It was only when a group of Tsinghua and Peking University secretly took photos that I learned the truth about the so-called famous university.

/August 2022

recently, several videos have been brushed on the short video platform, with great emotion.

Tsinghua University, the class has been over for more than 20 minutes, but many students have not left.

Varied with the smallest details,our royal blue dresses for wedding are your indispensable items. Look at the catalogue to get the best fitting cloth.

but huddle around the teacher's podium and discuss controversial issues with the teacher in class.

the same scene happened at Peking University.

not only are these students in no hurry to finish the class, as early as 20 minutes before the class, many classrooms in Peking University are already full of people.

many students come in advance to occupy seats, of course, not the last two rows, but the first two rows.

some netizens laugh at themselves. I've been in class for 20 minutes, and I'm still looking for a classroom. That's why I can't get into Peking University.

some netizens also said that the learning atmosphere of famous schools is so good that it is difficult not to be excellent in such a learning environment.

indeed, the learning environment is of great significance to one's growth.

but the difference between famous and non-famous schools is more than just the learning environment.



Zhihu blogger @ Chen Siqi once talked about his experience of taking classes at Tsinghua University.

after class, even though time has passed for a long time, the teacher is still surrounded by the podium to ask questions.

as exposed in the video at the beginning of the article.

in the canteen, two students discuss an experiment while eating. In the end, as soon as the plate is lost, they take out paper and pencil and begin to list the equation.

he sighed: "the students at Tsinghua University are so pure and pious in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom."

in famous schools, many students are thirsty for knowledge and use their time to acquire knowledge and improve themselves as much as possible.

this is the importance of circles.

what kind of circle you enter, what kind of person you will become.

some time ago, a male dormitory in Inner Mongolia University became popular.

all the 6 male students in the dormitory succeeded in taking the postgraduate entrance examination or ensuring the postgraduate entrance examination.

among them, two people were sent to Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China respectively.

in an interview, they said:

"We study together, rest together, encourage and promote each other, and reduce the boredom of preparing for the exam."

when one person is unable to learn, or when he or she is depressed, we will chat and have dinner together to ease the mood. "

over the past 4 years, they have won scholarships of about 50,000 yuan and more than 50 awards at various levels, and the certificates of awards have almost covered the floor of the entire dormitory.

this is the high-quality circle, which can bring you strength and influence.

when everyone around you is working hard, you will use the same strict standards to keep working hard and making progress.

when people around you are confused and think only about playing games and skipping classes all day, you will also be depraved and lazy.



the Stanford Research Center once published a survey that concluded that in this era, how many people you can connect with determines how much you are worth.

the wider your connections, the wider your path will be.

tell the story of high achiever Zhuge Siyuan, a woman from Tsinghua University.

Zhuge Siyuan graduated from Tsinghua University. After graduation, he went on to study for an MBA in a famous American university.

after coming back from studying in the United States, she successfully joined Tencent and met more outstanding talents.

it is precisely because of these three valuable experiences of studying and job hunting that she has accumulated a very wide range of contacts.

how powerful are Zhuge Siyuan's contacts?

it took only half an hour to find a start-up star with an annual turnover of more than 100 million for the founding partners of Fidelity Asia, and the two sides quickly discussed business cooperation.

it only took 10 minutes to find Dong Mi and Vice President of a traditional industry company favored by Tencent and Ali at the same time, which solved the urgent needs of entrepreneurs.

Matrix Partners China's founding partner wanted her to introduce two or three excellent Tencent product managers as friends. As a result, she introduced more than 60.

there are only people you can't think of, no one she can't find.

because of the strong network, Zhuge Siyuan is favored by the major entrepreneurs and has become the most highly rated expert in finding people.

Ren Zhengfei once warned young people that

people you met in prestigious schools are likely to become elites, celebrities and top talents in the industry.

and these people will become your golden contacts and play a very important role in your life.


way of thinking

Professor Dwick, a famous American psychologist, has a good saying:

for many people, the starting point of the way of thinking comes from the education received on campus, and the education of famous schools will make your way of thinking more and more advanced.

I have seen a true story.

A netizen's mother suffers from muscle weakness. I heard that there is a doctor in Shanghai who is particularly experienced in this area.

so, netizens took their mother to Shanghai for medical treatment, but after arriving at the hospital, they could not register as far as possible.

most ordinary people will definitely choose to give up at this time.

but this netizen did not choose to give up. He usually has the habit of reading literature. He thinks that since he is a famous doctor, he will publish the literature.

so, netizens searched the doctor's name on web of science, searched hundreds of articles, and finally found the doctor's mailbox.

A few minutes after the mailbox was sent, he received a reply: if you come to the plus sign on Monday morning, you will tell me to send me an email.

things that originally seemed impossible, but I didn't expect to pass.It was solved by an e-mail.

many people exclaim: knowledge saves mothers.

this is true. If he does not study for a doctor and has no habit of reading literature, he does not know web of science at all when he encounters the same problem, and it is impossible to find his mailbox through the literature.

the study and experience of famous schools will imperceptibly change your way of thinking.

only when your way of thinking changes, can you tear down the wall of thinking and go to higher and farther places.


lifelong learning ability

do you remember Li Lu, grandma of Tsinghua University?

Granny Li graduated from Tsinghua University and worked as secretary-general of Hangzhou Alumni Association of Tsinghua University for 8 years.

after retirement, many old people will gradually be out of touch with society, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the times.

but Granny Li is an exception. The learning experience of Tsinghua University has enabled her to develop the habit of lifelong study.

when she first retired, just as she was catching up with the popularity of computers, she began to learn computers crazily, and she used them even better than young people.

later, smartphones became popular and Grandma Li began to study smartphones again.

she also often asks Tsinghua's "brothers and sisters" about what blockchains, bitcoins and robots are.

later, when young people began to shop online, Granny Li naturally did not want to be left behind. except for vegetables and fruits, she bought all her daily necessities online.

it is Grandma Li's ability to learn that makes her stand out from 3000 people. The 83-year-old is still hired by Ali with an annual salary of 400000.

Peter Drucker, the master of management, has said it very well:

people are doomed to failure if they stop learning.

in this ever-changing era, the greatest stability is not the ability to hold, but the ability to learn for life.

never regard the meaning of a famous school as simple as finding a good job after graduation.

although the study of a famous school lasts only a few years, it brings you circles, contacts, ways of thinking and learning habits that will affect you for a lifetime.

the race of life is not only about endurance, but also the choice of key nodes.

choose the right path in the first half of life, and it is much easier in the second half.

and entering a famous school is precisely the most important node for most people.