It's a big deal, it's a small thing, just keep an open mind.

/July 2022

when life is easy, everyone will be carefree; when life is bad, people always like to sigh.

nine times out of ten things go wrong in the world, so if you want to be easier and happier, you should try to control your emotions.

Life is so short that there is really no need to argue with others, let alone to embarrass yourself.

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looking back, the time that has passed is like lightning; looking up, the road ahead is not too far.

Life is only a hundred years. Seize the time of happiness and dispel the shadow of pain and sorrow.


A person's whole life, happiness is a day, worry is a day, joy is a day, anger is a day.

if you can't be happy every day, you must be sad for more than a year.

in our lives, we have to meet and get along with all kinds of people.

some of these people are noble, some are filthy, some are warm and generous, some are small-bellied, some are often selfish and arrogant.

No matter who you meet, you must be broad-minded and don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes, which will make you upset and sad.

when others are kind to you, don't forget to be grateful; don't take revenge on someone who has offended you.

relatives get together, friends share joys and sorrows, colleagues work together, if there is no magnanimity, if there is no magnanimity of tolerance, the result can only be anger damage the heart and lungs, anger damage the liver and intestines.


on the way of life, you go back and forth, each busy, just like a car and a car, hurrying past, each running to its own side.

in the vast sea of people, some pass by and meet again in the future, and some say goodbye forever, so why care too much about it? on the contrary, we should cherish fate and cherish each other's luck to meet each other.

Don't be too vain. Fame and fortune can only be glorious for a while, and power, money and treasure are all fleeting.

everyone comes naked without a penny at first, but in the end they go empty without a blade of grass. instead of fighting for power, it is better to be patient and let everyone like it.

when your greed is too strong, don't just compare with the rich and healthy people, think more about the poor, the sick and the disabled, so that you know who is suffering and who is happy.


you can smile and let go; see through, you can know contentment; you can see clearly, you can laugh it off; you can learn to put it down only when you look down; only when you look down, you can know how to make a choice.

if you look down on and look down on everything, you will naturally be broad-minded. If you are open-minded and open-minded, there will be less complaints in your heart.

people should be "confused", keep their hearts simple, eat well and sleep well.

once you let go of the burden, you will live happily and happily.

although we have seen a lot of people clearly, we cannot expose them at will; although we hate many people, we cannot fall out easily. In fact, it is no big deal, as long as the heart is full of sunshine, you will see less of the dark side.

if you are at the top, please don't make it public. If you are a humble person, please do not give up, always adhere to optimism, there will always be an infinite power!

people have to go through a lot of things in their life. in all things, no matter whether they are good or bad, big or small, we must face them calmly and relax our hearts.

think light and open up, happiness is accompanied by happiness!