want more because of greed;

ignore the present and lose everything they already have.

worry about gain and loss all day long, and the loss often outweighs the gain.

in ancient times, there was a young monk who raised orchids for Master.

the orchid is master's kind heart, and he urged the young monk to take good care of it.

the little monk dared not snub and took good care of it every day.

who knows that one day the wind blew hard and the orchid was broken by the wind.

the young monk went to master to take the punishment, but the old monk laughed it off.

he said, "when you have it, you have tried your best, but when you die, you don't have to worry about it."

gain is calm, loss is indifferent; gains and losses go with fate, you can feel at ease.