It's your life when you go to bed! (very accurate)

/October 2022

Sleep affects our bodies.

Sleep determines our health.

adequate sleep, refreshing,

lack of sleep, malaise.

what time you go to bed is your fate.

those who don't go to bed early and always stay up late

are in poor health and energy, and

are doomed to be losers!


you don't stay up late, it's your life

A lot of people like to stay up late,

browse mobile phone TV dramas,

don't take early bed seriously.

once you become a habit and become addicted to sleeping late,

your body will protest.

dizziness, chest tightness and shortness of breath,

poor appetite, sore hands and feet,

even induce diseases in the body, which is life-threatening.

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some related studies have proved that

the mortality rate is the lowest when sleep time is between 6.5 and 7.4 hours, while those less than 4.5 hours or more than 9 hours will increase the mortality.

so never underestimate the harm of staying up late.

you stay up not late, but your life.

if you don't get rid of the bad habit of staying up late,

your body is sick and life-threatening.

your life will come to an end.


self-disciplined life, people who really discipline themselves from going to bed early,

all like to go to bed early and are accustomed to going to bed early.

regards sleep as very important.

they insist on going to bed early and pay attention to their health.

they can put down their cell phones before going to bed every night.

urge themselves to go to bed early.

such people,

never give themselves any chance to stay up late.

they cherish life and pay attention to their health.

they spend their time on worthwhile things.

keep full of energy,

take care of your body,

success is close to it.


people who are really good at sleep

know how to control sleep

A person with a high EQ is nothing, but a person with a high sleep quotient is the most enviable.

people with high sleep quotient,

regard sleep as self-restraint and practice.

can empty the brain while sleeping, and

will not affect sleep.

they are not easily disturbed by people and the outside world.

they can fall asleep soon, and the sleep quality is very good.

High sleep quotient is not born.

but by oneself.

turn off your cell phone before going to bed to create a quiet sleep environment for yourself;

will persist for a long time to develop a fixed schedule;

can clear your mind and let go of your troubles and stop thinking.

if you have nothing on your mind, you can get a good night's sleep.


sleep well, you win

sleep, which is the way to relieve fatigue, and

sleep is the cure for everything.

No matter what happens,

as long as you sleep, you can forget it.

have a good sleep,

let go of all unhappiness, relax physically and mentally,  eliminate all troubles and improve your mood in an instant.

sleep well, and you win.

keep 8 hours of sleep every day.

insist on going to bed early every night.

if you have enough sleep, you will be full of energy.

healthy body, life is exuberant!

everyone needs to sleep,

but may not be able to go to bed early.

staying up late is not responsible for yourself.

if you stay up late for a long time, your body will get sick.

so don't stay up all night.

have a good sleep, go to bed early,  keep healthy body,  keep plenty of energy,

you can easily deal with everything.

have a successful job and career,

live a happy life and life,

be blessed!