Know enough (very incisive)

/July 2022

Laozi said, "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous."

if you want to be safe and smooth in your life, you must first know how to be contented.

those who know how to be satisfied will not incur humiliation, knowing that enough is enough and will not be in danger.

as the saying goes, "those who are contented are always happy". Contentment is the only way for everyone to seek happiness.


the contented Wonderland, the discontented Wonderland

A scholar named Hong Yingming in the Ming Dynasty once said: "the contented person in Wonderland, the discontented person in the ordinary land."

facing the same life, contented people feel extremely comfortable and beautiful as in Wonderland.

discontented people can never get rid of the predicament of vulgarity and are dissatisfied with everything in front of them. Once there was a scholar looking everywhere for the happiest person in the world, but many people he met said he was unhappy.

one day, he walked up to a magnificent palace and thought that the people who lived there must be very happy.

he walked in excitedly, only to see a young man sitting on the hall, his face covered with dark clouds.

the scholar asked, "Why aren't you happy living in such a magnificent palace?"

the young man said, "how can I be happy when I am in panic and worry every day?"

the scholar was lost and returned, but on the way back, he heard a joyful song, and the scholar hurried forward.

but I was very happy to see a ragged man humming a song in his mouth.

the scholar asked, "are you the happiest person in the world?"

the man said, "whose life can be happier than mine?" I just had a good meal, and now I can keep warm by the fire. I can't be too happy. "

as the saying goes, "those who are contented are happy when they are poor and humble, and those who are not satisfied are also worried about their wealth."

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the contented will enjoy themselves even when they are poor and humble; the discontented will be full of sorrow even though they are full of clothes and food.

Happiness is never a pile of external conditions, but comes from your own heart. the more contented people are, the happier they will feel.

because the contented are rich, and the contented are the happiest and richest people in the world.


there is no perfect happiness in life, but contented happiness

as the old saying goes, "A man cannot be complete."

nothing in the world is perfect, just like our life, everything will not go well, and it will not go well for the rest of our lives.

God is fair, it will not concentrate all happiness on one person.

having money does not necessarily have health, love does not necessarily have money, and health does not necessarily get what you want.

to be a man, it is good to know how to be content, to face gains and losses calmly, and to be indifferent to losses.

although there is no perfect happiness in life, we can have contented happiness.

there is such a story: a king and his men went out on the sea, encountered wind and waves on the way, the ship shook constantly, and his men felt scared and began to cry.

the king was so angry that he let the wise man find a way to solve the problem. The wise man threw his man into the sea and then rescued him.

after all this, his men stayed quietly in the corner and never made a sound again.

the king was surprised, and the wise man said, "if you have experienced danger, you will know the value of happiness."

in life, many people are never satisfied when they have it, and do not know how to cherish it until they lose it.

you don't know the value of life until you lose your health, and you don't know the warmth of the harbor until you lose your family.

in fact, there is no unhappiness in life, only discontent.

know contentment, can have peace of mind; know contentment, can have the purest happiness.

be a man, be content, cherish every day, cherish every second, love life, and be grateful, because happiness comes from contentment!